Is Black Magic Dangerous? Understanding the True Nature of Black Magic — Witchcraft & Spirituality

When we speak of Black and White, dark and light, we are really speaking of Destruction and Creation. As with any source of destruction, be it a simple flame or a shotgun, it is indeed dangerous but it is no less natural or useful for it. — Is Black Magic Dangerous

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What is a Psychic Reading? Aura Reading and the Psychic Connection — Energy Aura

By being able to interpret the energies of the aura, psychics may hold the secret to finding out information about a person. — What is a Psychic Reading?

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Is ESP Real? Understanding the Phenomenon of Extrasensory Perception

ESP not only is real, but it is inherent in all animate things, and a part of everyone’s daily lives whether aware of it or not. — Is ESP Real?

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Do Love Spells Work? The Truth About Love Spells

Do love spells work? This is a complicated question but let us start by saying in most instances, by most understandings, no they do not work.

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How to Practice Witchcraft: A Guide for Beginners

Magic is all around us. Any magic practiced or used, in fact, starts within. And so first, one must understand self. — How to Practice Witchcraft

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How to Cast a Spell: A Guide for Beginners on Connecting to Universal Magic

A spell is universal energy gathered through use of your personal energy, then imbued with intent and released to create change. — How to Cast a Spell

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