The Wellspring of Joy: Oranges Spiritual Meaning and Magic

The Magic of Oranges

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Love is the key to happiness. We sometimes forget this when the ones we love cause us pain. Likewise, we doubt it when we let down our loved ones. Love can be the path that leads to heartbreak, which stings like hell. Not to mention, it often seems there’s just no place for it in such a loveless world.

However, oranges want us to understand that happiness and joy should, by all rights, accompany love. The beautiful, bright orange color of the fruit primes our mind and spirit to be more jovial. And that’s just breaching the skin! Once you go inside the fruit, you stumble upon an abundance of sweet and delightful nectar.

There’s very little about orange fruit not to love, and perhaps that’s the point. Orange blossoms with their satiny texture and elevating aroma are replete with delightful, blessed energy. Even the peel, bitter as it may be, can be candiedbrewed into tea, or used to keep the ants away from the garden. And orange juice is simply a divinely delicious beverage.

Oranges are a wholly gratifying and thoroughly satisfying blessing from Nature, and they remind us that we are loved if by no one else – the Earth herself. It is a reminder that the Earth provides nourishment and blessings – no strings attached. Her love is truly unconditional, as is evident by Nature’s bounty. Furthermore, the orange tree and its fruit – in all its splendor – is just a tiny taste of the Earth Goddess’ cornucopia.

In a world that has conditioned us to believe that tough love is the only form of love that matters, it might be hard to imagine that love can come easy. But look around you — you’ll find it, and drink deep that simple, refreshing glass of orange juice – you’ll taste it.

Oranges Can Help Reveal the True Desires of Your Heart

One of love’s most significant challenges is determining what your heart truly wants. The object of your desire might not necessarily be what will genuinely set your heart ablaze. As a result, you erroneously pursue that which you feel will light your fire, only to burn in the fires of heartache and regret.

You can use orange fruit in magical spells to clarify and illuminate the desires of your heart. Here’s a simple enchantment you can try. Take a handful of dried orange peels, wrap them in a cloth and tie them with a ribbon. As you’re creating this orange wrap, ask the universe to reveal to you if your love is true.

Tuck the orange wrap under your pillow, and as you sleep, have faith that the universe will answer your question through your dreams. Furthermore, as soon as you wake up, document what you saw as you slept. Doing this promptly after waking will ensure that you remember crucial details and symbols that reveal the answer.

Finding Your Soulmate with Orange Fruit Magic

When it comes to finding a soulmate, not just any person will do. You want someone who awakens your passions and ignites your inner flame. It helps if that person can see into your soul and connect with the real you. This type of love stands the test of time.

Dried orange peels, along with a coupling of a few choice herbs, can be used in a magical enchantment to help you attract your soulmate. Herbs like benzoin or lovage have the power to attract – and also make you more attractive. Adding plants like lavender and copal provide a pleasant, love-inspiring vibration to help raise the power of the magic.

You can take these herbs – dried orange peels, lavender, copal, and benzoin – and burn them over charcoal to release the magic. The smoke will act almost like a beacon, drawing your soulmate to you and guiding you to your soulmate. After all, the one you are looking for is likely also looking for you. This enchantment will help make connecting easier.

However, it’s important to note that whenever working any magic to attract a lover, a suggestion is okay, but compelling is not. A suggestion is baking the object of your affection a nice batch of cookies with a splash of vanilla to help them vibe in love’s delightful energy. But going a step further and adding nutmeg with the explicit intent of compelling them to love and lust you is not okay.

An Orange-Infused Charm for True Love

You can use orange peels, along with other herbs for love such as hibiscus, periwinkle leaf, violet, and jasmine to create a mojo that attracts true love. This mojo will act as a hand in the darkness, pointing out the path that leads to the one which complements you. It will also help light the way for your true love to find you.

Hibiscus blossoms are a typical addition to love sachets and incense. Including them in your love mojo will likewise increase its magical potency. Not to mention, hibiscus blossoms have the added benefit of being sexually arousing. This might prove helpful once you’ve connected with the love of your life.

Periwinkle, known as the “sorcerer’s violet,” is also a popular addition to love spells. Periwinkle is used in love magic to increase passionate feelings. Include this powerful herb in your love mojo, and can also sprinkle any extra under the bed to bring excitement to your bedroom activities.

The addition of jasmine brings a unique element to the magic of your mojo bag. Like the other included herbs, jasmine has myriad connections with love magic, for starters. But what makes jasmine remarkable is that it is particularly suited for helping you attract your soulmate.

Creating the Mojo

Place these herbs along with your dried orange peels in a red flannel bag, a customary vessel for a mojo. To solidify the magic, you’ll want to personally choose an element to add to the ingredients of the charm. This ingredient can be another herb that expresses the energy you want to represent, a crystal that carries special meaning, an amulet, and so forth.

Once you’ve included your magical components in your mojo bag, it’s time to animate it and bring it to life. You can accomplish this by lightly passing the bag through the smoke from a candle or incense. You can also breathe on the mojo bag or say prayers and incantations over it that line up with your desires.

After you’ve completed preparing your mojo, the next step is dressing it with a fluid of some sort. This liquid can be alcohol, water, perfume, even bodily fluids if you have the inclination. This action will feed the spirit inside the mojo, keeping it and its magic alive and doing the work you set out for it to do.

And with that, your mojo is complete. When working with mojos dealing with love magic, you want to conceal it and wear it somewhere against your skin. Additionally, always keep in mind as you’re preparing your charm and putting it to use that this is not a spell to force someone to love you. Instead, it is a spell to help you find your true love and vice versa.

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Using Oranges to Inspire Your Love to Remain Faithful

They say that if you sprinkle dried orange peels under the bed or mattress where you and your lover sleep, it will help them remain faithful. Perhaps this is because oranges generate joyful, happy vibrations. Moreover, those that are happy in love tend to stay in love.

Besides, if you’re in love but not happy, what’s the point? Yes, every love goes through its rough times and tests. But even so, when you’re in love, there’s an underlying joy that helps you get through those challenging times. Allow the bright color and uplifting scent of orange peels help to remind you and the one you love of that joy.

Magical Ways to Use Oranges

  1. Oranges can give a powerful boost to fertility magic and spells.
    • They are associated with Gaea, the goddess of fertility. Orange trees bear fruit and blossoms altogether, and when planted in the garden can bless the home and ward off infertility.
  2. Oranges can be used in divination.
    • Before making a change of plans or choosing a path to take on a situation, drink a glass of orange juice, as it will help you intuit the correct course of action.
    • There is a simple divination spell using oranges; if you have a question, think of it as you count the seeds of an orange. An even amount of seeds means “no,” and an odd amount means “yes.”
  3. Oranges are associated with success and prosperity.
    • Oranges carry an uplifting and energizing energy, and can help generate happiness and joy. They attract abundance and good fortune.
  4. Oranges can help strengthen friendship bonds and relationships.
    • Give oranges as a gift, whether fresh or specially prepared in desserts and dishes, to your friends and loved ones to express the sentiment of blessings, joy, and friendship.

11 Magical Uses for Orange Peels

  1. Orange peels are associated with the sun, joy and inspiration
  2. Once dried, oranges can be easily used in sachets, infusions and incenses.
  3. Burning orange incense can fill the home with creativity and happiness.
  4. Drinking orange peel tea can lift lowered spirits and help with inspiration and a sense of purpose.
  5. Orange peels are also representative of the Sun in magical work, and some believe that orange peels express the joy of the angels.
  6. Orange peels can be used in substitute of citron, saffron and neroli in a magical spell.
  7. The Chinese associate orange peels with luck and good fortune, so consider using dried, powdered orange peel for your next prosperity powder or incense.
  8. Place a sachet of dried orange peels beneath the pillow can help unlock prophetic dreams,
  9. Add orange peels to a bath to attract love and companionship.
  10. Before making an important business deal or negotiation, put orange peels in a sachet or charm and carry it with you.
  11. Sprinkled around the garden, dried orange peels can keep ants, cats and slugs away.

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Orange Blossom Magical Properties and Uses

  1. Fresh or dried orange blossoms can be placed in bath to bring out beauty.
  2. Water distilled from orange flowers can be used to make love potions.
  3. Add blossoms to sachets to attract happiness and abundance in marriage.
  4. Orange tree leaves and flowers in a sachet can also encourage a marriage proposal.
  5. Traditionally, some cultures orange blossom wreath and a bride wearing orange blossoms can promote a successful and loving marriage.
  6. Sprinkling the bride and groom with orange flower water can bless the couple with with a happy, long-lasting marriage.
  7. Place orange blossoms around the home to attract things that are desired, as well as bring prosperity and good fortune to the home.

Blood Orange Magical Properties and Uses

Blood oranges carry the magical properties of inspiration, creativity and imagination. They can strengthen lust and passion, while also being able to instill courage and strength. It is associated with the element of fire and the energies of the night, as blood oranges require the cool of the night to develop and ripen. Blood orange is also associated with youthfulness, longevity, and kindly or sweet dispositions.

What does it Mean to Dream of Oranges?

Dreaming of orange is usually a good omen. It signals incoming prosperity and good fortune. Dreaming of lighting orange oil on fire represents a union between two disparate elements – fire and water – and symbolizes a strong balance within. Dreaming of a rotting orange, however, is a bad sign, but can be remedied magically by burying an orange into the earth.

Oranges Symbolize

Oranges have come to symbolize wealth, prosperity and happiness. They are a prominent New Year’s symbol in China. The Chinese word for tangerine is similar to the word “luck,” and the Chinese word for orange sounds similar to the word “wealth.” As a result, oranges have come to symbolize wealth, prosperity and happiness through China. It is used to adorn homes and shops to welcome the coming year with good fortune.

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