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The Magic of Vanilla

The sweet scent of vanilla is comforting, welcoming and warm. It is a scent that engenders a loving, cozy feeling – whether it is coming from the vanilla scented candle burning on the coffee table or the fresh baked cookies with a splash of vanilla extract cooling in the kitchen.

We love vanilla -- and vanilla inspires us to love. The scent is irresistible and instantly attracting. Very few can resist vanilla’s compelling and tantalizing aroma. It’s no wonder that the vanilla fragrance is also a powerful aphrodisiac.

There’s something plain, basic, but still uniquely special about vanilla’s magic. However, vanilla’s story, from seed to harvest, is nothing short of extraordinary. The task of cultivating the perfect vanilla bean is very much an art form.

Very specific conditions must be met or the vanilla flower will never produce its prized fruit. Harvesting the fruit correctly requires impeccable timing, utmost attention and daily care.

After harvest, there is still a whole curing process of sweating, drying and conditioning that must be undertaken to ensure the vanilla bean attains and retains utmost quality.

That being said, next time you sit down to enjoy that wonderful bowl of vanilla ice cream, never make the mistake of taking that vanilla flavor for granted. It is a sheer act of magic that brings vanilla’s flavor, scent and beauty onto your table, into your home and into your life.

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Vanilla Magical Correspondences
  • Botanical Name: Vanilla planifolia (Most commonly used form)
  • Folk Names: Banilje, Tlīlxochitl
  • Gender: Feminine
  • Planet: Venus
  • Element: Water
  • Magical Attributes: Love, Lust, Mental Ability

From Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

Magical Ways to Use Vanilla
  • Vanilla is a powerful aphrodisiac. The scent and taste of vanilla are both known to induce lust.

  • Placing a little vanilla oil in your favorite hair care product or mixing it with another carrier oil (like jojoba) and massaging your scalp with it will stimulate hair growth and promote healthier hair.

  • Infuse your sugar with the magic of vanilla bean. Simply place a vanilla bean in a bowl of sugar to charge the sugar with loving vibrations. You can then use that sugar to sweet love infusions, recipes and concoctions.

  • Feeling nauseous? The scent of vanilla can help quickly ease your queasiness.

  • When coupled together, vanilla and cinnamon can make amazing and truly powerful mixture. Burning cinnamon and vanilla incense together can raise potent love-attracting vibrations, and cinnamon and vanilla oil can be used to dress and green candle and burned to attract wealth.

  • Vanilla is a powerful appetite suppressant. Both ingesting vanilla and its scent will help curb cravings, which can help with weight loss.

  • Vanilla beans are full of amazing, uplifting power. Consider carrying one and enjoy a boost to your energy levels.

  • The scent of vanilla is quite potent in quickening the mind and concentration. Allow its scent to help improve your memory recall.

  • When engaging in relaxing aromatherapy, don’t forget vanilla. Its scent is an excellent stress reducer and great for combating feelings of anxiety.

Understanding the Symbolism of Vanilla

To understand the magic that lies within the vanilla plant means understanding its scent. The scent of vanilla reminds us of the comforts of home. It is the scent of all that was pleasing and wonderful in our childhood.

If the people and places we felt the most comfortable and cozy with had a scent, it would be vanilla. It is a welcoming, inviting scent, luring us in with the sweetness and warmth of its aroma.

The vanilla flower, with its plush, evenly-shaped stark white petals – also harkens to innocence and purity. Between the fragrance and the flower we can find nothing beguiling about the vanilla plant – it is simply a good thing.

Vanilla is also the life of the party. It is the aroma of celebration and birthday parties and summer faires. But it also represents a sense of something basic, original, plain, normal -- like vanilla ice cream.

Vanilla Interesting Facts
  • Vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world, with saffron being the most expensive. This is because the process of producing vanilla fruit is very labor intensive – from seed to harvest and beyond.

  • While there are many species of the vanilla plant, the most commonly used form is vanilla planifolia, also known as Madagascar or Bourbon Vanilla, named after the former name of the French Island of Réunion -- Île Bourbon.

  • Vanilla flowers must be pollinated within 12 hours of opening, or they won’t produce vanilla beans.

  • It wasn’t until 1841 that a working hand-pollination technique for the vanilla flower was discovered – by a 12-year old slave by the name of Edmond Albius. This discovery allowed for global cultivation of the vanilla plant.

  • The vanilla plant is a form of orchid.

  • Vanilla is a diminutive version of the Spanish word vaina, which means “sheath” or “pod,” and literally translates to “little pod.”

  • French vanilla originates from a French-style of making vanilla ice cream – using a custard base, vanilla pods, cream and egg yolks.

  • The Aztecs referred to vanilla as tlīlxochitl, meaning “black flower.” This is due to the appearance of the vanilla fruit once its picked -- it shrivels and turns black shortly afterwards.

  • You can tell a dish is made with real vanilla bean as it will have characteristic black seeds.

  • 95% of vanilla dishes are actually flavored with vanillin that is synthetically produced from lignin, a polymer found in wood.

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