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The Fruit of the Underworld

The Magic of Pomegranate

Red Pomegrante in Womans Hand - Elune Blue (300x300)Pomegranate radiates feminine energy. Similar to the Empress of tarot, pomegranate is fertile and passionate. However, like the tarot's High Priestess, the fruit has a hidden, profoundly mystical side. As a result, pomegranate has captivated religious adherents, spiritual thinkers, and powerful witches alike for many millennia.

Pomegranate represents the Goddess of Fertility and Spring. However, it is also a sobering reminder of the Queen of the Underworld's dark bargain and the barrenness of Winter. It only took a scattering of pomegranate seeds for Persephone to seal her fate as betrothed to Hades. Likewise, pomegranate reminds us that to glimpse beyond the veil is to see its mysteries. As a consequence, you will never again know the bliss of ignorance.

Just as a pomegranate is rife with seeds, it is similarly full of palpable, fertile energy. They are a cogent symbol of the world within and around us. Additionally, pomegranates are a compelling reminder of the abundance of gifts and magic in the unseen world.

The Fertile Berry

Pomegranates and Fertility

Pomegranate pips magnified.When a fruit or plant has bountiful seeds, such as chickweed or pumpkin, we deal with abundant fertility magic. The kernels are where the magic begins. A forest unfolds from but a small grain. Likewise, a plant such as a pomegranate that can house hundreds of seeds is also ripe with the energy the begets new life and worlds.

You can utilize this fecund power in your everyday life. Perhaps the most obvious use is for those wishing to start a family. Though ultimately it's up to Nature and the will of the Divine whether or not someone can bring a new life into the world, Pomegranate can help nudge the hands of fate in the desired direction.

Furthermore, if you doubt the magic, consider the science. Research shows that drinking pomegranate juice can help women maintain a healthy uterine lining by increasing blood flow to the area, making implantation easier. For men, pomegranate juice not only increases sperm count but increases sperm mobility as well. Pomegranate lends its power to those wishing to conceive both spiritually and materially.

However, for those not looking to conceive a child, there are other ways to enjoy the blessing fertility brings. Fertility means a wellspring of new ideas. For the heart, it's more than enough love to share. And for wealth, fertility breeds abundance.

You can usher in the winds of fruitfulness by eating pomegranate seeds. Keep your intentions in mind while enjoying each and every bite. Alternatively, you can commit pomegranate skin and arils to the ground, burying them in the Earth along with a wish. The Earth is the quintessential cradle of life. Her womb is where all genesis begins. She will hear and – Goddess willing – grant your wish.


Luck O' The Pomegranate

How Pomegranates Attract Good Luck

Pomegranates have a long tradition of association with luck and good fortune. Since antiquity, it has been central to Greek culture to open a pomegranate on New Year's and at weddings. Doing so invites Fate's good favor for the coming journey. Moreover, pomegranates and presents with a pomegranate theme make consummate gifts to extend similar blessings and well-wishes.

An appropriate tradition, seeing as the concept of rebirth is integral to the pomegranate's symbolism. It is the Queen of the Underworld's ascent from the depths of hell that assuaged Demeter's grief. As a result, life begins anew as the Spring with Persephone's return. Similarly, a new year brings new promises and opportunities. It is a chance to start over with new intentions and goals.

Moreover, marriage begets a brand new chapter in a person's life – a chapter they now share with someone else. Every newlywed couple certainly wishes their love and future to be as abundant and bountiful as the pomegranate fruit. Opening and releasing its enchantment is a simple way to entreat the universe to bestow blessings upon your new union.

When You Wish Upon a Pomegranate...

Using Pomegranate to Make A Wish

The Pomegranate seeds within the fruit are multitude – much like the stars themselves. Correspondingly, just like the stars, it is said you can wish on a pomegranate and have your wish come true. By keeping your wish in mind while consuming a pomegranate, it helps set and seal the intention into the universe. Additionally, as pomegranates are prone to attract beneficial energies, perhaps they will attract the object of your desire and your wish will come true.

What is your heart's desire? Perhaps you're dreaming about a home in the mountains near a lake. Or maybe you want to spite your black thumb and grow a thick and luxuriant Sage plant from seed. And what about that longing you have to open a cozy, relaxing coffee shop? Is your heart still set on that goal? Whatever your yearning may be, it won't come to fruition unless you set the intention. Make a wish. Cast a spell.

Like attracts like. And Pomegranate, in all its plenitude, attracts plentiful things. In order to manifest the magic, try this simple meditation. Picture the object of your desire with your mind's eye. Once you have it in mind, take some pomegranate seeds and arrange them on a dish in the shape of the thing you want. Don't worry about being overly detailed -- this isn't an art project, it's a spell.

Visualize your dream with as much detail as you can as you place every seed. Once you feel you have a clear enough picture in your mind and a decent enough portrayal on your plate, proceed to eat the pomegranate seeds. Envision yourself drawing the thing you desire closer and closer as you draw each seed to your lip.

Once you've finished eating the pomegranate seeds, allow yourself to accept that the wish has been granted. Bury the skin and anything leftover from the pomegranate within the Earth to complete your wish.

The Seeds of Prosperity

Pomegranates Attract Wealth and Abundance

The pomegranate fruit's associations with wealth and affluence are myriad. For starters, the fruit is replete with seeds, and many seeds yield many opportunities. From one pomegranate seed can come a pomegranate tree, and from that tree comes more fruit...which leads to more pomegranate seeds. Eventually, once enough time has passed, that one pomegranate seed can develop a pomegranate grove -- and a very prosperous grove-tender!

Additionally, the pomegranate fruit's sepal -- the ridges you can find at the top of the fruit -- almost resemble a crown. As crowns are something we typically associate with royalty and immense wealth, the sepal also encourages thoughts of affluence and regency. It is even rumored that the design of the great King Solomon's crown was inspired by the pomegranate fruit's sepal.

Pomegranate is not only associated with wealth, but it attracts it like a magnet. If you are fortunate enough to have a pomegranate tree planted near your home, understand that it acts like a proverbial money tree, beckoning the blessings of affluence and prosperity to your abode. Otherwise, if you do not have a pomegranate tree on hand, rest assured that the seeds and skin can be employed to attract money and wealth as well.

For instance, if you're inclined to incense-making, pomegranate peels can be dried and used to make an incense powder that when burned, pleases the spirits who are keen to bless you with prosperity. Additionally, the peels can be used to be a tea that you can drink to align your spirit with the opportunities that will bring wealth.

Image Gallery: Pomegranate Magic

A pomegranate on a linen sheet. At the top, the text reads: "Pomegranate: The Fruit of the Underworld."
A glass of pomegranate juice with a black straw.
Pomegranate pips magnified.
A glass jar is spilling pomegranate seeds on a black surface. In the foreground, the text reads: "Explosive grenades get their name from the French word for pomegranate, grenade."
A decorative china bowl full of pomegranate seeds overflowing onto the table. In the foreground, the text reads: "During All Hallows Eve, it is customary to eat three pomegranate seeds in remembrance of Persephone's journey to the Underworld, but eating any more than three seeds will cause hardship in the coming year."
A pomegranate cut in half in the foreground, cradled by leaves. In the background and out of focus are two whole pomegranates.

The Power of Blood

Substituting Blood for Pomegranate Juice in Blood Magic

Those that practice the magical arts understand that blood magic is among the most powerful magic there is. Our blood is our "liquid soul." It contains the history of where we came from, the essence of who we are, and the blueprint for who we will become in our future. Moreover, when we include it in a spell or ritual, it greatly potentiates the effectiveness of that spell by orders of magnitude.

In fact, because of the sheer potency of its power, it's generally accepted that blood magic should be used for only the most grave of circumstances. If you need serious protection because of a threat to your life, it might be okay to use a little blood in your protection spell. If you're simply trying to gird yourself against the negativity from other people, perhaps consider something milder, like yarrow or even lilac.

That is being said, if you have a need to use blood in your magical practice, there is the small matter of...where to source it. You should typically use only your own blood in blood magic, and just a few drops are needed at that. However, procuring the blood can be a little painful. Not to mention, working with real blood can be a bit too graphic for some.

And this is where pomegranate comes in. The deep, crimson color of the pomegranate seeds is very much similar to blood's sanguine flush. Additionally, it's basically painless to retrieve -- unless you cut your thumb on the peel or with the cutting knife. Finally, it goes without saying that pomegranate is less disturbing than blood as a magical reagent, and perhaps safer to use.

It's important to remember, however, that just because you are using pomegranate as a substitute for blood in your blood spell, it doesn't make the spell any less potent. Likewise, if you are going to be using pomegranate in this regard, it should still be employed for serious magic only and not trifle matters.

Magical Ways to Use Pomegranate

  • To find out how many children you will have, throw a pomegranate on the ground with enough force for it to open. However many seeds pop out is how many children you will bear.

  • Hang a pomegranate branch above the door to protect against maligned energies.

  • Drinking pomegranate juice is said to increase wisdom.

  • During Samhain, it is customary to eat three pomegranate seeds in remembrance of Persephone's journey to the Underworld, but eating anymore than three seeds will cause hardship in the coming year.

  • Make an ink using pomegranate leaves and vinegar and use it to write fertility, prosperity and protection spells.

  • In Asian culture, it is tradition to decorate the bedroom of a newlywed couple with pomegranates to bless the union.

  • Give pomegranate as a housewarming gift to bestow the blessings of abundance and prosperity on a household.

For Health and Wealth

The Healing Power of Pomegranate*

A pomegranate of a linen sheet.

  • Pomegranates contain three times more antioxidants than red wine and green tea.

  • Research is starting to show that pomegranates have promising healing potential when it comes to treating cancer, and may be able to lower prostate cancer cells.

  • Pomegranates have benefits for cognitive health, protecting the mind from memory loss and stalling the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

  • Pomegranates can help promote a healthy digestive system by lessening inflammation, and may provide relief for those dealing with Crohn's disease or inflammatory bowel syndrome.

  • Pomegranate juice contains flavanols which can help combat the inflammation that leads to osteoarthritis.

  • Pomegranate juice is incredibly heart healthy. It can help keep the arteries from becoming stiff and prevent plaque build-up. However, those taking medication for high blood pressure should be careful when consuming pomegranate juice as it can lead to adverse reactions.

  • Pomegranates have natural antiviral and anti-bacterial properties. They also contain Vitamin C and E which can help boost the immune system.

  • Pomegranates are a natural aphrodisiac. They can help raise testosterone levels in the body for both women and men, which can lead to increased libido.

  • Pomegranates are used as an all-natural remedy for diabetes in India and the Middle East.

  • For those who are active in sports and exercise, pomegranate juice can help reduce soreness and improve the body's recovery after a hard workout.

Cut Pomegranate on a Glass Plater.

The Birth of Winter

Pomegranates in Greek Mythology

Pomegranate Seeds in Glass Bowl.Pomegranate has deep significance in mythology, particularly Greek mythology. After all, it was the seeds of the pomegranate fruit that ultimately caused Persephone to be bound to the Underworld four months of the year. The Greeks use the story of Persephone and her journey into the Underworld to explain why the seasons change, the fullness of Spring, and the dormancy of Winter.

Persephone, the beautiful daughter of the harvest and Earth goddess Demeter, caught the eye of Hades, God of the Underworld. Hades could not contain his desire for Persephone, and eventually decided to kidnap her and steal her away to his dark domain. With her daughter now missing, Demeter was thrust into a deep sadness, and in her melancholy, plants soon ceased to grow, the trees shed their leaves, and an endless winter took over the lands.

Meanwhile in the Underworld, Persephone was also beside herself with grief and refused to eat. Hades tried to offer all sorts of delicacies for her to receive sustenance, but to no avail. However, Persephone's will to avoid eating was starting to break down as her hunger rose.

When Hades offered her a handful of pomegranate seeds, she could no longer resist, and she finally gave in and ate four seeds. As the Fates would have it, anyone who consumes the food of the Underworld is trapped in the Underworld, and since Persephone ate four seeds, she was doomed to spend four months out of every year by Hades side as Queen of the Underworld. During this time, Demeter mourns her daughter, and plants will not grow. Hence the reason for Winter.

Pomegranate Grenade

Interesting Facts About Pomegranate

Some pomegranate flowers in bloom.

  • Pomegranate's name comes from the medieval Latin words pomum, which means "apple," and granatum which means "seeded."

  • Explosive grenades get their name from the French word for pomegranate, grenade.

  • Pomegranate trees are known to live long. Some pomegranate trees in France has survived over 200 years.

  • Pomegranate tress have strikingly beautiful, bright red flowers, and some fruitless versions of the pomegranate tree are grown for the flowers alone.

  • Pomegranates can contain anywhere from 200 to 1400 seeds.

  • A large, dried pomegranate was found in the tomb of Djehuty, Queen Hatshepsut's butler.

  • Older, more mature specimens of pomegranate are often used for bonsai due to the peculiar way the bush's bark twists and its characteristic red flowers.

  • Pomegranate seeds sink while the pulp does not, which makes it easier to separate the seeds from the pulp when placed in water.

  • Pomegranate was a symbol of prosperity and ambition to the Ancient Egyptians.

  • Ancient Persians painted pomegranate on their shields for protection during battle.

  • Pomegranates are prominent in Greek funerals. A dish called koliva is prepared, consisting of boiled wheat, sugar and decorated with pomegranate. It is given as an offering to the dead.

Pomegranates at a market in Jerusalem.

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