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Red and green apples that appear to be for sale sitting in baskets.

Apple: Fruit of the Gods

Apples have a deeply-rooted magical history and are a richly symbol-laden fruit. They are known as the “Fruit of the Gods” in Celtic Mythology, and the Irish revered “The Silver Branch,” a magical artifact said to be needed to enter the Underworld before one’s time. Apple is also known as the “Fruit of the Underworld,” and some have believed …

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Close-up of white baby's breath flowers.

Baby’s Breath Flowers: The Breath of Innocence

With its tiny, delicate flowers, Baby’s Breath manages to make a statement even in its gentle simplicity. Understanding the meaning of Baby’s Breath flowers means understanding its whisper of quiet power. A poignant and symbolic gift at baby showers, Baby’s Breath flowers express the innocence and guilelessness of a newborn child. The flowers have a …

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Bunches of bananas on sale with a black sign nearby that says "Banana Nanica 4.90."

Banana: The Good Luck Berry

The ubiquitous banana tree is anything but ordinary. Its characteristic, bright green fruit emerges like fingers reaching upwards towards the sky as if desiring to brush the underside of heaven. And it may just succeed in this pursuit. Bananas are prone to prosper. This prolific plant has spread its fruit to every …

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Bilberries inside and surrounding the outside of a white glass cup.

Bilberry: The Vision Berry

I had never heard of Bilberry before. I was researching the grain harvest festival of Lammas when I ran across this peculiar fruit. I had initially mistaken the name for another coinage of blueberry, but it is not. It is a very different fruit altogether. I sniffed around online and found the reason I had never heard of bilberries …

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Close-up on black cherries with water droplets.

Black Cherry Magic

The mysterious energy and deep purple beauty of Black Cherry are mesmerizing and hint at its latent magical potential. Black cherries are the yang to red cherry’s yin, as Black Cherries vibrate with psychic and divinatory power. Symbolically, the tree and its fruit and flowers represent duality and balance. Black Cherries have a connection to …

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Catnip with flowers in bloom against a wooden fence, with a sign labeled "Catmint (Kitty's Bed)."

Catnip: The Cat’s Meow

There’s something curiously amusing about observing a cat intoxicated by the scent of catnip. As the feline’s eyes widen and pupils dilate as if stimulated by drugs, they cannot resist the magic. As such, a cat will roll around on the floor, writhing as if seized by some hypnotic trance. Catnip is a magical plant indeed for both felines and …

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Cherries in a pink flower-shaped bowl near a pink floral vase containing pink flowers.

Cherry: The Fruit of Immortals

The cherry tree is magical from top to bottom, fruit to root. Its beautiful fruit — deep, red, and sweet — is the basis of countless desserts and delicacies. When the cherry tree blossoms in the Spring and permeates the air with a delightful, sensual aroma, it is a time of enchantment and wonder. The bright pale pink flowers are …

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Cherry blossoms near a quaint-looking bridge with red-brick homes in the background.

Cherry Blossom: The Geisha’s Flower

Cherry Blossoms are ephemeral and ethereal. They are the gentlest flowers, encouraging us to be inspired by the future and things to come, but also tragedy, as their fleeting beauty is short-lived and transient. Cherry blossom’s energy is shy and delicate, quiet and gentle, and overwhelmingly …

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A single chickweed flower among other chickweed plants.

Chickweed: The Enduring Herb

Chances are, if you’ve seen weeds, you’ve seen chickweed. There is no country on this planet where chickweed does not exist, and where it grows, it grows in overwhelming abundance, so it’s hard to miss. Many gardeners consider chickweed a nuisance. She is voracious, hard to eliminate, and will dominate …

A row of cinnamon sticks with a piece of star anise.

Cinnamon: The Yuletide Spice

There’s something about the scent of cinnamon that warms our souls and ignites our passions. It is a powerful spice, much beloved by many cultures, from the Chinese, who used it in healing rituals over 4,000 years ago, to the Egyptians, who used it in the mummification mixture when burying their dead. Replete with the Sun’s energy, cinnamon’s magic lends itself well to …

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Yellow daffodils growing near a home.

Daffodil: The Spring’s Trumpet

As the daffodil blooms, it trumpets the arrival of spring. Daffodils are the harbinger of spring, and their blooming is intimately connected to many spring festivals worldwide — including Ostara. The magic of Daffodils, also known as Narcissus, expresses the essence of …

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Date fruits poured out of a jar onto a black surface, with leaves nearby.

Dates: The Fruit of Ancients

Dates are an ancient fruit, and due to their long history in the human record, it has come to be connected with much magic, fable, and lore. Its storied past has led it from the tombs of pharaohs to the mythology of gods, and where there is a myth, there is much magic. Dates are no exception to the rule. Both dates and the tree that bears this fruit …

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A field full of pink echinacea flowers.

Echinacea: The Miracle Flower

It’s no secret that the Native Americans had a robust and powerful understanding of the natural world. They taught early settlers, illiterate of the wonders and magic they had happened upon in this brave new world, how to use Mother Nature’s incredible bounty to survive and thrive. And in the treasure trove of tried and true herbal knowledge that was gifted to these settlers, Echinacea was …

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Close-up selective focus photography of elderberries hanging from a tree.

Elder Tree: The Bridge Between Worlds

Elderberry is a fruit of opposites. It has been used for protection from evil, as well as to summon evil in. An elder tree’s roots are shallow, yet the plant is robust. Elderberry is a potently magical fruit used for healing and blessings, but it also finds itself used for curses, summoning ghosts and evil spirits, and …

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Sliced figs on a green platter sitting on a wooden table.

Fig: The Tree of Life

The fig tree has been there since the beginning. It was there since dinosaurs roamed the earth, quietly watching these massive, majestic beasts dominate the land. Fig was there providing a powerful food source before humans even discovered the versatility that wheat, barley, and grains would one day provide. The fig tree is revered as the …

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Ginseng roots on a white surface.

Ginseng: The Root of Life

Ginseng’s journey through time is marked by its symbolic resonance in folklore, where it becomes more than a mere plant—it transforms into a symbol of vitality, resilience, and the elusive elixir of life. Legends intertwine with its roots, creating narratives that echo across generations and civilizations. The plant’s revered status in …

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Red, purple and green grapes in a white ceramic bowl with a blue floral design.

Grape Magic

Grapes are associated with fertility and garden magic. They also have the property of strengthening mental powers and can be used for money spells. Place them on your altar to draw wealth, or consume them before performing a money spell. You can place grape leaves around the kitchen to …

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Honeydew Spiritual Meaning and Magic

Honeydew Melon contains plenty of seeds and, as such, can be used in magical spells, satchels, and talismans to attract abundance. Take a handful of honeydew melon seeds and throw them into the air, then ask the winds to blow in an abundance of whatever it is you seek. Honeydew melon is symbolic of …

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Close-up of pink honeysuckle flower.

Honeysuckle: The Hummingbird’s Joy

Honeysuckle exudes happiness and abundance. From its sweet and fruity, elevating fragrance to its curiously-shaped petals that house delectably tasty nectar inside, honeysuckle is exactly what occurs when Mother Nature decides to spoil us with her bounty. Moreover, unlike most wonderful and pleasant …

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White jasmine flowers in sunlight.

Jasmine: The Moonlight on the Grove

Known colloquially as the “Moonlight on the Grove,” Jasmine’s sensuous and mystical power is fabled to be able to attract many of the treasures that one might seek. The flower is beloved and revered in India, used in religious festivals and marriage ceremonies, and the Chinese are known to be fond of jasmine-flower tea. Though she loves …

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Close-up of a jojoba seed hanging from the plant.

Jojoba Magic

Jojoba is rich in vitamin E and can be made into a high-antioxidant paste used to treat burns. Jojoba oil is bright golden and is a popularly used carrier oil for the making of essential oils. It has a very long shelf life. Jojoba seeds create a wax that is very similar to the composition of natural skin oil. The seed’s oil has a high …

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A selective focus close-up on lavender flowers.

Lavender: The Scent of Tranquility

The scent of fresh lavender can transport us to a place of utter serenity and refreshing calm. For centuries, many a culture have taken the opportunity to use this herb of tranquility to invite soothing, peaceful energies and usher in a cleansing air. Lavender’s power, like its penetrating and piercing periwinkle …

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A lilac tree with deep, purple blooms covered in dew and sitting in a darkened garden.

Lilac: The Paschal Bloom

The first sight of lilac flowers blooming in the spring can be startling. After leaving the leaden haze of winter, with the cold and crisp still on the mind and in the bones, the idea that Spring has arrived and the world will blossom soon can feel like giving in to a dangerous hope. But then, there it is — a burst of bright, purple color on the horizon that is …

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Deep green peppermint plants.

Mint: The Panacea

Mint is known as a powerful, potent, and prolific healing herb. Wherever it is planted, it takes root, takes over, and quickly overcomes almost any landscape provided for it to grow, which may be a nuisance to some. However, those knowledgeable of Mint’s incredible power will see …

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A series of mugwort plants.

Mugwort: Artemisia Vulgaria

Mugwort is sacred to the Goddess Artemis, who comforts women in labor, and it is also associated with the moon and thus the cycle of womanhood. Mugwort can be in smudging for protection and divination, and the smoke can strengthen astral projection and lucid dreaming. For sweeping negative energies from the home, weave mugwort into your …

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Nutmeg seeds sitting against a white background.

Nutmeg: The Intoxicant

Nutmeg’s story isn’t peaceful. Although it is considered a lucky spice now, it has been quite the unlucky spice for some in the past, and as such, its history is filled with blood. What began as a crop exclusive to the Banda Islands quickly became an excuse to enslave and kill many islanders native to the region. Nutmeg’s lesson is quite clear …

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Peeled oranges in a carved golden bowl, surrounded by unpeeled oranges.

Orange: The Wellspring of Joy

Love is the key to happiness. We sometimes forget this when the ones we love cause us pain. Likewise, we doubt it when we let down our loved ones. Love can be the path that leads to heartbreak, which stings like hell. It often seems there’s just no place for it in such a loveless world. However, oranges want us to remind us that …

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A close-up of a pineapple in a basket.

Pineapple Magic

In Singapore, there is a fascinating tradition that Chinese people who reside there engage in called “Pineapple Rolling.” Newly-minted homeowners, before first stepping foot into their new home, roll a pineapple into the house. As the pineapple rolls along the floor, they shout the phrase “huat at!” — a Hokkien phrase that means “to prosper.” This is because pineapples are intimately tied to …

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Pomegranate seeds close-up.

Pomegranate: The Fruit of the Underworld

Pomegranate radiates feminine energy. Similar to the Empress of tarot, pomegranate is fertile and passionate. However, like the tarot’s High Priestess, the fruit has a hidden, profoundly mystical side. As a result, pomegranate has captivated religious adherents, spiritual thinkers, and powerful witches alike for many millennia. Pomegranate represents the Goddess of Fertility and Spring. However …

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An assortment of pumpkins of various colors, large and small, surrounded by twigs and fall leaves.

Pumpkin: All Hallow’s Gourd

It’s Halloween night. A certain fresh briskness fills the air as children dressed as goblins, ghouls, superheroes, and witches scanter excitedly from house to house, pillaging the neighborhood for treats. In the backdrop of the dark of night is the Autumn leaves, providing a certain fiery orange glow that seems to …

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A wild carrot flower in what appears to be morning sunlight.

Queen Anne’s Lace: The Wild Carrot

Queen Anne’s lace got its name from a myth in which Queen Anne accidentally stabbed her finger with a needle while she was making lace, spilling her blood on it. This is reminiscent of the reddish-purple flowers disbursed among the plant’s white flowers. To harness Queen Anne’s Lace magic and improve your chances of …

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A white bowl full of raspberries, decorated with nearby daisies, a bowl of biscuits, apples, spoons, and a pitcher decorated with flowers.

Raspberry: The Handmaid’s Berry

Raspberry is the essence of the Feminine. Tantalizing with her sweet taste and evoking crimson flush, she is also potently powerful, with a piquant aftertaste that surprises and delights the most delicate of senses. It was the raspberry fruit that took a lowly handmaid and thrust her into …

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A close-up of a red rose with dewdrops. • Rose Spiritual Meaning

Rose: The Queen of Flowers

To understand Rose spiritual meaning, consider its status as the “Queen of All Flowers.” Rose earns this honor because of its effortless beauty and perfection. Likewise, the flower evokes a sense of wonder, mystery, and enchantment. And while roses are typically used in love magic, they also have uses in raising divinatory energies, unveiling mysteries, providing protection, and …

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Red Saffron spice on a wooden spoon.

Saffron: The Queen’s Spice

As the fabled world’s most expensive spice, Saffron has long embodied the essence of wealth, affluence, and luxury. Consequently, queens of lore luxuriated in baths gilded in Saffron and enjoyed its aphrodisiac qualities. Moreover, there’s a mystical power within Saffron wherein many have found their pathway to …

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A sage plant with water droplets under a specialized filter.

Sage: The Herb of Wisdom

Sage is an herb favored in magical and spiritual practice — and for good reason. The plant has a plethora of powerful magical applications. Among the myriad of energies Sage embodies, it is associated with protection, purification, immortality, and mourning, as well as wisdom and the granting of wishes. Sage most notably corresponds with wisdom and …

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A crate filled with red strawberries. The strawberries are ripe and juicy, with a few green leaves still attached. The crate is made of a clear plastic, so the strawberries are visible from all sides.

Strawberry: The Fragrant Berry

The allure of strawberries goes beyond their vibrant red hue and succulent sweetness. They are often associated with love and passion, making them a symbol of affection in various cultures. In Roman mythology, they are believed to have grown from the tears of Venus as she wept for her …

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Close-up of a thyme plant with purple flowers.

Thyme: The Herb of Courage

Thyme’s magic is…well, timeless.  In Ancient Greece, thyme was infused into baths, and in Greek temples, the smoke from thyme incense was used to spread courage. Egyptians would embalm their dead using thyme, and the Europeans would place it in coffins to help the …

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A close-up of red bearberries.

Uva Ursi: The Bear’s Berry

Uva ursi plays a part in some Native American religious rituals, believing that the herb can revitalize the body. It is a prime ingredient in a sacred smoking concoction for Native Americans, trusting that the smoke would carry their wishes to the heavens. Uva ursi bark, leaves, and berries are used for various Native American ceremonies and to teach shamans the art of …

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Light pink valerian flowers.

Valerian: The All-Heal

Valerian is powdered and used in sachets for protection and purification and can be placed under the pillow as a sleep aid. When hung in the home, it can guard against lightning strikes, and powdered and sprinkled along the threshold it can deter unwanted guests. It is believed that if a woman pins a sprig of Valerian …

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A bundle of vanilla beans on a wooden surface.

Vanilla: The Love Bean

The sweet scent of vanilla is comforting, welcoming, and warm. It is a scent that engenders a loving, cozy feeling — whether it comes from the vanilla-scented candle burning on the coffee table or the freshly baked cookies with a splash of vanilla extract cooling in the kitchen. We love vanilla — and vanilla inspires us to love. The scent is irresistible and …

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Curly, bright yellow witch hazel blooms.

Witch Hazel: The Winter’s Bloom

Witch Hazel is as witchy and magical as the name suggests. A peculiar plant with distinctly fringy yellow flowers, Witch Hazel is often called “snapping hazel” for the peculiar way its fruit “snaps open” and ejects seeds upon reaching maturity. Not only is Witch Hazel bewitching to look at and amusing to listen to, but its spiritual power is …

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Yarrow flowers sitting on hay.

Yarrow: The Companion Herb

Yarrow is like a good, long-time friend — the perfect complement. When needing something to protect against negativity, yarrow provides a shield. Yarrow has been popularly used throughout history by soldiers to heal the wounded in battle, even as recently as World War I. Yarrow is associated with …

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