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Understanding the Aura
What is the Human Aura?

Aura - What is Psychic Reading - Elune Blue (Witchcraft)I’m sure by now, everyone in America is fully aware of the term “Psychic Reading”, whether in regard to the art of tarot divination, or just auric readings. If you haven’t, take two minutes and google the Long Island Medium. I won’t say real or not real, but the concept is pretty clear.

So, that being said….why is the concept still so mystical and confusing? This is where the key detail in question really starts to come into play. The Aura. Mostly it’s thought of, referred to, and viewed to be just some energy radiation we give off. Think heat from a lightbulb. We give off heat too, and this is one band of energy, one frequency on the radio…of the encompassing whole of stations we can pick up or broadcast along.

The aura, is the encompassing field of all the frequencies, stations for this example, we can perceive along. It has a bubble like quality to its structure, but the shape is fluid and in flux, and with awareness can even be actively shaped. This knowledge is where the concept of “Psychic shielding” comes from. The term is a bit of a misnomer but that is a talk for another time.

How Do Psychics Get Their Information?

Now, in knowing that each sentient energy on this rock we all call home gives off energy along some band of frequency and receive along certain bands as well is where we begin broaching the understanding of how a psychic reads the aura of a person.

If you’ve ever played a video game or even observed one being played you’ll find in the experience of it that, there comes a level of awareness and change of perception to certain noises, sounds, colors, appearances within the environment of the game that allows the player the ability to…fluidly and dynamically understand what is happening around the character they are controlling. Our brains do that for any new type of incoming information. They find a way to interpret it in a new manner, yet still relate it into perceivable things in our reality.

How this manifests person to person is a bit different, for many reasons really but for now we’ll only worry about a heavily factored one we see commonly in every-day life being deviated and diverged. Perception, and the senses one perceives the most subtle thresholds along, weigh heavily in how the brain decides to interpret the information perceived into an understandable chunk of information.

Color Synesthesia and Aura Reading

For some like myself who are visual synesthetes (people who perceive a non-visual sense, interpreted into visual light and color patterns) it is a blatantly clear and uncontrollable spattering of color across our visual field, and for a very long time throughout the previous century was often confused to be visual hallucinations from some semblance of mental break in the common public eye.

Research however, starting in 1812 by Sachs in a thesis on "color hearing", has found over 80 types, and quite a many more possibilities that are just covered currently under general understanding of how nerves work. There is an estimated 4.4% of the population effected by it, which equals out to about 1 in every 23 and many famous artists are on the list of those who’ve had it.

Yes, people born with synesthesia have been labeled insane for a long time in the public because of their “oddity”…and so even the words to express clear understanding of the experience have not had much space of time to form in yet. It happens across all the senses across an array of people. Some people even experience it, and refuse to approach the topic for understanding because they don’t want to “sound crazy”. My opinion? Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Homer….all sounded crazy to their peers, as did Newton, and Einstein, and Tesla. Be brave and explore understanding.

The Science of Auras

Okay, so now we know that, at some base level there is a form or manner of synesthetic process allowing a person to gain awareness of this aura, and their experience and understanding has given them insight into what they are experiencing means…let’s turn to the topic of, how exactly does this work? I mean, we all hear of people doing it over the phone, over the internet, on skype. That can’t be possible….right?

Funny, yet true fact….it not only can be possible, it is entirely true and the very same scientific field that proves it has led to the MRI, FMRI, silicon processors, Cellphone signal technology and much more of your daily life. Alright so, omg trigger-warning…Science! Right? But in truth the exact specifics aren’t as important as the understanding of the interaction and concept being presented.

Firstly, let me say plainly that the names of the concepts are Quantum entanglement and Quantum tunneling, and if you search online please use a time-span filter because there is a very large amount of antiquated theory and early confusion in the field. And if it’s not directly a research journal PDF, or research organization site, approach with healthy skepticism.

The Science Behind Psychic Ability

So, that being said the concepts are actually pretty easy to understand and how they actually make sense of this whole interaction will be pretty clear. Picture two balls in your mind for a moment, make one dark blue, and the other bright yellow. For the moment, let us say the blue ball is the Psychic doing the reading, and the yellow ball is the person being read.

Now, when the two balls “touch” or become entangled, they start to share properties and colors. Now, for a moment, both balls are yellow and blue. For a moment, the psychic shares energy and information with the person being read.

So, then how does work across distances though? Or through electronics even? Well, let’s add a detail to the two balls. Each is actually a fluidly rotating collection of tiny balls of the same color. And, now we take each ball and we put it at either end of a ball-pit (for now, this will be our universe, a ball pit). And as we know from the large scale understanding, each ball that touches shares properties with the ball it touches against.

Here’s where quantum tunneling comes in. This is also pretty simple to understand and based on one of the five principle forces currently understood in science, Electro-magnetism. So, I’m sure most of us at some point or another in school took a magnet to a line of paper-clips or staples. Magnetic metals that aren’t actually magnetized. The magnetic field connects and expands along all materials involved.

Quantum Physics and Psychic Abilities

Well, some really genius scientists sat down one day with these examples of understanding and said “If everything is made of these tiny balls called quanta, and they entangle, does the field stretch along all quanta involved, and if so, can we take one colored ball, and spit it out on the entire opposite end?”.

So…they took colored Photons, light particles….and did exactly that experiment. They entangled two across a space, a red and a white one, saw the two sharing color, then added a third colored photon that was green, and entangled it to the red one. What they found when they color tested the position that was supposed to be a white photon, was the green photon. The entangled particles could freely transfer information and even entire particles back and forth.

Even across a space, any information on either side can be spit out on the other end when energies become entangled. This happens faster than even light travels, quite literally, and only a lack of awareness of information within the exchange limits how much or how fluidly a psychic reads another being.

As well, only awareness of personal energies and actively ordering them can truly give a person the control of permission, as we often pay no mind to the energy we emit by simple thought, emotion and action.

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