Is ESP Real? Understanding the Phenomenon of Extrasensory Perception

Is Extrasensory Perception Real? Understanding the Phenomenon of ESP

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Is ESP Real? To put it simply, Yes. ESP not only is real, but it is quite simple, inherent in all animate things, and a part of everyone’s daily lives whether aware of it or not.

Firstly, let’s address the contemporary notion of ESP that seems to be popularly accepted. ESP, Extra Sensory Perception, is ONE THING. It is only one thing, though it has many facets just as any other sense. It is the ability to perceive things that the “five senses” we are taught about having are incapable of perceiving.

Now, all of this of course sounds pretty straightforward put in those terms, right? But, take a moment with me to really look at the topic both as a whole and in some semblance of detail. You are constantly being bombarded with energy and information, from all directions…every moment you exist in this world.

What you are aware of perceiving, the information your five senses have noted is only a very small fraction of the amount of incoming information actually being received and recorded.

What is Extrasensory Perception?

ESP is another sense entirely, beyond the five we speak of, are taught about, and do research into. Unlike the five senses, however, there is not a singular physical structure within the body that receives the incoming information like nerves for the skin or eyes for vision. But the beauty of our brains is that we don’t need the information to be received in the manner we’ve been taught.

We are able to interpret incoming information through unorthodox methods with ease. People whose vision has been impaired can, have, and do learn to see through sound in a manner of speaking. To them, it is even often-times a very real simulation of sight, like we perceive with our eyes.

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How does Extrasensory Perception Work?

So, if there is no singular physical structure in the body that receives the incoming information then how do we “gather” this information?

Well, to answer that let’s first ask another very important question. What is the outer-most layer of the body? You can say that the skin is the answer, and if you are thinking in terms of the outer-most organ you would be correct.

And as the largest, most encompassing organ, with the most nerves and ways to gather incoming information the skin is one of the most noticed and perceived sets of information you pay attention to day to day. If your skin gets cut or pierced or harassed from either side, external or internal…you will notice.

But the skin is not the outermost layer of your body, in reality, only the outer-most organ. As you walk around day to day, you carry around a bubble of energy with you. Most of us cannot see this bubble, and some of us do not feel this bubble often…but it is there.

Everything in this universe, a human included, is made of, powered by, and emits energy. We walk around in the world with a field of energy we often call an aura surrounding us that is detectable and observable through scientific instrumentation quite easily, yet very few of us know to or think to pay attention to it.

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Is ESP Real? Understanding the Phenomenon of Extrasensory Perception | Witchcraft

Kinds of Extrasensory Perception

So, why is this important…right? This energy field is constantly in motion, centered within us, and like any other magnetic field is sensitive to incoming energy waves on a broad scale of frequencies.

All energy in the universe contains information, whether this is realized or not. When any incoming energy impacts, deflects, reflects, pierces, or is absorbed into this field of energy, information is taken in as well, the greater magnitude of energy passing through this surface tension of our personal bio-electromagnetic fields and being deposited, the more information taken in as well.

If you’ve ever been walking down a street and felt pressure or tingling on the back of your neck, or even the hairs on your neck starting to stand up…and upon looking back you find someone staring at you, you’ve used ESP. The very energy of their observation has impacted your energy field and you became aware of this.

The longer a person stares, the more you will feel it, and the easier it will be to notice, even for the most oblivious. This is a scientifically researched and known phenomenon that you can perceive being observed.

It was an anecdotally understood fact in the security, military, and surveillance fields for decades, so much so that when being trained to watch surveillance cameras, officers/guards are often taught “if you see someone being suspicious, just stare at them on the screen for a few moments and they’ll go away”. Even through a CCTV setup, with no physical person present…you can still feel and perceive being observed. This is the easiest and simplest example to help explain ESP.

This phenomenon in animals and insects is often observed to be a predatory/prey danger instinct. In human beings, however, up until recently it hasn’t even really been thought of much. It perhaps did start as, and once was simply a danger instinct.

Throughout the growth and evolution of the human species, however, it has expanded to become a full awareness of its own right. A sense all of its own. The ability to perceive incoming energy, decipher and interpret the information incoming, and make sense of it as we do with any of our other five senses.

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Extrasensory Perception Examples

For example, if you’ve ever run your fingers over the bark of a tree…you can remember that information. If I were to blindfold you and place your hand on a slab of bark, you would begin to picture the visual image of bark in your mind as you work out with touch the texture and form with your hand.

With practice, you could even start to tell the difference in types of bark, from what tree…even if the color has changed in the bark (as the chemical reactions change the texture and hardness).

All this information can be learned and recalled through touch. It becomes an entire awareness of its own when all other things are stripped away. With no other sense but touch, you could build a visual landscape in the mind of your surroundings, of people, plants, and animals. You would start to detect movement in your environment through air currents, and sound through pressure waves, and vibrations. With time, practice, and experience (and some luck if limited to just one sense) you would begin to know an entire universe through simply your skin.

Some of this awareness we would still consider being the original sense of touch of course, but…knowing something is moving in the room with you by feeling the air move….can we truly call this a sense of touch anymore? Or must we recognize this as an extension beyond, derived in touch? Such an instinct in a person with the use of all five senses is often viewed and described as preternatural (and there are people who can).

Extra Sensory Perception Symptoms

With this understanding in mind, let’s return to speaking on ESP. As a sense on its own, not speaking on the extensions of ability possible, Extra Sensory Perception in its base is the capability of perceiving energy waves and energy fields that interact with our own personal energy field. As stated before this energy holds information, as does our aura, and through learning to interpret and understand this information one develops any or many of the abilities currently rolled into being called or titled ESP.

Before information, however, as with our other senses, there are certain basic instincts and responses that occur through ESP. Like the inherent instinct to blink when something approaches your eyes rapidly, often-times accompanied by moving…when waves of energy approach direct impact with your aura an instinctual urge to relocate or a sense of dread or fear will occur.

Oftentimes people who experience this recount having avoided imminent danger by mere seconds or feet, but not always. In some cases, there are other things at play, and though life-threatening events may not be moments away, there is still a distinct and present energy approaching.

The energy of active observation is another instance or example of incoming waves of moving energy that will often bring a sense of dread or of being watched. Interpreting properly what this outside energy is, once again, is a step beyond ESP…and not all will immediately be able to do so.

Like the inherent knowledge that pressure against the skin means the existence of another object when another field of energy is present that is similar to our own with form and center, it becomes a tangible presence in our environment. It may not be readily visible, but the hum or buzz of it is unmistakable.

If you’ve ever been near a very powerful magnet, exposed conductors with live electricity, or even just out on your porch during a really good lightning storm with plenty of strikes….and felt that static in the air that lifts your hairs a little, but more so feels as if it’s lifting your skin up from the inside, you’ve sensed an energy field.

Now can you recall ever being somewhere with none of these things, and getting the same sensations…with no apparent source? Most people probably can recall at least once that they brushed off to imagination, or the heeby-jeebies, or too much booze or bud, or just a plain old spooky atmosphere. But, are you really sure that’s all it was?

Extrasensory Perception and Psychic Empathy

And the most common and basic, yet perhaps the most profound occurrence of ESP is Empathy. Empathy is the ability to sense the emotions and physical sensations of another entity. There is interaction in empathy on an energetic level but, perhaps more importantly, there are also specific neurons in our brains whose sole purpose is to allow our brains to mirror the experience of another entity we’re witnessing. These are called Mirror Neurons.

Have you ever seen someone in a video or a movie get graphically injured? You winced right? Why? Somewhere in your head, for just a brief instant…you kinda thought you felt it, didn’t you? And you could certainly imagine the way it feels right? Mirror neurons aid in this occurrence in your brain. And when people start laughing, and even though you don’t know why they are…you start feeling like laughing too.

Or, when you see a loved one sad…even in a happy moment for you, you feel that sadness. Some people, who are more inclined or more aware…or both…actively and clearly feel these sensations we’ve been taught and raised through our childhoods to dismiss.

To be sure, ESP is an inherent and often subconscious part of our daily lives. It is entirely possible to become fully aware of this sense, train and practice in it, and expand our awareness and abilities well into what is currently considered outlandish in the common culture. Hopefully, this article helps shed some light. I will be doing another article on the various abilities commonly misconceived to be ESP in the near future.

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