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Uva ursi carries the powers of protection and strength and is used to heighten psychic abilities and clear psychic channels. -- Uva Ursi Magical Properties

The Magic of Uva Ursi

Uva Ursi Magical Meaning | Uva Ursi Magical Properties | Magical Herbs - Elune BlueUva ursi was used by Native American for their religious rituals, and they believed that the herb had the ability to revitalize them. It is a prime ingredient in a sacred smoking concoction for Native Americans, and they believed that the smoke would carry their wishes to the heavens.

The Native Americans made use of the bark, leaves, and berries for various ceremonies, and used it to teach shamans divination. They also used it medicinally as a remedy for headaches and to cure scurvy.*

Uva ursi carries with it the powers of protection and strength and is used to heighten psychic abilities. It can clear psychic channels and strengthen divination and magical efforts. The leaves can be used to make sachets that heighten psychic power, and the leaves can be made into tea or dried and smoked to aid in meditations and divination. Uva ursi can be used in spell work to represent animals, especially bears. The herb was named as such due to bears seeming to enjoy it, and it is also known by the name “bearberry.”

Uva ursi is a respected antiseptic, and has been used prominently as an antibiotic and to disinfect the urinary tract. They can be used to help relieve the pain of bladder stones, and can also help with diarrhea. Pregnant women should not consume uva ursi.*

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