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The Magic of Catnip

Catnip’s scent is intoxicating for cats, and it exudes a relaxing energy for humans. Catnip also attracts love. -- Catnip Magical Properties and UsesThere’s something curiously amusing about observing a cat intoxicated by the scent of catnip. Their eyes widen and pupils dilate as if stimulated by drugs. Unable to resist the magic, they roll around on the floor, writhing as if seized by some hypnotic trance.

When especially affected, the catnip’s power will cause them to lunge and chew at objects playfully. At times, they will shake their head, seemingly trying to dispel the entrancing haze of the catnip’s spell.

Catnip is a magical plant indeed, for both felines and humans. While the plant’s scent proves intoxicating for cats, catnip exudes a relaxing, powerful energy for humans. It has long been used in this regard, soothing irritability and calming both body and mind.

As if suggested by its heart-shaped leaves, catnip is also said to attract love, and is included in love sachets along with rose petals for this very purpose. Give catnip to your beloved feline friend to foster a powerful psychic bond between the two of you.

As a friendship building exercise, hold some catnip in your hand till it’s warm, and then hold the hand of the person with whom you wish to build an everlasting bond. Be careful to store this enchanted piece of catnip you’ve used in a safe place afterwards to ensure that the magic will last.

Catnip Magical Correspondences
  • Botanical Name: Nepeta cataria
  • Folk Names: Cat, Catmint, Catnep, Catrup, Cat’s Wort, Field Balm, Nepeta, Nip
  • Gender: Feminine
  • Planet: Venus
  • Element: Water
  • Deities: Bast
  • Magical Attributes: Cat Magic, Love, Beauty, Happiness

From Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.

When grown near the home, catnip not only attracts the intrigue of the neighborhood cats, but good-tempered spirits and the winds of good fortune are also enticed, which can be useful for you and your abode. Hang some catnip over your doorway for similar effect.

Catnip has very practical applications as an insect repellent, which makes it incredibly useful to grow near or within the home. The plant itself is a natural mosquito and fly repellent. Even further, catnip oil can be sprinkled around the home to repel insects like cockroaches and termites.

On the flip side, when grown in the garden, it will attract the presence of butterflies, a welcome and pleasant sight for many gardeners. Hidden within the catnip oil is a compound that attracts lacewings, which will fend off aphids and mites, further improving the health of your garden.

While the advent of modern-day pharmaceuticals oft tempt us to forget, catnip was once used quite popularly for medicinal effect. It was appreciated well into antiquity for its ability to calm and soothe, especially as part of European folk medicine.

Native American tribes such as the Cherokee and Iroquois appreciated catnip’s gentle medicinal effect yet potent soothing power and trusted it to heal the ails and aches that often accompany childhood complaints. It was even used to soothe colic in infants in a way that not much else could.*

Interestingly enough, not all cats fall prey to the intoxicating magic of catnip. About one-third of all cats are immune to its spell, thanks to a hereditary trait. Moreover, catnip isn’t the only plant that seems to have this magical power over the feline kingdom, as cats react similarly to valerian, silver vine and tatarian honeysuckle wood.

It’s not just domesticated cats that are affected by catnip, but ferocious felines of the wild such as lynxes, cougars and leopards. Lions and tigers are sometimes entranced by catnip as well, but…only sometimes.

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The Cat's Meow: Catnip Magical Properties and Uses
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The Cat's Meow: Catnip Magical Properties and Uses
Catnip’s scent is intoxicating for cats, and it exudes a relaxing energy for humans. Catnip also attracts love. -- Catnip Magical Properties and Uses
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