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The Magic of Lavender

Lavender can be used to create incense that can assist with restful sleep, and can be added to baths and sachets for purification as well as healing. The scent of lavender can help bring peace and calm, and can also promote longevity. Keep lavender in the home to create a peaceful atmosphere as well as health and happiness, or use it in pillows to ward off nightmares.

Place lavender under your pillow and make a wish before you fall asleep. If you dream of anything relating to that wish, signs are that it will come true. Lavender can repel insects, so keep pouches of dried lavender in your closet to fend off moths.

As Lavender is associated with air, it can be used to strengthen mental and psychic powers and it can also promote clarity of thought and generate visions. Use it in meditations to help relax and open the mind, and use the incense to discourage negative thoughts and depression. It can also be used to communicate with spirits, send messages, and carrying it can help to see ghosts.

Lavender is also associated with love and fertility, and can be used in attraction, love and beauty spells. Wear it as a perfume or place dried lavender in clothes drawers to allow the scent to attract love, and you can also rub it on a piece of paper before writing a love note. When worn, it can protect against an abusive spouse.

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What are Your Thoughts on the Magic of Lavender?

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