What is Mysticism? A Deeper Look into Mysticism Philosophy

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A Look into the Mystical Experience

Understanding Mysticism

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A mystic is a person who seeks spiritual experience to raise and expand their awareness of self, the universe, reality, and the laws that govern all three. This still sounds pretty vague though, right? I mean, what is the spiritual experience then? How do they know their awareness has raised and expanded? What does that even mean? And many more questions sure to be asked by someone, somewhere.

This is where the real answer begins. With questions, of all places. Have you ever sat and wondered, and devoted even a solid half of an hour to only wondering….what each body part is for? Why? And what we were doing as a species for it to adapt the way it has? On some level…a Mystic has.

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Understanding Mysticism

If you knew exactly how far your eyes could see, and the difference in distance between the categories of detail your eyes could see… with time and practice you could become anything from an expert marksman to an expert bird watcher. You would learn to change the focal point of your visual field to change the distances you see different details at. You could eventually raise your ability in the field of vision to a point that science would fall short of explaining.

This is still all physical though… and to be honest the physical as we all know is not the curiosity and interest in mysticism from the observer. The spiritual is. The “mystical” experience is a joining of both experiences, and so to begin to understand it we must really begin to be aware of the spiritual experience.

We must understand the spiritual nature that mystics gradually learn and apply their awareness to. This begins with two core understandings. Our body emits a field of energy, and nothing we have to our being is without purpose.  And so, to understand the spiritual experience, we must understand experiencing the energy we give off.

One of the first things one comes to know with this experience is that consciousness is just a face or facet of awareness. That our mind, our intellect…is just a small part of us, floating around us in this energy. This space is where the energy of thought begins before it is ever expressed outwardly in any manner. You also learn there is a direction, in physical reference to your body that this energy begins its process of formation into expression. We come to find that our emotional energy begins formation in an area of this field as well…as does in turn…the life energy of your being.

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Metaphysics and Mysticism

So where are these areas then, in relation to the body? And, why does any of this matter? And what does knowing this even let us do?

Well, firstly let’s point out that…this field is in constant motion, but the area of relation stays affixed. To your forward left is your thoughts, and forward right is emotions. And behind your back is your life energy and the space of awareness you reside in when you step back from your consciousness and intellect to simply…be.

This field rotates clockwise for many of us, most out of those whom I’ve met, to be entirely clear. And so, a thought begins on your left, and carries into the energy of your emotions, and takes up the emotions of that frequency, and continues carrying along into life energy, and then takes root in the body and from there expressed into reality. It was real before ever being expressed…and this is a fundamental understanding of Thought we have mostly lost. For those whose field is naturally counter…their thoughts start to the right, and carry into emotions on the left.

Another of the things first learned, is the basic understanding that any wave of energy is perceptible to this field of energy, as any other energy is capable of creating a reaction in this field. Meaning that as you test up and down the scale of sound and light and on down the list of wave/form energy….you will find there is at least some inkling of a sense trying to happen when these things affect your field, and that there is actually also something going on, on a physical level, trying to assist you in interpreting that inkling.

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What is Mysticism? A Deeper Look into Mystical Philosophy by Aemetri from Elune Blue

Characteristics of Mystical Experiences

And perhaps amongst the most important things learned, is that when one closes their eyes and allows themselves time simply residing within their thoughts, then begin to rise from there to simply being aware, and not actively using or interacting with those thoughts…tools that they are….they become aware of themselves as a whole being, and begin to actively perceive not only their own field but all the fields within their awareness, as the effect on those fields can be perceived by other quantized fields….regardless of the distance.

So, a mystic is simply someone who becomes aware of themselves as an entire being, instead of just physical. And the mystical experience, simply actively pursuing awareness of the universe through this new, higher state of awareness. And mysticism is simply the pursuit of all this knowledge.

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