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We provide this spell as a means to help you access and attract spiritual energy and the gifts that come with that access. -- Spell for Spiritual Awakening

The Magic of Spiritual Awakening

In a world that tempts us to focus on temporal things and the pursuit of material wealth, we often lose sight of the truth and beauty of the spiritual world and how powerfully it impacts us. Connecting with and understanding the spiritual side of life is important and necessary to our true development. While you can amass all the riches and wealth the world has to offer, without working on your spiritual garden you can in essence, still feel bankrupt.

We’d like to provide this spell as a means to help you access and attract spiritual energy and the gifts that come with that access. To be spiritually awake is an oft-times overlooked asset, but necessary if you want to understand life’s deeper meaning and the vision to see the truth of this world and the world unseen.

Spiritual awakening can mean many things. It can be anything from a higher propensity for prophetic dreams and visions, to divinatory and psychic talent. It can manifest itself as increased wisdom and insight, and a deeper ability to portend the events of the future and unmask the mystery of the past and present.

Most importantly, spiritual awakening is about connection. One must be able to connect to the world around them; understand and empathize with the many varieties of life and beings within, and from there understand your place in the grand scheme of the universe. Spiritual gifts mean nothing in isolation. They are there to help facilitate that connection.

Understanding the Magic

The components that were chosen to fulfill the spell are all herbs that deal with the realm of spiritual insight and ability. Yarrow is the perfect companion herb, not only there to help embolden your spiritual pursuit, but also to gild you with protection and invoke clarity.

Jasmine is a powerful attraction herb, capable of drawing spiritual love and wealth, among other things. It can also help encourage many wonderful spiritual gifts, such as prophetic dreams, and psychic and divinatory abilities. Jasmine has an association with the Moon’s energy, making it replete with celestial, intuitive energy.

Mugwort is a potent spiritual herb, known to encourage lucid dreams, and connection to the astral world and can help open the mind for divination.

Keep in mind that this is a very powerful concoction. Each herb included in this brew is steeped in spiritual energy. We would highly advise that you do not partake in this brew flippantly, only if you are quite serious about your spiritual development and awakening.

A Magical Brew: A Spell for Spiritual Awakening -- Spellcraft

To Go A Step Further

We make use of teabags in this spell to make it easier to perform, as not everyone has enough time to gather the herbs and prepare them for the magic. However, for those of you who would prefer to be more involved in the process of creating this brew, there are more steps that you can take to further develop the magic of this spell.

If you so choose to harvest the herbs on your own, you’ll want to harvest them while the moon is growing – anytime in between a new moon and the first quarter of a waxing moon – for maximum potency.

While gathering the herbs, you can invoke appropriate deities for their blessing on the herbs if you so choose. The deities you invoke should be fashioned after your own tradition, but do consider moon deities as jasmine shares a special connection with the moon, and the moon is closely intertwined with spiritual energy.

Beseech whichever deities you chose to bless the herbs for use in a spell for spiritual awakening as you harvest them. If you’re choosing to harvest your own herbs, be careful to note that many herbs might have chemicals such as pesticides sprayed on them. Make sure to carefully clean your herbs before using them so as not to accidentally ingest some of these chemicals.

While preparing the herbs for your brew, you will want to evoke the energies you wish to imbue the herbs with. Envision the herbs being imbued with spiritual energy before you brew your tea.

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