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Rose Honey

A Rose Honey is simple to make and can provide a heightened mystical experience to any dish that could benefit from a dash of honey. Use it to sweeten your morning cup of tea for a bewitching sunrise experience, or drizzle it onto your Beltane cakes and cookies.
Course Dessert


  • Glass Jar with Lid
  • Wooden Skewers


  • Rose Petals You will want enough rose petals to fill the jar.
  • Honey Raw Honey is preferable, but if you'd rather use a synthetic or processed honey that is also fine.


  • Fill glass jar with rose petals.
  • Cover roses in honey until the jar is full.
  • Lightly tap the glass jar against a surface to release any air bubbles.
  • Close the glass jar and store it in a cool, dark place for two weeks, stirring every couple days.
  • (Optional) After two weeks, strain the rose petals from the honey.
  • Enjoy!
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