What is Witchcraft? A Spiritual Guide to Understanding Magic

A spell is universal energy gathered through use of your personal energy, then imbued with intent and released to create change. -- How to Cast a Spell

What is Witchcraft?

What is Witchcraft? When most people hear the word witchcraft, the first assumption is that it is a religion. Witchcraft, however, is not itself a religion. Yes, there are religious methods and indeed even whole religions that revolve around witchcraft, but that is because of the true nature of witchcraft.

Witchcraft can be considered a spirituality. It is in fact a path of life, and a way of living that can be followed. It is defined as the practice of or use of magic. What is not said in the definition is that magic is the impact on reality our interactions have, and are capable of.

Nor is it said that witchcraft is a set of rules, or structure of natural order that is meant to guide us in self-awareness and understanding of our connectivity to nature and the universe.

Spiritual Aura and Witchcraft

Nikola Tesla once said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Human beings, as with all other things in the universe, wholly consist of, are powered by, and emit energy.

We’ve come as a nation and a culture to call this energy emitted a person’s “aura”. The aura is both residual and cyclical. The aura maintains an electromagnetic field around the body, in turn allowing the body to safely create and conduct current without outside interference.

Think of it like the casing around your computer. If that casing was gone and a strong magnet was set on your desk…even at 3 feet it could fry your hard drive. Hell, strong enough magnets can fry it from ten or twenty with no shell to keep its critical parts, the brains of the computer, safe.

Without the aura, this field of energy around our body, our nerves would both emit and sometimes receive stray electrical surges (like static electricity, but worse because it’s from the inside, not built up on hair and skin outside). This would be similar to getting hit with a taser every single time.

Witchcraft has been for thousands of years, and will always be the true and bare understanding of the energy of the universe, and the energy of self. Witchcraft has explained for ages the aura is like an extension of self into the universe. Like a muscle, through practice and understanding of its use, it can be exercised and strengthened.

For ages, Witchcraft has taught that through accessing the energy of the universe, one can impact reality. That is what a spell is. With practiced understanding, and through certain states of mind and movement, a person connects to and uses universal energy with their aura. This energy is given a purpose, the intent of the spell, and then released for the universe to absorb and be changed by.

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Difference Between Religion and Spirituality

Different religions, sects of occultism, and viewpoints of the metaphysical and esoteric world around use different methods based on their cultures’ accepted or understood practices, or even taboo practices (and for a specific reason) to access the same states of mind.

It is the difference in our geographical and cultural understandings that make the requirements for these varying methods. What would put me in a calm and peaceful, centered state of mind….could very well scare the living hell out of someone in Japan. And perhaps even vice versa.

Because of this need for each society and culture to approach reaching the state of mind where one feels through their energy in a similar fashion to feeling their own skin, we find ourselves inevitably intertwining Witchcraft with Religion in our views and opinions. Just as we do spirituality with religion. Many people who practice spirituality will gladly inform you that it is not a religion, but a practice of understanding self.

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What is Spiritual Witchcraft?

What is Spiritual Witchcraft? Spirituality is a search to find an understanding of what and where you are in the grander scheme of the universe. The only path is to learn. The only failure is to believe you have failed. There is no grand moral or ethical scheme to spirituality. It is but one individual’s path through the universe across great expanses of both space and time.

Witchcraft is and has always been, simply an evolution of spirituality. An evolution that was quashed and suppressed by stigma and fear. Stepping beyond simply understanding where you are in the scheme of things, and learning that you can and are meant to interact with it all.

Even Tesla once said, “the day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more advancements in one decade than all the previous centuries of its existence.”

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Is Witchcraft Real? A Deeper Understanding into the Meaning of Witchcraft

A spell is universal energy gathered through use of your personal energy, then imbued with intent and released to create change. -- How to Cast a Spell

Is Witchcraft Real? What is Witchcraft?

To answer the question simply, yes witchcraft is indeed real. Witchcraft is defined as the practice of or use of magic.  Of course, this still all sounds like it’s not real without hearing the long answer.

Witchcraft is not a religion, albeit there are still rules and structures that need to be followed. Witchcraft encompasses many religions, though it is mostly thought of in association with Wicca. It is a learning and understanding of universal forces and consciousness, and how to connect to these things in order to impact change in your reality through them. That impact, the thing that happens when practicing witchcraft, is called magic.

We’ve mystified and obscured the truths and nature of these things over millennia, mostly done by religion and religious figures intending to maintain a place in hierarchical societies that held some semblance of sway and power.

What is the Meaning of Witchcraft?

When brought to its bare and most basic nature, witchcraft can be seen as a set of universal structures and rules that magical practices (spells and the like) are bound by. Often it is believed that magic is some mysterious unknown hidden in rituals and shadowed corners, but this is not the case. Magic itself is simply energy imbued with intent.

Witchcraft is simply a way of understanding the means by which you can imbue universal energy with personal intent, thereby actively shaping and impacting personal reality. Everything from the light/wave/particle that rays of light consist of, to the largest planetary body in the universe…holds energy.

How Real is Witchcraft?

We ourselves, though not unique in the quality, project a field of bio-electromagnetic energy around our bodies, observable through Kirlian photography, which we often hear referred to as an “Aura”. Kirlian photography itself was an accidental discovery that led to the finding that we can photograph electromagnetic energy fields and their variations and movements even when taken in a series.

Through focus and intent, it is possible to use this field in much the way you move your muscles, allowing for the gathering and focusing of external (universal) energies. The next step from there is to then imbue the energy with personal intent and personal energy, and ultimately release it back into the world.

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Witchcraft is Real

Things like “The Law of Attraction”, which teach you to focus on positive energies to draw positive things you desire into your life, are based on the use of this energy. It’s not a New Age, newfound practice by any means, being founded on an understanding of synchronicity which has been a naturally occurring phenomenon for ages.

This and many other practices that are burgeoning into our daily lives through cultural mixes, like meditation and Tai Chi, and yoga, all have their basis in the understanding and manipulation of personal energy, the foundation of understanding of any and all magical practices.

So if you believe in any of these things, or already incorporate them into your life, you are already halfway to doing magic….already practicing the quite real witchcraft.

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