Garnet of the Sun: Spessartine Garnet Meaning and Uses

An orange spessartine garnet stone lit from behind by a close light.

The Magic of Spessartine Garnet

One of the rarer varieties of garnet, spessartine garnet glows like the blazing power of the sun. The stone sparkles vibrantly, and when the light catches it a certain way, it alights as if catching fire.

The Garnet of the Sun

Not surprisingly, spessartine garnet is known as the Garnet of the Sun. In some cuts, it appears as if radiant solar flares are alive and dancing within the mystical stone. Moreover, with colors like crimson fire and vibrant shades of orange, spessartine garnet presents itself as the perfect embodiment of solar energy.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Spessartine Garnet?

Spessartine garnet lights the mind’s fire, burning away the phantoms of fear that can get in the way of finding the confidence to make courageous changes in one’s life. It provides the current of energy by which the mind’s analytical processes can best perform.

Close-up of orange spessartine garnet clusters.

Spessartine and the Chakras

Spessartine garnet kindles the fires of innovation and creativity within us, as well as emboldens and empowers the will. It is connected to the Sacral Chakra, which is the seat of our creative spirit, and the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is the seat of our soul.

Is Spessartine Garnet Rare?

Known for its startingly vivid and bright orange color, the Mandarin Spessartine Garnet is an incredibly rare spessartine variety. Otherwise, less rare specimens of spessartine usually consist of a mix of spessartine and almandine garnet.

What is the Difference Between Spessartine and Spessartite Garnet?

There is no difference between spessartine and spessartite garnet, as the two are synonyms describing the same stone. However, you will find that spessartite is more commonly used by individuals in the gem trade, while those in the mineral trade often use spessartine.

Wanta Fanta Orange Spessartine Garnet?

No, the name is not a coincidence — there is a variant of spessartine garnet that is named after Fanta soda. The Fanta Orange Spessartine Garnet, or Fanta O Mandarin Garnet, was discovered in Nambia, Africa in 1991. It is known for its pure and bright orange color that resembles the popular soft drink.

A bracelet with two red garnet stones and white and gold beads sitting on a rock.
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