The Joy of Vision: Eyebright Flowers Spiritual Meaning and Magic

Close-up on eyebright flowers.

The Magic of Eyebright Flowers

Eyebright flowers want you to understand the joy of vision. As the name suggests, it is a plant that opens the eyes to see the world as it really is. And the sight of which should not intimidate or frighten you but bring you joy.

Vision should empower you. If you can see the truth of something, you can react accordingly. If you can’t catch sight of where you are going, you will never get there. Furthermore, if you have a vision of what you want out of life, that vision will act as a road map, guiding you to your end goal.

Vision is scary. We live in an era where self-deception is a means of survival. It’s much harder to deny a fundamental truth and live in a lie if you can see things clearly. The pursuit of money, fame, fortune, and power often requires us to blind ourselves to the truth of how these things corrupt the soul.

Multiple eyebright flowers in bloom.

Not to mention, we tend to persecute and even murder our visionaries. Martin Luther King. Gallileo. Mahatma Gandhi. People usually fear those whose vision is ahead of their time. They have invested too much into the Lie and don’t want the light of truth to dispel it.

However, the lesson of Eyebright is that catching a glimpse of the beauty of destiny should inspire you. You will see the apple of the artist’s eye. You will perceive the flow of the poet’s verse. And finally, you will witness the glorious vision of the gods.

Close-up on two eyebright flowers.

Eyebright Flower Correspondences

  • Botanical Name: Euphrasia
  • Folk Names: Euphrosyne, Red Eyebright
  • Element: Air
  • Planet: Sun
  • Attributes: Mental ClarityPsychic Ability, Prophetic Dreams

What Are Eyebright Flowers Used For?

Eyebright has a tradition of being used medicinally. If the name isn’t a dead giveaway, Eyebright is often used to treat ailments that affect the eyes, such as pinkeye (conjunctivitis). Eyebright’s leaves, stems, and small pieces of the flowers are used in therapeutic practice.

Eyebright Tea Helps with Memory

Drinking Eyebright tea can aid memory and make it easier to retain information and recall specific events. Likewise, when your brain feels foggy and has a hard time focusing, Eyebright can help clear the mind, making concentration easier.

Eyebright and the Third Eye

Eyebright takes its strong association with vision a step further as an herb that engages the Third Eye Chakra. It empowers second sight, or to put it more plainly, clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the ability to perceive things that exist beyond our ordinary senses and discern future events.

Strengthening Psychic Abilities with Eyebright

Eyebright assists clairvoyant abilities and the psychic mind in general, strengthening our power and capability. As a result, it can make psychic pursuits such as divination and prophetic dreams much easier to realize and express.

Eyebright Flower Fun Fact: Pollen Guide

The characteristic yellow marking you can find on the lower petal of Eyebright flowers isn’t just there for show. In fact, they act as a guidepost to the flower’s dander for pollinating insects.

Multiple eyebright flowers in bloom.

How to Use Eyebright

The easiest way to benefit from the power of Eyebright is to consume it, particularly in tea form. There are lovely tea blends that are ideal for stimulating the Third Eye including Eyebright. Infusing Eyebright into a carrier oil and gently applying that oil to the eyelids yields similar results. However, practice caution when directly using an Eyebright infusion to the eye area. If the oil has any contamination, this can lead to an eye infection, which is unideal. It is usually much safer to drink eyebright tea.

Eyebright Flower Fun Fact: The Parasitic Broomrape

Eyebright is in the plant family Orobanchaceae, also known as broomrapes. It is important to note that most plants in this family are somewhat if not mostly parasitic. Being semi-parasitic, Eyebright cannot perform photosynthesis. Thus, it must siphon most of its nutrients from other plants to survive and thrive.

Eyebright in bloom near violet flowers.

What are the Benefits of Eyebright?

Although Eyebright is most popularly used to treat conditions that affect the eyes, it has many other therapeutic benefits. Eyebright is predominantly used to treat pink eye and other uncomfortable eye conditions caused by infection.

Easing Symptoms of Cough and Cold with Eyebright

Additionally, Eyebright is also used to treat inflammation, especially inflammation caused by cough and cold. Other symptoms related to cold and flu, such as sinus infections and sore throats, can find relief through Eyebright.

Close-up of eyebright flowers.

The Best Way to Consume Eyebright

Consuming Eyebright flowers in tea or capsule form is usually the safest way to benefit from its medicinal power. Eyebright is sometimes applied to the eyes via a warm compress to help heal certain eye conditions. However, it’s important to note that applying Eyebright directly to the eyes can lead to infection if it has any contamination, so practice caution.

Eyebright Flower Fun Fact: The Mountain Flower

Eyebright tends to grow in alpine regions. They are used to growing on the highest of mountains, at elevations that not even trees can subsist. Coincidentally, this makes Eyebright uniquely suited for rock gardens.

Two eyebright flowers against a purple background.

The Mythology of Eyebright Flowers

Eyebright’s other name is Euphrasia. It comes from the name of one of the Three Charities of Greek Mythology – Euphrosyne. Of the three charities, Euphrosyne is the embodiment of charm and beauty. Furthermore, she has the task of spreading merriment and mirth throughout the world.

Euphrosyne And Her Sisters: The Charities

Euphrosyne works her magic along with her two sisters, Thalia, who spreads good cheer, and Agalia, whose duty is to grace the world with splendor and magnificence. She and her sisters are the daughters of Zeus and Eurynome, the Oceanid goddess of water meadows and pasturelands.

The primary duty of the Three Charities is to fill the world with joy. They are often found dancing merrily along with the Muses, nymphs, the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros.

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