True Love Spell with Orange Peels

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True Love Spell with Orange Peels

You can use orange peels, along with other herbs for love such as hibiscus, periwinkle leaf, violet, and jasmine to create a mojo that attracts true love. This mojo will act as a hand in the darkness, pointing out the path that leads to the one which complements you. It will also help light the way for your true love to find you.

Including Hibiscus Blossoms for Magical Potency

Hibiscus blossoms are a typical addition to love sachets and incense. Including them in your love mojo will likewise increase its magical potency. Not to mention, hibiscus blossoms have the added benefit of being sexually arousing. This might prove helpful once you’ve connected with the love of your life.

Adding Periwinkle to Increase Passionate Feelings

Periwinkle, known as the “sorcerer’s violet,” is also a popular addition to love spells. Periwinkle is used in love magic to increase passionate feelings. Include this powerful herb in your love mojo, and you can also sprinkle any extra under the bed to excite your bedroom activities.

A spread of jasmine focus, with some in focus and some out of focus.

Including Jasmine for Attracting Your Soulmate

Adding jasmine brings a unique element to the magic of your mojo bag. Like the other included herbs, jasmine has myriad connections with love magic, for starters. But what makes jasmine remarkable is that it is particularly suited for helping you attract your soulmate.

Creating the Mojo

Place these herbs and your dried orange peels in a red flannel bag, a customary vessel for a mojo. To solidify the magic, you’ll want to personally choose an element to add to the ingredients of the charm. This ingredient can be another herb that expresses the energy you want to represent, a crystal that carries special meaning, an amulet, and so forth.

A close-up of orange blossoms and orange fruit.

Animate the True Love Mojo

Once you’ve included your magical components in your mojo bag, it’s time to animate it and bring it to life. You can accomplish this by lightly passing the bag through the smoke from a candle or incense. You can also breathe on the mojo bag or say prayers and incantations over it that align with your desires.

Dressing the Charm for True Love

After you’ve completed preparing your mojo, the next step is dressing it with a fluid of some sort. This liquid can be alcohol, water, perfume, or even bodily fluids if you are so inclined. This action will feed the spirit inside the mojo, keeping it and its magic alive and doing the work you set out for it to do.

Your True Love Mojo with Orange Peels is Complete!

And with that, your mojo is complete. When working with mojos dealing with love magic, you want to conceal it and wear it somewhere against your skin. Additionally, always keep in mind as you’re preparing your charm and putting it to use that this is not a spell to force someone to love you. Instead, it is a spell to help you find your true love and vice versa.

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