The Herb of Courage: Thyme Spiritual Meaning and Magic

Close-up on thyme plant in the sun.

The Magic of Thyme

“A young maiden, in love, carefully and attentively embroiders a small bee hovering above a sprig of thyme onto the scarf of the knight she has chosen to be her protector, in hopes it will provide him protection as well and grant him courage….”

The Timeless Power of Thyme

Thyme’s magic is…well, timeless.  In Ancient Greece, thyme was infused into baths, and in Greek temples, the smoke from thyme incense was used to spread courage. Egyptians would embalm their dead using thyme, and the Europeans would place it in coffins to help the dead pass on to the next world.

Thyme the Protector

During the blight of the Black Plague in the 1300s, thyme was used to protect against the disease, and thyme was a key ingredient in many medicinal concoctions. The Victorian era gave life to the belief that a patch of wild thyme in the woods meant that fairies were nearby.

Close-up of thyme with small, purple buds.

A Thyme for Courage

Thyme is a powerful and popular herb for magical practice. It offers protection but is well-known for its power to grant courage. Warriors of old would stuff thyme in the shoes or wear it as a badge of honor.

Thyme Magical Correspondences

  • Botanical Name: Thymus Vulgaris
  • Folk Names: Common Thyme, Garden Thyme
  • Gender: Feminine
  • Planet: Venus
  • Element: Water
  • Power: Health, Sleep, Psychic Powers, Love, Purification, Courage, Prosperity, Fairies

From Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

Magical Ways to Use Thyme

Be sure to enjoy thyme’s aroma as it can give you courage and energize you, and warriors of the past bathed in thyme to give them bravery. Use thyme in spell work when facing an intimidating goal and to help you maintain positive energy.

Cleansing with Thyme

Burn thyme to purify your ritual space, as the Greeks burned thyme to purify their temples. In the spring, you can ritually cleanse past sorrows and regrets by taking a bath with thyme and marjoram.

Thyme for Smudging

Thyme is often used as a smudging herb, and thyme translates in Greek to mean “fumigate.” Smudging your home with thyme can help dispel negative emotions and the sadness that comes after losing a loved one.

Close-up of a thyme plant with purple flowers.

Enhancing Psychic Ability with Thyme

Wear thyme to increase psychic abilities, and it can also be worn by women to make them alluring. To see fairies, you can wear thyme and plant thyme in your garden to encourage fairies to dwell there.

Attracting Wealth with Thyme

Thyme can be used to increase wealth and good fortune, and as thyme grows in your garden, so should your wealth. It is used in games of chance to increase luck.

Planters containing thyme and other herbs.

Thyme Promotes Good Health

Thyme is powerful in healing spells, and you can burn or wear thyme to attract good health. Thyme has remarkable antiseptic properties, and the Sumerians used it to this end.

Using Thyme to Repel Moths

Thyme can be used in household cleaners to disinfect, and keeping thyme in your clothes drawer will keep moths away.

Thyme Protects from Nightmares

Thyme can be placed underneath your pillow to encourage restful sleep and keep nightmares at bay.

Thyme and basil in a rectangular potter near a lantern outdoors.

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