The Geisha’s Flower: Cherry Blossom Spiritual Meaning and Magic

Close-up of vibrant pink cherry blossoms.

The Magic of Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms are ephemeral and ethereal. They are the gentlest flowers, encouraging us to be inspired by the future and things to come, but also tragedy, as their fleeting beauty is short-lived and transient. Cherry blossom’s energy is shy and delicate, quiet and gentle, and overwhelmingly powerful and awe-inspiring when they come to bloom.

Cherry Blossom Incense and Oil is Magical

Cherry blossoms are intensely magical. Their sweet, smelling aroma is a font of inspiration for many powerful oils and incenses, thus making them a mainstay in the magical world. The wafting smoke of cherry blossom incense is irresistible and invaluable in love magic.

How Cherry Blossoms Herald the Arrival of Spring

The sights of cherry blossoms herald the arrival of Spring, freshness, and renewal. Use cherry blossoms to draw in these enlivening Spring energies and to celebrate the dawn of new beginnings. Their energy can aid with the beginning of new projects and goals.

A bird's-eye view of cherry blossoms in a teacup.

Cherry Blossoms Attract Abundance

Cherry blossoms carry the energy of abundance. Japanese farmers felt cherry blossoms were a good omen and signified that they were being visited by deities who would guarantee a bountiful rice harvest. When a cherry tree blooms, cherry blossoms command the attention of the landscape as the plethora of pale pink and white flowers, blanket the horizon. They signal the arrival of growth and abundance.

The Uplifting Energy of Cherry Blossoms

The sweetness of cherry blossom’s scent is uplifting and positive and can also ward away dark energies and malaise. They signify the beginning of change and the ushering of the new and thus lend themselves excellently to spells and magicks that intend to bring about change and creativity.

Cherry Blossoms’ Connection to Death and Ancestral Worship

Cherry blossoms hearken the energies of death and mortality as well and have been used in ancestral worship. In Japanese culture, white represents death and mourning, and through cherry blossoms’ uplifting pink blush lies the undercurrent of a hint of tragedy. A cherry blossoms life, while exuberant, is short-lived, a somber reminder that everything good must come to an end.

The Goryo and Cherry Blossoms

When blossoms are blown by the winds of a storm, the Japanese believed that this was caused by goryo. Goryo is the angry dead, and an unhappy goryo is not a good thing, as when they are angry, they cause bad luck and disaster. To please the goryo and any other agitated spirits of the underworld, rituals such as dance, poetry, and music were performed. In this regard, cherry blossoms are associated with the Underworld and its spirits.

Cherry blossoms in a pinkish copper mug sitting on grass that says "Dreams are only dreams until you wake up and make them real."

Cherry Blossom Symbolism and Meaning

Cherry Blossom’s beauty is delicate, pure, but fleeting. It was the symbol of ethereally beautiful geishas’ femininity, as well as a symbol for the power of warriors. They overwhelm us with their stunning beauty and tantalizing aroma for only a couple of weeks in the Spring, and then they are gone, and we are left with only our enchanted memories of their splendor.

Mono-no-aware: Cherry Blossoms Fleeting Beauty

The Japanese had a way of describing the transient and fragile nature of cherry blossoms’ beauty — mono-no-aware. In fact, cherry blossoms are a richly symbol-laden flower in Japanese culture. When the blossoms arrive in the spring, they have viewed as the harbinger of springtime and indicative that a bright future is on its way.

“Falling Blossoms”

Cherry blossoms are also closely linked with mortality in Japanese culture. During Japan’s militarization in the 20th century, Japanese suicide pilots would often paint the sides of their planes with cherry blossoms before a suicide mission. These “falling blossoms” as they descended from the sky expressed the fleeting nature of life, as young soldiers would sacrifice their own life for their emperor.

Cherry blossoms near a quaint-looking bridge with red-brick homes in the background.

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