How to Cast a Spell: A Guide for Beginners on Connecting to Universal Magic

A spell is universal energy gathered through use of your personal energy, then imbued with intent and released to create change. -- How to Cast a Spell

Witchcraft: How to Cast a Spell

Firstly let’s begin by understanding what a spell is. At its basest form, a spell is universal energy drawn and gathered through the use of your personal energy (aura), then imbued with personal intent and released back into the universe to be absorbed and create change. Your personal intent determines the change created.

As such, it is very important to keep your personal intent both clear and focused. Being concise is a bonus but we all know the world is not so simple some days. To aid in keeping your intent focused and clear many practitioners advise writing down an incantation, or a set of words spoken with a melodic rhythm used to force all other thoughts but your intent out of your mind.

Many also would advise meditating to ground and center your mind before beginning a spell. These are all great practices to hold and are there to avoid the uncomfortable possibilities wrought by allowing stray thoughts or subconscious mind to weave their way into your intent.

How to Draw Energy from the Universe

But how do we draw universal energy in? Better yet, how do we use our aura to do so? And best of all, why doesn’t this sound like any of the ways to cast a spell you’ve heard before?

Well, if this sounds different than your understanding of how to cast a spell it could be because of the religious overtones used to teach you, or the difference in semantics of thought-form/will-form vs energy. We must first begin our understanding of interacting with universal energy by coming to the realization that humans are made of, powered by, and emit energy.

Our auras are in fact electromagnetic fields created around our body by nerve and brain firings and the electrical currents used to control our bodies. The intensity and frequency of our aura are affected by changes in our moods, the use of different muscles or patterns of muscle-firings (tai chi for instance), and different states of mind.

How to Connect with the Universe Spiritually

Through practice with meditation or even simply long periods of deep reflection and self-awareness, a person can become practiced in becoming consciously aware of the shifts and feel of their energy, what chakra is being drawn on, whether their third eye or crown is involved, and eventually of how external energies feel against it.

It is this very state of mind, where one is aware of the way universal or “magickal” energies feel, that rituals great or small intend to instill in us. Whether it is focusing on the flame of a candle, reciting an incantation, or dancing around a bonfire under the full moon…we intend to free our minds of filters and become aware of self(the self of our nature, outside of what we were taught to be), and through self, we become aware of beyond.

This is not to say that this is the only purpose of any ritual. But rather, that it is one of the purposes of every ritual. It is also important to point out that different states of mind and frames of reference are required for connecting to and using different energies. This is part of the many reasons why we see people often note hexes and curses to work first, and easiest.

The first thing everyone knows how to access quickly and easily is anger, frustration, malice…essential things for these spells. It is much harder to bring yourself to a state of calm, and then choose the energies to connect with consciously and knowingly.

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How to Cast a Spell for Beginners

If you’ve ever sat somewhere for a bit, or even stood in a place that you are familiar with the sights and sounds of then you have found yourself in a moment where your mind seems cluttered, but clear at the same time. Where everything on your mind and everything going on around you was within your awareness, but you didn’t dwell on anything.

You let your thoughts run, let the environment around you change, and be fluid without concerning yourself. This state of mind, this state of calm detachment from self is what you intend to reach to cast a spell with or without incantation or ritual.

Once this is understood it is a simple matter to find or write an incantation that clearly states your intent, search up components with the right magical properties for your spell (silver and moonstone for a moon blessing/purification for instance) and set up for your spell.

Always remember to take your time to clear and center (reach that calm state of mind and begin focusing on your intent) after placing your tools and components, then begin the spell by connecting your energy to that of your tools and components. Beyond that will vary from spell to spell or ritual to ritual…but these steps are essential to accurately manifest your intent. Visualization may help you perform these steps more easily while learning to feel the energy.

See the Video: Connecting with Universal Energy: How to Draw Energy from the Universe

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