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Aura Bands - What is the Aura - Elune Blue (Witchcraft)

What is the Human Aura?

Human Aura - What is the Aura - Elune Blue (Witchcraft)

This topic seems to have so many answers out there, yet so little detail. There is a simple answer to the question, which is that the Aura as it is commonly called is a field of energy emitted by the body that encompasses a broad scale of energies in its range. But the simple answer falls terribly short of the full truth. So I ask that you take a moment and look deeper into the reality of the aura for a moment with me.

To start broaching the detail of the subject, let’s first approach the topic of energy for a brief moment, as this knowledge will play heavily into understanding what follows. We are, for lack of a better expression, a stack of pancakes (planes of energy), curved into a multi-dimensional shape (3d, 4d, whatever number you care to currently ascribe to the dimensions of our existence).

There is a single point of energy… that expands through all of the planes in the center of it. That, in the shaping of us from flat waves of energy (think layers of color in a tequila sunrise drink), is reflected through separate points in space through our body.

So, these centers are referred to in Eastern Philosophies as Chakra, in terms of science would be an electromagnetic center, for Reiki and Energy workers are often referred to as Energy Centers. All the names are right in the end of the day. And we aren’t here to argue that point.

The whole of being however does not encompass all planes, there are planes of energy both above and below those we encompass. Time for instance….if we encompassed time, we would generate it naturally within our field. If we generated time…we would be immune to the impact of it on our telomeres, or probably even not have telomeres. We wouldn’t age.

Time however is only just beyond us, and there are states of being when one understands the nature of their whole being, that can lessen the impact, or altogether avoid it for spaces or periods. Yogi for instance, in deep transcendental meditation.

Seeing Auras

So now to the topic of the aura’s makeup. After all this, you’re probably itching to know what it looks like….that’s why you read this far, isn’t it? I’m not going to lie, it can be both underwhelming and overwhelming to know.

From the top of the head, about an inch forward from a vertical line upwards at the meeting of spine and skull there is a small circular formation that is often referred to as one’s Crown, or Halo (we’ll go more in-depth on these things in another article. I promise).

From this ring formation (which commonly appears a shade of white that has about three or four hundred colors, and is sometimes so many colors it looks clear) are arcing bands of energy arcing up and forward between 3-7in that range in length and color, arcing down away from the body at varying distances, and return to the body at the adjunct of the legs and pelvis. The rotation of these seven bands forms a tight-centered doughnut that expands above our heads and into the ground beneath us. 

Exactly how close to or far from the body each line spans, is directly relative to the dark and brightness of the color and also manipulated by body positions (meaning certain positions can bring these lines closer or push them further). Our limbs are outside of the central zone this field creates, and within the field…and so the field moves and shapes reactively to their positions.

These bands typically rotate far too fast to try and track every iteration, and so one learns over time to watch them much like looking for the blades of a fan in motion, changing the speed that their eyes determine position to track the oscillation by using a slower, repetitive measure that allows for larger, more visible observation on a greater scale. Each rotation carries the reaction, absorption, and exchange of internal and external energies, emotions, and thoughts in a single instant.

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Seeing Aura Colors

  1. The first, or I should say the closest to the body, would be a varying scale of deep, dark blood red to a vibrantly surreal silvery pink.
    • This energy is commonly referred to as the root chakra. This and the final band of energy are a bit different as they reflect the state of balance for each half of your being.
    • Issues in this band will take effect on physical health the most immediately and with the greatest impact. Stress, anxiety, internal health, and organ health issues. This band will Also SHOW physical health issues in it. Maintaining this band requires maintaining both physical health and at least a base semblance of energetic health.
  2. The next is a varying band of deep, burnt brown to a golden pearlescent orange.
    • This moves in synchronous with the first, and can come close enough to merge or arc against the one before it, or the next.  The space between it and the first holds much the same color as the band that it coincides with, varying only in reaction to external impacts to the energy or distortion from other bands (distortion doesn’t necessarily mean bad, just means change by interaction).
  3. Beyond that is a band of energy that varies from a deep, dark metallic gold with a contrasting sheen of dark that has no visual comparison to a brilliantly blinding yellow opalescence.
  4. The fourth is a band of energy that varies from deep shades of swamp algae at night green to vibrant electric spring green.
  5. The fifth is a band of energy that varies from such dark blue as to be near lightless and colorless, to a blinding lightning-like metallic blue shimmer.
  6. The sixth is a band of energy that varies from a dark, near lightless burnt royal purple all the way to a vibrant, flashing contrast of vibrant electric purple and these deep indescribable bright purple that is more heard than seen.
  7. The final band is a bit different than the rest. Firstly, the arc of energy can vary from a state of light absorption to a white that has too many colors to see and becomes clear/light refractive.
    • The space of the band, where its coinciding energies reside…works entirely different than the rest, however. This is the skin of your whole energy and being. There is a surface tension to this layer that is distinct and can be felt.

In an averagely healthy being, who maintains a general sense of energetic health in balance with physical health, this layer will generally be a clear fluid-like layer that appears slow-moving with colorful nebulous flows of energy swirling in a stable, healthy manner up until this healthy individual cleans it all out and starts fresh for the next grouping of activities and energies they intend to create a balance of in their life.

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What Does the Aura Look Like? The Colors of the Aura by Aemetri from Elune Blue [Infographic]

What does an Unhealthy Aura Look Like?

This is not the normal state of people today, however. We are not a society aware of our energy or energetic nature as a whole. And so now I need to explain how an abnormal and unhealthy state of energy appears.

When a person is not aware of their energy on a basic level, or even suppresses their awareness within themselves through dismissal, disbelief, self-fear, or lack of confidence/trust in self, their energy behaves in reaction purely to emotions, thoughts, and physical health on a basic reactive level. This means when a band reaches a deeper color and tightens closer to the body, or closer to the band before it…it begins to arc directly across the field/s and create an intermingling of energies through fields that leave distortions.

The same is true in the opposite direction. This reaction also travels along the length of the bands in either direction and is emitted into the atmosphere at the root and crown. Some of this batters against the outermost field of our being, and without awareness of this field, it has little tangible surface tension. As such, a significant amount of this emittance is reabsorbed into the outermost field. The rest escapes our field into the environment and can be absorbed accidentally or intentionally by others in varying ways.

Keep in mind, that this is the field that collects and maintains an ecosystem of the energies and activities we intend to create and maintain a balance of in our life. Absorbing erratic emissions from the unintended reactions of our energies and other peoples’ in this field is counterproductive to maintaining a balance in energies we intend to create in our lives.

With a lack of tension and coalescence of the personal energies of this field and a tangible outer tension, the fluid-like nature of this field can become quickly and chaotically filled and muddied with a myriad of energies and take on a darkened, rapid, erratic quality to its visage. The tangible energetic presence of these external and erratic energies often begins to influence the six internal bands’ size, coherence, and consistency, as well as the color, which then in turn can cause bands to arc, and the cycle of imbalance propagates.

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Strengthening the Aura

With frequent cleansing of this field as a whole, this can be counterbalanced…but one can be prone to indecisiveness and lack of long-term aim. With detailed management of the removal, it can also be counterbalanced, but this is time-consuming and takes much concentration. It is difficult to extract all the chaos from the things one intended to create in their life, whilst leaving them entirely untouched and maintaining awareness of the whole being plus daily life at the same time to prevent further incoming interference.

Once one has awareness of their whole energy, and the difference between what is still them, and what is emittance they can begin to actively control this process as a whole. This lessens the amount of erratic emittance in themselves, and the impact of that received from those around them. The bands of one’s energies start to become more stable and more easily and fluidly controlled. And the whole process becomes less of a strain as a general rule.

So, in summary. The Aura has 7 fields, 6 internal, and 1 exo-structural. It is bi-polar. It creates a doughnut-shaped field. The aura rotates. The surface layer of the aura is how and where one maintains the energies and energetic interactions of activities and goals. Half of what we can do with knowledge of the aura is considered psychic, and the other half often falls under what is considered magic. And finally, everyone has one and there are differences in the aura of some people that will be left for other articles.

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