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Tiger’s Eye stone is the “all-seeing, all-knowing eye.” It is used for the assistance in improving perception and vision. -- Tiger's Eye Meaning and Uses

The Magic of Tiger’s Eye Stone

A tiger’s eye is piercing and penetrating. It can comb the depths of the soul and sense the root of emotion. Tigers know not to fear and to have confidence in their inherent power and strength. The quiet, fierce power of Tiger’s Eye stone is no exception. And with its similarities to the eyes of a tiger, both in its appearance and its power, it’s no wonder it has been often called, “cat’s eye quartz.”

The Meaning of Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye stone is the “all-seeing, all-knowing eye.” It finds its role historically and contemporarily being used for assistance in improving perception and vision. Ancient Egyptians would adorn their statues of deities with eyes made of tiger’s eye stone, a symbol of the omniscient divine vision of the gods.

Tiger’s eye stone is an interplay between the powers of the Earth and Sun. Their characteristic golden bands draw down the energy of the sun, while its muddy, brown veins ground it in natural earthen energies. The Egyptians extended this association further, perceiving these colorations as representative of Ra, the Sun God, and Geb the god of growing the land.

Tiger’s eye infuses our courage and helps us preserve our integrity. It stands up for power used correctly and stands against the abuse of power. It is a stone of protection, and Roman soldiers would carry the tiger’s eye into battle as a fortification. Tiger’s eye helps us to see past illusions to the root of a situation. It can help with seeing someone for who they really are, and amplifying attention to detail.

Most notable of tiger’s eye stone uses is its ability to sharpen the senses. It can quicken the wit, and improve perception and quick thinking. It is a stone for visionaries, helping to unlock hidden potential and allowing us to see outside to box to come up with new ways of thinking.

When it comes to wealth building and entrepreneurial pursuits, the tiger’s eye is an ideal stone. It assists with skill-building and can heighten attention to detail, as well as improve focus and clarity. Tiger’s eye is also closely linked with fortune and prosperity and can attract money to the home.

In ancient times, the tiger’s eye stone was used mostly as a talisman against curses. It has the ability to provide protection and can reflect back negative energies and threats from others. Tiger’s eye has many properties about it that make it a balancing stone. It can balance the yin and yang, and it manages the energies of the Sun and the earth. Inherent in the tiger eye’s power is its ability to draw spiritual energies down to the earthly plane.

Tiger’s eye is believed to grant vision of everything, including that which is hidden or cloaked. It can open up intuitive processes, strengthen psychic ability, and clarify the third eye. Integral to the tiger eye’s magic is its power to develop vision, dispel the fog of illusion, and help one better see a situation for what it truly is. It can help with dream recall and is believed to stimulate the kundalini.

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The Healing Power of Tiger’s Eye Stone*

  • In terms of Tiger Eye’s healing energy, think balance. It can balance hormones and the internal processes of the body’s chemistry.
  • Tiger’s Eye Stone can help with mental malaise and imbalance when placed on either side of the head, balancing emotional extremes.
  • The solar energy within the tiger’s eye can lift spirits and is especially potent in combating seasonal affective disorder and depression.
  • Tiger’s eye stone is useful to help temper emotions so that they don’t get in the way of important decision-making.
  • When looking for a pathway to creativity and inspiration, use the tiger’s eye stone.
  • Use tiger’s eye stone to instill hope and confidence in the future.
  • Tiger’s Eye Stone has healing powers that can ease disorders of the eyes and throat and is believed to amplify night vision.
  • It is believed that Tiger’s Eye can invigorate the blood, and works wonderfully to help mend broken bones.

Tiger’s Eye Stone Chakra

Tiger’s Eye is connected with the Solar Plexus, Root, and Sacral Chakras. However, the blue tiger’s eye stone shares a connection with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras as well. Tiger’s Eye, especially red tiger’s eye expresses the energies of the Root Chakra in that it helps us garner strength, courage, and fortitude. The energies of the Sacral Chakra are expressed in that tiger’s eye and can help with creativity and inspiration.

The Solar Plexus Chakra can help with our sense of purpose and boost self-esteem. Blue Tiger’s Eye further extends the energies of the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, heightening intuition and psychic ability, and helping to strengthen focus and clarity in communicating with others.

Tiger’s Eye Stone Properties

Tiger’s Eye has a hardness of 5.5 – 6 on the Mohs Scale and is a variety of the quartz group of chalcedonies. The golden bands within the tiger’s eye are considered chatoyant, meaning that they appear almost silky when light is reflected within the golden veins.

When using a tiger’s eye, it’s important to practice a certain measure of caution. The characteristic gold bands within the stone are actually asbestos, which is a harmful substance. It is generally safe to wear, although special care should be taken when drilling, cutting, or grinding down the stone not to inhale the dust.

Within Tiger’s Eye Stone’s composition, red jasper and hematite can also be found. Most tiger’s eye hails from South Africa, but it can also be found in Brazil, Burma, Western Australia, and the United States.

Marra Mamba Tiger’s Eye Stone

Marra Mamba is a very rare form of tiger’s eye. Its energy is ancient, created when the world was very young and still had little oxygen in its atmosphere. Marra Mamba is usually found in Australia. It is a beautiful and picturesque form of the tiger’s eye; within the stone’s imagery, you can typically see what looks to be the evening sun setting behind a mountain range.

Marra Mamba is usually comprised of a variety of stunning colors, such as brown, golden yellow, red, and blue. It is a difficult stone to cut and polish due to the various minerals found within it and their varying hardness.

The Meaning of Blue Tiger’s Eye

Blue Tiger eye’s deep and penetrating azure blue resembles the perceptive eyes of the wise hawk. Hence why it is also known as the Hawk-Eye Stone. Its sapphire blue color nuances its abilities and power. Within the blue tiger’s eye is the depth of the ocean. Its frequency increases psychic abilities and sensory gifts, such as clairvoyance and clairaudience. It pierces through the deepest, darkest depths, uncovering deeper insights and greater awareness.

When placed on the Third Eye, the tiger’s eye can enhance peripheral perception. It can provide a steady anchor in the midst of chaotic and tumultuous times. It can also protect against nightmares. It can lessen feelings of enmity, jealousy, and malice in that it can help us perceive and understand others more clearly, and thus with less fear and hatred.

Blue Tiger’s Eye stone is in a state of pre-formation. This means that the crocidolite minerals within the stone have not been replaced by quartz and altered by iron oxide yet, and as such the asbestos fibers remain grayish-blue or green.

The Healing Power of Blue Tiger’s Eye Stone*

A Blue tiger’s eye can cool heated tempers and ease the stressful mind. It can also help to abate an overactive libido and still lustful thoughts. The stone has restful and reprieving energy that can wash the body in a state of calm, slowing the energy centers and metabolic rate and allowing the body to enter a more meditative state. Its energy can pierce through to the root of fear, helping to dispel phobias and nightmares.

Red Tiger’s Eye Stone Meaning

The red tiger’s eye is also called the dragon’s eye stone, and it is the tantalizing melding of fire and earth. It is usually formed when a standard golden tiger’s eye comes into contact with a metamorphic and transforming energy, such as fire and lightning. The contents within are changed into red hematite, leading to its brilliant, striking red hue.

Red Tiger’s Eye is also known as the Ox-Eye or Bull’s Eye Stone. Just like these steadfast animals, can assist with strength and courage. The stone can amplify personal willpower, embolden self-confidence, and shore up the courage and resolve, which makes it an ideal stone when dealing with bullying or when being taken advantage of.

The Healing Power of Red Tiger’s Eye*

Red Tiger’s Eye stone can quicken the body’s energy, boosting it’s metabolism and dispelling lethargy. It can help enhance sexual desire and pleasure, increasing a low sex drive and libido.

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