Manifesting Wealth and Abundance with Pomegranate

Manifesting Wealth and Abundance with Pomegranate

The pomegranate fruit’s associations with wealth and affluence are myriad. For starters, the fruit is replete with seeds, and many seeds yield many opportunities.

Abundance Starts with a Seed

From one pomegranate seed can come a pomegranate tree, and from that tree comes more fruit…which leads to more pomegranate seeds. Eventually, once enough time has passed, that one pomegranate seed can develop a pomegranate grove — and a very prosperous grove-tender!

The Crown of Pomegranate

Additionally, the pomegranate fruit’s sepal — the ridges you can find at the top of the fruit — almost resemble a crown. As crowns are something we typically associate with royalty and immense wealth, the sepal encourages thoughts of affluence and regency.

A pomegranate on a table in a dimly lit room.

Pomegranate Fun Fact: King Solomon’s Crown

It is rumored that the pomegranate fruit’s sepal inspired the design of the great King Solomon’s crown.

Pomegranate: The Money Tree

Pomegranate is not only associated with wealth, but it attracts it like a magnet. If you are fortunate enough to have a pomegranate tree planted near your home, understand that it acts as a proverbial money tree, beckoning the blessings of affluence and prosperity to your abode.

Pleasing Beneficial Spirits with Pomegranate Incense

Otherwise, if you do not have a pomegranate tree on hand, rest assured that the seeds and skin can be employed to attract money and wealth as well. For instance, if you’re inclined to incense-making, pomegranate peels can be dried and used to make an incense powder that, when burned, pleases the spirits who are keen to bless you with prosperity.

Pomegranate Peel Tea Aligns with Wealth

Additionally, the peels can be used to be a tea that you can drink to align your spirit with the opportunities that will bring wealth.

Pomegranate Fun Fact: Pomegranate Bonsai

Older, more mature specimens of pomegranate are often used for bonsai due to the peculiar way the bush’s bark twists and its characteristic red flowers.

Pomegranate seeds close-up.

Wishmaking with Pomegranate

The Pomegranate seeds within the fruit are multitude — much like the stars themselves. Correspondingly, just like the stars, it is said you can wish on a pomegranate and have your wish come true. By keeping your wish in mind while consuming a pomegranate, it helps set and seal the intention into the universe.

What is Your Heart’s Desire?

Additionally, as pomegranates are prone to attract beneficial energies, perhaps they will attract the object of your desire, and your wish will come true. What is your heart’s desire? Perhaps you’re dreaming about a home in the mountains near a lake. Or maybe you want to spite your black thumb and grow a thick and luxuriant Sage plant from seed.

Pomegranate cut open in segments.

Set Your Intention and Cast a Spell

And what about that longing you have to open a cozy, relaxing coffee shop? Is your heart still set on that goal? Whatever your yearning may be, it won’t come to fruition unless you set the intention. Make a wish. Cast a spell.

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire with Pomegranate

Like attracts like. And Pomegranate, in all its plenitude, attracts plentiful things. To manifest the magic, try this simple meditation. Picture the object of your desire with your mind’s eye.

Macro photography of pomegranate pips.

Draw Your Wish with Pomegranate Seeds

Once you have it in mind, take some pomegranate seeds and arrange them on a dish in the shape of the thing you want. Don’t worry about going overboard on details — this isn’t an art project. It’s a spell.

Visualize and Draw Your Wish with Pomegranate Seeds

Visualize your dream in as much detail as possible as you place every seed. Once you feel you have a clear enough picture in your mind and a decent enough portrayal on your plate, proceed to eat the pomegranate seeds. Envision yourself drawing the thing you desire closer and closer as you draw each seed to your lip.

Pomegranate seeds overflowing from a decorative China cup.

Accept and Trust the Magic

Once you’ve finished eating the pomegranate seeds, allow yourself to accept that the wish has been granted. Bury the skin and anything leftover from the pomegranate within the Earth to complete your wish.

Pomegranate Fun Fact: Lovely Blooms

Pomegranate trees have strikingly beautiful, bright red flowers, and some fruitless versions of the pomegranate tree are grown for the flowers alone.

Some pomegranate flowers in bloom.

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