Ananas: Pineapple Spiritual Meaning and Magic

Pineapples and Prosperity

In Singapore, there is a fascinating tradition that Chinese people who reside there engage in called “Pineapple Rolling.” Newly-minted homeowners, before first stepping foot into their new home, roll a pineapple into the house. As the pineapple rolls along the floor, they shout the phrase “huat at!” — a Hokkien phrase that means “to prosper.”

“Luck Coming Your Way”

This is because pineapples are intimately tied to the energies that yield prosperity. The Chinese word for pineapple even hints at this association, as it sounds curiously close to a Chinese word that means “luck coming your way.”

Attracting Prosperity with Pineapple

To finalize the ritual, the owners are not to consume the pineapple but instead place it under a tree to encourage the continuation of their prosperity. This is one way to entice the winds of prosperity with pineapple, but not the only way.

A bunch of pineapples in a wooden crate.

Pineapple Sachets and Incenses Draw Wealth

Dried pineapple makes for excellent sachets and incenses that can draw wealth to the home and encourage financial gain. Likewise, once you’ve finished cutting your pineapple, you can turn the pineapple crown into a plant that attracts good fortune to your home.

Give the Gift of Prosperity

For your friends and loved ones, consider gifting them cakes and desserts that include fresh pineapples. This will extend the blessings of wealth and prosperity to them as well.

Personal Power and Pineapple Fruit

“Be a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.” -Kathryn Gaskin

This quote has found its way onto many t-shirts and apparel for good reason. It is a motivational mantra that takes the pineapple fruit, studies its attributes, and then turns that into actionable advice.

Exude Confidence Like the Lofty Pineapple

Consider the pineapple fruit, how it towers proudly and unabashedly with its lofty crown. You, too, can exude such confidence if you hold your head up high and acknowledge your power. But don’t forget to temper your confidence with kindness and gentleness.

A view of a pineapple crown as seen from the top.

Pineapple is Ruled by Fire

There is so much about pineapple that resonates with power, strength, and poise that it’s hard not to be inspired to embrace these attributes when studying the plant. Pineapples are ruled by fire, the same element that rules the boldest and most self-assured signs of the zodiac — Aries, Leo, and Saggitarius.

The Sun and Pineapple

Pineapple is also ruled by the sun, our luminary. In astrology, the Sun represents our ego and sense of self. It is our outward expression and the identity that we put on display for the world.

The Essence of Life and Vitality

The Sun is a force for unbridled power, vigor, and exuberance. In understanding pineapple’s relationship with the Sun, we see that pineapple similarly exudes a powerful presence with its stout yet tough appearance. Meanwhile, the fruit contains the essence of life and vitality in its ability to nourish us.

A close-up on a pineapple and a pineapple crown.

Pineapple and Spiritual Power

But remember, power is not only physical but spiritual. You can be stoic and commanding on the outside, but if your strength within is wanting, even life’s most minor pressures can unravel you.

Pineapple is Tough on the Outside, but Sweet on the Inside

Not even pineapple makes that mistake. On the outside, it is equipped with a tough skin that protects what’s within from anything that would threaten its quality. However, once you break its shell, you see what’s worth protecting as you discover the sweet juicy flesh that vibrates with the color of the Sun itself.

Pineapple is a Reminder to Empower Yourself for Within

Spiritual power is psychic power. It is your ability to perceive things unseen that nevertheless affect you. Without spiritual power, you cannot glean divine wisdom or act from a place empowered by love and compassion.

Segments of pineapple arranged on a board.

Spiritual Power is Strength

It is essential to strengthen your spiritual side, not only for practitioners of the divinatory arts or those who relay messages from the divine, but to properly function and survive on this planet as a human being.

Harnessing the Magic of Pineapple

You can easily incorporate the magic of pineapples into your life in myriad ways. First of all, consume it! Pineapples are one of the most delicious fruits on the planet, and many delicious recipes incorporate pineapple, so this task shouldn’t prove difficult. Not to mention, pineapples are replete with nutritious benefits alongside magical perks.

A pineapple sitting on rocks near a body of water.

Eat Pineapple for Your Health And Confidence

And remember, nutrition doesn’t just mean vitamins and minerals. We nourish ourselves by consuming the energy that pineapple contains as well. So prepare for your next job interview or presentation where you need that extra dose of confidence by starting your day with some sliced pineapples or a glass of pineapple juice.

Pineapple-Themed Charms Can Remind You to Stand Tall

Pineapple-themed charms, trinkets, and decor can also help inspire pineapple’s energy, even if they’re not its natural form. A necklace etched in the form of pineapple or pineapple ornaments and decor around the house can all remind you to stand tall and walk proud.

Close-up of a pineapple crown, with pineapple skins sitting out of focus on a wooden surface.

Pineapples Are An Emblem of Hospitality

Use pineapples to welcome a friend back from travel, as it is an emblem of hospitality. Serve pineapple at celebrations to encourage happiness among the guests. Pineapples baked into desserts and then shared with a loved one can encourage devotion, and sharing with friends can strengthen the bonds of companionship.

Pineapple Crowns Make Excellent Houseplants

Pineapple’s crown makes an excellent and magical house plant, and this plant can be gifted to friends or loved ones to help them heal from past wounds and grievances or as a good luck blessing.

A close-up of a pineapple in a basket.

Symbolic Meaning of Pineapple

Pineapples are symbolic of hospitality and warmth. They express the sentiments of “welcome” and have been used traditionally to decorate door knockers, quilts, and other objects that let a friend or guest feel well-received. This tradition gets its roots in the Eastern Seaboard and Southern areas of the United States.

Pineapple Used to Welcome Guests

Due to the rarity of pineapples in the 18th century, their cost was quite expensive, and only the affluent could afford them. Wealthy hosts would often serve pineapples to guests to welcome them. Pineapples were carved into buildings, mansions, and government edifices to convey this feeling.

A pineapple plant growing near a wooden fence.

Pineapple’s Amazing Health Benefits*

Pineapples have fantastic health benefits. They are high in fiber and contain plenty of vitamin C, which can help fight off cough and cold. Pineapples also contain Bromelain, which is a cough suppressant and can help loosen mucus. A cup of pineapple contains 73% of the daily requirement of manganese, which can help with bone health.

*(See FDA Disclaimer)

The Origin of Pineapple

Pineapple’s exact location of origin is unknown. It is believed to be native to a region near Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands, more specifically, where Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay meet. After being discovered in these areas, Pineapple seeds were traded and traveled with merchants during the 16th century to areas such as Hawaii, countries in the Pacific, and the Eastern Seaboard.

Close-up photography of a pineapple.

Interesting Facts About Pineapple

  • Because of its startling resemblance to pine cones, Spanish explorers called pineapple Pina de Indias. Pina de Indias means “Pine of the Indies” because it is in the West Indies where Spanish explorers first happened upon Pineapple.
  • “Apple” was later added to Pineapple’s name by Europeans, but the Natives to the West Indies originally called it “na-na,” which is where its botanical name comes from (Ananas Comosus).
  • To check if a pineapple is ripe, tap it with a slight thump – it should give a dulled sound. If it sounds hollow, it is not ripe. A ripened pineapple will also lose its spikes quite easily.
  • Pineapples do not ripen once picked, and their peak season is April to June.
An extreme close-up of the top of a pineapple crown.

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