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What is Black Magic?

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I feel the need to clarify that the term “Black Magic” is not referring to Magic that is inherently evil or necessarily bad by any means. When we speak of Black and White, dark and light, we are really speaking of Destruction and Creation. As with any source of destruction, be it a simple flame or a shotgun, it is indeed dangerous but it is no less natural or useful for it.

To really understand what is Black Magic and the nature of it we need to take a more detailed look at the nature of destruction and the purpose it serves in the universe. When we speak of destruction what do you think of? Is Mount St. Helen going off? Pompeii? Hiroshima? Albeit, all of these apply, however, when we look at incidents of destruction on this scale we start to miss the forest through the trees a bit.

In magic, we work with and deal directly with energy in exchanges. The smallest scale or frame of existence we currently understand there to be and are beginning to scientifically observe. So when we think of Black Magic we need to look at it in the smallest frame. What is its purpose? How does it fulfill it? How can this be used?

“Black Magic” is not referring to magic that is inherently evil or necessarily bad by any means. When we speak of Black and White, dark and light, we are really speaking of Destruction and Creation. -- Is Black Magic Dangerous?

Understanding the Forces of Destruction and Creation

Destruction is one of the driving forces of the life, death, and rebirth cycle. As with its counterbalancing force of Creation, it results in transformation. Destruction takes something whole and stable in its wholeness and takes it into its many pieces. Creation takes the many pieces and makes something whole and stable of them. Nothing can die that cannot decay, and nothing can decay without the force of destruction in the universe.

Now obviously then when we are talking about Black Magic we are speaking of spell work with the capacity to take everything being of the target apart. Currently, and sadly, the most prominently known use in the magical community of Black Magic is against other people. Hexes, Curses, summoning entities to be general douchebags…you’ve probably heard of all of it and more, and I’m saddened to say I am hard-pressed to call anything you’ve heard an exaggeration of what can or has been done.

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Is Black Magic Evil?

What people don’t however tend to realize is there are many positive uses for the force of destruction as well. If I take a tree, cut it into logs and turn those logs into beautiful works of art… I have still destroyed that tree…and subsequently the individual logs I transformed it into. For instance, numerous types of banishing work use destruction quite effectively without being of harm to anyone or anything.

“Cleansing” the energy of any object is literally just destroying the informational state of the energy and returning it all to base (information-less energy waiting to be tuned and programmed… any material object is literally condensed energy and therefore the idea that cleansing an object is “removing all the energy” is a fool’s errand…you can’t, it literally is made of innumerable energy particles compressed together in a multi-dimensional lattice).

Purification spells and rituals; spells to undo hexes and curses; spells to remove negative forces from your life all have some element of destruction in them. It is in how we use Black Magic, not just the intent of it but the method as well due to the force being used (great intentions can still end in disaster if not well planned and executed when destructive forces are at work), that determines whether it falls under the moral and ethical constructs of “Evil”.

The idea that all things Black Magic are evil began originally as a religious bias that has slowly but soundly become a societally ingrained belief that has little to do with reality. It’s like saying the butcher knife a serial killer used is evil…No people! The damned serial killer is…the knife was just a tool. Magic is energy, and energy is just a tool. We use energy every day, we power our homes, we make vehicles move, we fly planes in the sky, and we create lightning daily through technological means….Magic is just a neutral tool.

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