How to Cleanse and Charge Your Garnet Stone

An orange spessartine garnet stone lit from behind by a close light.

How to Cleanse and Charge Your Garnet Stone

There are multiple ways to cleanse your garnet stone. Allowing the method you choose to be a matter of preference and convenience is completely fine; however, the garnet stone being born of fire might respond the best to being cleansed and energized by fire.

Cleansing and Charging Garnet with Flame

You’ll want to practice uttermost caution when working with flame not to burn yourself. With that being said, you can place the garnet stone near a source of flames, such as near your fireplace or a bonfire to both simultaneously cleanse and charge your garnet stone.

Take Special Care When Using Fire

Keep the stone there for no more than 20-30 minutes for your safety, and use a non-flammable item to pull it away from the fire and allow it to cool before handling it.

Garnet Universal Love Bracelet and Ring Set from Conscious Items resting in water.

Smudging to Cleanse Garnet Stone

Smudge cleansing is also an acceptable way to cleanse garnet stones. To cleanse your garnet stone in this manner, burn a smudge or incense stick and hold it in the wafting smoke, allowing it to whisk away the stored energies.

Fan the Smoke

You only need to expose the stone to the smoke for about 20-30 seconds for the magic to take effect. For an added extra touch, you can use a feather to fan the smoke over the garnet stone.

Incenses for Smudging

Certain incenses are perfect for this task, such as sage, sweetgrass, sandalwood, and cedarwood. These incenses, when burned, are quite effective in removing unwanted energies.

Charging Garnet with the Sun

While not every stone is suitable to be charged in the Sun’s rays, garnet — born of fire — is perfectly suited to withstand the Sun’s light. An hour or two is recommended, but if you happen to leave it a little longer does not be dismayed.

Sun Charged Garnet Can Be Hot

Be careful when picking the stone up afterward because it may be hot! Try to time the charging of your garnet stone with the soft light of sunrise or the easing light of sunset.

Cleansing Garnet Stone with Visualization

You can use your incredible power of visualization to clear your garnet stone as well. While holding your garnet stone (either hand is fine, but some are more comfortable using their recessive hand to generate the energy and their dominant hand to receive it), picture a glowing white light forming just behind your Third Eye.

An olive green andradite garnet specimen.

Visualization Cleansing Exercise

Visualize this light traveling from your Third Eye toward the base of your neck, then down the arm holding the garnet stone. Place your other hand over the garnet stone, palm down, and picture the white light traveling through it, cleansing it as it passes through, and being captured by your other outstretched palm.

Releasing the Energy

Picture this light traveling up your receiving arm and returning to the ball of light behind your Third Eye, then release the light through the Crown, as you don’t want to hold on to this energy.

A Natural Garnet Healing Bracelet from Conscious Items resting on a woman's lower abdomen.

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