Do Love Spells Work? The Truth About Love Spells

Do love spells work? This is a complicated question but let us start by saying in most instances, by most understandings, no they do not work.

Do love spells work? This is a complicated question with many facets so let us start by saying in most instances, by most understandings, No they do not work. This is not to say that no love spell can work nor that there is a love spell that has or will, but that it is not a matter that a spell can easily intervene.

What is a Love Spell?

Love spells, in the contemporary understanding, are a spell used to make someone fall in love with you. This is not how love works in the universe, and by this misunderstanding, oftentimes these spells go horribly awry.

Spells are essentially an art of moving and acting in the universe in such a way that it changes to fit the space you’ve provided. If the universe cannot move to fit in a space you’ve provided, this space is left empty. Something that should have been there….will not be. Where energy is missing, emotion and information are missing.

Without emotion or information, the only perception will remain. Because of this misunderstanding, often one finds spells for love to cause severe states of obsession or infatuation….a perception of being in love, where the emotions are missing.

How Do Love Spells Work?

So, let’s address the elephant in the room….if this is a misunderstanding of love and how it works, then what is love in the understanding of witchcraft? And how does love work in magic? Love is a universal force. Whether it is sentient or not, I have my opinions on surely but I have no real clue or proof either way.

Love also takes space…when we are truly bonded with another person we are “in love” with them, sharing all things within our lives, within this space. It is a realm beyond right and wrong, beyond happiness and suffering. It is acceptance of all aspects of another’s being, regardless of the details.

Love is a force of its own. You cannot take love, but you can be shown it. You cannot give love, but you can show it to others. The old adage goes “To love another, one must first love themselves”. Love is an energy that cannot be created randomly, but one can open space within themselves and their life for love to enter and fill.

It is opening this space that is being referred to when we speak of “loving ourselves” but the general public perception has narrowed the understanding of love simply to that of an act or action, and though uses it as one, rarely admits it to even be a noun. A thing. Love is a noun though, it is a thing…one can even consider it an object, as one would consider a room an object within their perception.

So, logic follows that with these things being made clear, the next question would then be “But how does one open space in their life for love?” and of course the best question yet, “How can I accomplish this with magic?”

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How to Attract Love Spiritually

Firstly, let’s remember that opening a space in your life for love is entirely about you. Trying to define your ideal match and then find some person that fits it…isn’t how it actually ends up working. Very few people end up in a relationship this way…and even less actually end up in love. And let’s not forget that there are arranged marriages, and deep-seated love still forms with no control over the decision-making process of whom to be partnered with.

So for now, get rid of your thoughts on “what’s my type?” and the endless circle of pursuit they will lead you on. To open space in your life for love, focus on you. Figure out what your likes are, what your dreams are, what your goals are….what hobbies and exercises you would enjoy that are conducive to those likes, dreams, and goals.

Incorporating these things into your life, your thoughts, and your pursuits will not only take you to the right place and time to meet the love of your life but will also be the list of things that spark that initial interaction with them. From there you just have to be open to pursuing your interest in people in that environment, and shortly you will find yourself and another naturally gravitating to each other.

Spells that Attract Love into Your Life

Second, let’s take a moment to realize, that all of this is entirely accomplishable without magic and none of it, even with magic…will bring instantaneous gratification. So, how do we accomplish opening this space in our lives with magic? How can we draw a person into that space with magic in an organic and unobtrusive manner? How can we speed up this process we’ve failed at more than long enough to be here, reading up on love spells…?

Well, there are a few ways to approach this. One can of course attempt the holist approach, and create/find/perform a ritual that covers all the bases needed. This will be more tasking, and more time-consuming, and the clarity of intent will be difficult to find and maintain. But to do so, one must first look at the symptomatic approach, and what issues need to be resolved/aided for this space to be open and accepting of new entrants into your life.

You may need a guidance spell or divinatory spell to aid you in finding, or returning to…the interests that truly expanded your life and enlivened your mind. However, if you’re already on that path, a guidance spell or divinatory spell as to what hobbies and recreations are conducive to your end dream or goal in those interests may be more fitting.

You may want a spell to align events in a bit more suitable manner for your goals or pursuits. Luck, fortune, and well-being spells are often suitable to this end, but I would advise a more personal and self-created approach as clear intent will be extremely important for accomplishing this.

You will certainly want a guidance/clarity spell to aid you in recognizing the people interested in you or observing you. This will make it easier to recognize who to get to know better and pursue. Pay attention to the interests and thoughts of the people you decide to pursue. Ask yourself if their wants and goals align with your life goals and interests in any way, or if they clash at all.

And of course, you will want a spell meant to attract people with similar energies to yourself to draw in the love of your life like a moth to a flame. You will NOT want to use any spells aimed to draw a specific person, make a specific person more attracted to you, force anyone to fall in love with you, or generally anything in the topic that has a specific and intended target.

You are bending the will of another being at that point, and trying to tear a space in the universe for love to fill without expanding anything within yourself or making any change or room within yourself for love to exist with a spell of this nature and it will not end well for anyone.

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