The Stone of the Mind: Hematite Meaning and Magic

The Stone of Blood: Hematite Meaning and Magic

Hematite’s meaning and magic lie in its steadying power in an increasingly unsteady world. By helping to ground us to the tune of the Earth, we find stability and a firm foundation. Likewise, Hematite guards us against the adversities and setbacks that might knock us off our balance in providing stalwart protection.

There is steel in our blood that resonates with Hematite. The stone speaks to the warrior within us, challenging us to stand firm and find resolve in the face of any trial. Thus, while shielding us from the threats surrounding us, Hematite also strengthens the fighter within.

It can feel at times that the world has gone mad. Prophecy meets the present as wars and rumors of wars demand our attention. Moreover, plague and illness are rampant, making us all mindful not to lose the greatest asset we have – our health. And at the heart of the malaise, a deep primal anger brews in many souls as disillusionment and despair settle in.

As a result, feeling anxious and afraid these days and times is perfectly understandable. However, also understand that it isn’t healthy to remain that way. Ideally, you allow the Earth’s calming energies to bring you back to a place of security and balance. And fortunately, there’s a crystal for that – Hematite.

Hematite engages the Root Chakra, which engenders our sense of security and resilience. In its interaction with the Root Chakra, Hematite aims to balance the chakra by alleviating our fears and grounding the fretful energy rattling our nerves.

Utilize the power of Hematite to give yourself stable ground in an unstable world. While you have no control over the chaos and disorder in the world around you, with Hematite, you have help settling the storm within you.

Grounding with Hematite

Hematite is an effective grounding stone and its energy assists in balancing both the etheric and physical bodies. In doing this, Hematite helps us act from a more stable foundation. Similarly, by grounding the mind, body, and spirit with the Earth’s natural equilibrium, we reap the benefits of improved focus and concentration.

Consequently, being well-anchored means problem solving and preserving your quietude requires less effort. Improving our mindfulness allows us to create works that align more with our vision. Similarly, grounding with Hematite protects our concentration from the myriad distractions that surround us.

When we ground with Hematite, we directly connect and orient ourselves to the electrical energies the Earth emits. The natural, humming Earth currents steady our psychic mind and physical body. When we are out of sync with her gentle, voltaic flow, that’s where dis-ease and neurosis arise.

Conveniently, Hematite conducts electrical energy and is also slightly magnetic. Hematite helps to “suck out” that excess electrical energy that might fray at our nerves and steal our attention. Keep in mind that an overabundance of electrical energy at all times bombards us. Our cells phones rest in our pockets and pocketbooks, emanating a constant stream of electrical power near our person.

The T.V.s and appliances that bring our homes into the modern era likewise hum with a constant flow of electrical current. To say nothing of the streetlights and power lines outdoors, constantly caging us within a field of electricity. Placing a couple of tumbled Hematite stones around your home and office or even wearing it on your person is a suitable way to reroute this excessive energy before it overwhelms you.

Hematite Fun Fact: 164,000 Year Old Art

Excavators discovered wall etchings made with hematite pigment in a cave at Pinnacle Point, on the south coast of Africa. Researchers believe these wall etchings came from a group of Homo Sapiens that lived there some 164,000 years ago. A fascinating discovery, as these visual symbols showed that our species demonstrates advanced cognitive ability much earlier than previously assumed.

A hematite specimen with a mirror-like luster embedded in peru-orange quartz.

Video: Grounding with Hematite

Slate-colored Iron Rose Hematite, embedded in a quartz-like stone.

Hematite for Protection

There’s a reason many refer to Hematite as “The Iron Rose“. Imagine the alluring Queen of Flowers – the majestic rose – reinforced as if fashioned from metal. The nickname is an apt analogy to the power of Hematite stone. Not only is the stone entrancing and prepossessing with the theme of deep crimson intermixed in its crystal lattice, but additionally stalwart protective companion.

Hematite safeguards both the soul within and the environment surrounding it. It prevents negativity from seeping into our psyche and corrupting our inner peace. Similarly, it protects the harmony of the home from anything that would disturb the balance.

Think of Hematite as a defensive mantle – a cloak to guard you against adverse winds that might threaten your calm. For example, you might find yourself in the company of someone who trends towards obstructive or even toxic outlooks. That kind of energy can throw you off your gait and steal your shine if you’re not careful.

You can’t choose your co-workers, your family, or the attitudes of many of the people who exist in your orbit, but you can choose to protect yourself if need be. The best way to use Hematite stone to protect you in this regard is to find a means to place it right up against your skin.

Namely, you can rub a Hematite worry stone in the palm of your hand to gird yourself in its protective power. You might also consider wearing Hematite in the form of a bracelet around the wrists. Having the stone rest upon your pulse points can potentiate its effect significantly as it infuses your body with fortitude.

Wearing the “Iron Rose” about your neck in the form of a pendant is not only visually eye-catching but, likewise, an excellent way to shield yourself from hostility.

Haima: The Blood Stone

A lustrous, bulbous coral colored kidney ore hematite stone.

If you find a Hematite stone in the wild, the first thing you might notice is its vivid color. Red. Deep, blood red. The very same scarlet flush that pumps through your veins and sustains your life. That telltale crimson flux that flows from you when you receive a wound that breaks the skin.

This sanguine shock of color results from rust overtaking the iron-rich Hematite stone. This curious property of the Hematite stone inspires its name – αἷμα, or haima – the Greek word for blood. And while the hue is no doubt provocative, it also helps explain the essence of Hematite’s magic.

It’s almost as if the stone is alive. When processed on a lapidary wheel, Hematite bleeds onto the disc – no doubt a disquieting sight to someone unsuspecting. Scratch the stone slightly with your fingernail, then gently rub at the groove you created. Remarkably, the score will mend as the stone basically “heals” itself.

It is through a crucible of blood in our mother’s womb that we come to life. Contrastingly, if we lose too much blood, we die. Blood houses power over both life and death, a sentiment not lost among the many throughout history who were – and are – inspired to use Hematite in healing magic.

Hematite’s power is called upon to prevent a mother in labor from losing too much of her precious vermillion flow. On the battlefields of yore, warriors and clerics alike would carry Hematite stone for those at risk of exsanguination from their war wounds.

Contemporarily, many use Hematite’s healing power to manage the healthy balance of blood flow and conditions that concern themselves with the blood, such as high blood pressure, menstrual blood flow, and blood clots.

Hematite Fun Fact: A Blush of Color

For a painter of art, capturing just the right color is akin to a writer searching for the right words. Many artists struggle with portraying the human form – in all its complexity and variance in shape and color.

Artists during the Renaissance period found an invaluable resource in Hematite pigment for depicting complex, flesh-colored hues. After all, when ground down into pigment, the color of hematite resembles the color of the blood that gives our skin a reddish blush. Thus, mixing it with white produces a remarkably similar shade to our skin.

The added benefit of using hematite is that the color it produces is opaque and permanent. These qualities helped Renaissance painters get accustomed to working with oil and canvas as mediums to create their masterpieces.

A faceted hematite stone of with a shiny, pale gold. color.

Hematite and the Chakras

The connection between Hematite and the Root Chakra lends further credence to its power as a stabilizing stone. The Root Chakra is a red-hued coalescence of energy located at the base of your spine. Moreover, it is where our stability — or lack thereof — is made manifest. A healthy Root Chakra is, consequently, essential to feeling secure and centered.

Red things tend to resonate with the red-colored Root Chakra, making it stronger. Correspondingly, Hematite with its rusty carmine tone is no exception. A grounding force within its power keeps you in sync with the Earth’s steadying balance. Assisted by Hematite’s ability to heal and mend this chakra, you will find your fears abate, anxiety lessens, and nightmares occur less frequently.

The Root Chakra is Muladhara in Sanskrit, which translates directly to mean the “root of existence”. It is a chakra that concerns itself with the very foundations that make up our reality. It’s a “well-rooted” Root Chakra, so to speak, that warrants you the focus and perspective you need to take care of your fundamental concerns – food, safety, and shelter.

When the Root Chakra’s energy is misaligned, it becomes difficult to remain steadfast in pursuing your goals. Without a proper, solid foundation, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself and get a head on you that leads you to self-sabotaging arrogance.

Allow Hematite to ground you and bring you back to Earth. Hold it in your palm and visualize the stone drawing your anxiety and fears away. Keep it near your bed if you are prone to nightmares or other disturbances that might keep you from finding peaceful rest at night.

A pair of high lustrous hematite crystals on a matrix.

Scrying with Hematite

You will discover that Hematite is a valuable tool in your quest for answers. This concerns inquiries of temporal matters that demand rational, empirical answers, as Hematite a logic stone. Furthermore, Hematite can help you delve into the depths of mystery and mysticism for matters typically beyond the scope of our rational mind.

Scry with Hematite and allow your gaze to rest on the mirror-like stone softly to divine the answers you seek. To potentiate the magic, try to perform your scrying in a dimly lit room. As you peer into the stone, permit your subconscious to suspend its limits for a moment to grasp spiritual knowledge.

To add more potency to your endeavor, try lighting a red candle near the stone, allowing the flame to reflect off its surface. Fire is a powerful medium for change and transformation – attributes that may be pertinent to the answer to your question. Additionally, the dancing and flickering of the flame may inspire imagery that embodies the crux of your revelation.

The Connection Between Hematite and Mars

In 1998, near the Martian Equator in a region called the Sinus Meridiani, NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor made a fascinating discovery – a sizable deposit of gray Hematite.

Of the many pervading questions that vex the curiosity of those who study the planets, the question of whether or not Mars houses life is one of them. Here was another piece in solving that puzzle. You can also find gray Hematite near hot springs in Yellowstone National Park. Therefore, its discovery on Mars strongly suggests that Mars once had some form of water as well.

And where there is water, there might be life.

The science team who beheld with the discover were giddy with excitement and took to calling tiny spherules of Hematite “blueberries.” Further analysis confirmed that the hematite spherules were a concretion formed from water. Thus, while we’re yet to find concrete proof that life existed on Mars, this discovery shows there were at least one of the elements required for life to dwell there.

A black, metallic, lustrous sample of alpine hematite.

Hematite Meaning and the Metaphysics of Mars

There is much mystical wisdom to glean from the metaphysical and spiritual significance of Hematite being present on Mars. The “Red Planet,” after all, owes its very visage to the proliferation of Hematite that makes up its dust. Though the Hematite on Mars is gray, when ground down, the minute grains of the crystal reflects red light.

The planets Mars, of course, is the namesake for the storied God of War. As such, the planet is laden with the symbolism of action, courage, and desire. Likewise, it is emblematic of the warrior’s mindset you must sometimes assume when fighting for your passions, visions, and love. Life isn’t easy. At every step, it seems like danger and adversary threaten your resolve. However, the courage to care and fight for what you care for begets the strength you need to press on.

And just as the planet effuses that primal, warrior energy, so too does Hematite. But within Hematite’s power is also wisdom for the warrior within us. It is important to remember that while Hematite is a stone of impressive structural integrity, it is also quite brittle.

The lesson therein is not to allow your strength to become your folly. True power is also being able to acknowledge your weaknesses and being meek enough to be receptive to the love and nurturing of others.

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