Elderberry Medicinal Properties • The Healing Power of Elderberry

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Elderberry Medicinal Properties*

For centuries, elderberries have been used worldwide for medicinal purposes. Their storied health benefits include being an antiviral, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory fruit. They have been shown to contain more vitamin C than any other plant besides black currants and rosehips.

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Elderberry for Cold and Flu Prevention

Most prominent among elderberry’s health benefits is its ability to fight cold and flu. Studies have shown that elderberry can neutralize the enzyme the flu virus employs to enter a cell. It also attacks influenza’s mechanisms of entering the body, which holds for multiple virus strains.

Is Elderberry Antiviral?

Elderberry contains antiviral compounds that can reduce the severity and duration of flu and fever. It can also increase the level of antibodies in the body and promote the production of white blood cells that don’t cause inflammation while suppressing the production of white blood cells that cause inflammation.

Two jars with one full of elderflower syrup and another full of elderberry syrup, near elderflowers and raspberries.

Benefits of Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup is relatively easy to make and carries elderberry’s incredible healing power. Studies have shown that it can cure 90% of flu infections within 72 hours, and it can shorten flu symptoms by four days. Elderberry syrup can also lessen fever symptoms.

Elderberry Tea Benefits

Elderberry tea can relieve symptoms of hay fever and allergies. It also strengthens the respiratory tract and helps to loosen phlegm and mucous from the lungs. It also helps alleviate stuffiness and congestion and reduces inflammation.

Elderberry Wine Benefits

Drink up! Elderberry wine can treat flu and help with flu symptoms. It can also help break down mucus and relieve congestion. A glass of elderberry wine can also soothe inflammation in the respiratory passages.

Other Elderberry Medicinal Properties

Elderberries have notable benefits against inflammation and were used in ancient times to treat joint pain. Immersing elderflowers in oil can create a soothing massage oil that can relax sore muscles and relieve sunburns. Distilling elderflowers is also said to create flower water that can soften and revitalize the skin.

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Can You Take Elderberry While Pregnant?

While elderberry has incredible healing and restorative properties that can help immensely with health during pregnancy, it is crucial to practice caution when consuming elderberries while pregnant.

Are Elderberries Safe During Pregnancy?

Ripe elderberries and juice are safe during pregnancy, but steer clear of unripe elderberries, elder tree stems, leaves and bark, and red elderberries, as these can be toxic and harmful to mother and unborn child and cause diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

Benefits of Elderberry While Pregnant

With that aside, when consumed correctly, elderberries can protect mother and baby from infections and ailments. They are high in fiber which can help with weight management while pregnant.

Elderberry Syrup and Pregnancy

Elderberry syrup is an excellent way to consume elderberry while pregnant, and it is a good flu remedy and cold fighter. Elderberry syrup can also boost the immune system tremendously, which is helpful to both mother and child.

Does Elderberry Contain Cyanide?

Take particular caution when using the elder plant for any healing and remedies. Unripe or raw elderberries contain a cyanide-like poison that can cause vomiting, coma, and even death. Elder stems, leaves, and bark are toxic and should not be consumed. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also take special care not to consume unripe elderberries.

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