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Kyanite is a proverbial crystal bridge -- a crystal of connection that mends the disconnect in all aspects of our lives. -- Kyanite Stone Meaning and Uses

The Magic of Kyanite Stone

Deep and meaningful, real connections are something quite lacking in this day and age. We pass strangers on the street and feel no compulsion to greet them or even look in their general direction.

We engage in whole conversations online or through text and walk away no closer than if we had never engaged in the conversation at all.

But not just others; connection to ourselves is something we also lose sight of. Our body constantly sends us signals – little status checks to let us know how we’re doing health-wise – and it’s very possible to miss them altogether.

We suffer from things like anxiety and depression, unable to suss out the true cause of these mental disorders because we’ve lost connection to the cause a long time ago.

Connection is important to our mind, body, and soul. We are designed to be connected – not designed to exist in isolation.

That’s what makes Kyanite Stone such a powerful tool. Kyanite is like a proverbial crystal bridge — a powerful crystal of connection that seeks to mend the disconnect in all aspects of our life – social, physical, spiritual…even psychic.

Magical Ways to Use Kyanite Stone

  1. Kyanite Stone can help in connection and communication with others.
    • In our social interactions, Kyanite is a helpful mediator. It can help repair the damage in relationships that comes from being unable to truly communicate with one another, by helping facilitate the means by which true communication and understanding can flow.
  2. Use Kyanite to help settle arguments.
    • In the heat of an argument, where pride and ego can make it difficult to come to common ground, the Kyanite stone provides the bridge to help both parties come to resonance and understanding that makes agreement and resolution possible.
  3. Bring Kyanite Stone to the negotiating table.
    • Negotiating on behalf of yourself can be intimidating. Whether it be to procure a higher pay raise or buy a car, you want to make sure that the terms are fair and adequately represent what you deserve.
    • Kyanite can help with these negotiations, by making sure the best needs of all parties are understood and represented in a way that’s fair and reasonable.
  4. Kyanite Stone can help you remember someone’s name if you’ve forgotten it.
    • We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve been approached by someone whose name we should know but for the life of us can’t remember.
    • If you can discreetly reach for the Kyanite Stone you have wisely tucked away in your pocket for occasions just as this and briefly touch your forehead with it, it can help with recalling their name and save you the embarrassment.
  5. Use Kyanite Stone to gain access to your childhood memories.
    • As we grow older, our childhood memories and the treasures therein can slowly start to slip from our recall as present-day concerns seek to take all the bandwidth our mind has to offer. But remembering our childhood is important as what occurs during childhood explains who we are today.
    • Kyanite provides a bridge to accessing those long-lost memories. Rub Kyanite Stone on the brow and it can help make childhood reminiscence more fruitful, as well as make it easier to unpack, make sense and heal from occurrences – for better or worse – that affected us during our younger years and still do today.
  6. Find your true purpose with Kyanite Stone.
    • What is your Soul’s purpose? What were you put on this planet to do? In pursuing our ambitions and desires, the answer to these questions can oftentimes get lost. Allow Kyanite Stone to reconnect you to your true calling.
    • Through reflection and introspection, Kyanite Stone can help you gather a composite of all the pieces of your identity that represent who you are – your various interests, deepest desires, and most fulfilling dreams and goals – so that you can see how all these elements are connected to express the real you.
  7. Kyanite Stone can help defeat destructive mentalities.
    • If you’re stuck in self-destructive patterns, or can’t escape fatalistic, self-defeating mindsets, allow Kyanite to provide a bridge out of this cycle by helping you shift your energy into a paradigm that is more beneficial to your overall well-being.
  8. Use Kyanite to connect to the telepathic mind.
    • Only 10% of communication is verbal. Part of communication is what we express in physical cues, but some of what we try to express is communicated through our innate ability for telepathy.
    • Telepathy isn’t just for psychics or those gifted with such propensities. To truly express yourself, and be understood by others, it is important to be able to tap into this ability that is part of the basic human toolkit.
    • Kyanite connects us to our telepathic mind, making it easier to tap into this ability to be more effective communicators.

The Magic of Orange Kyanite

Kyanite is a proverbial crystal bridge -- a crystal of connection that mends the disconnect in all aspects of our lives. -- Kyanite Stone Meaning and Uses

Orange Kyanite seems to glow with a beautiful inner fire that warms the soul. Its power ignites the Sacral Chakra – the seat of creation – where our creativity and the essence of our passions and desires stem from.

Also known as the fertility chakra, the Sacral Chakra is where all new things within us are born – from new ideas to new life itself. Orange Kyanite helps encourage a fertile landscape within the Sacral Chakra where the inner child can create and play.

As the Sacral Chakra is “the dwelling place of the self,” Orange Kyanite can work in tandem with this chakra to help you reconnect to your truest self and your innermost feelings. The stone can help with articulating your real identity and emotions for more authentic self-expression.

When the Sacral Chakra is out of balance, it can be easy to become disconnected from your feelings and suppress emotions. The Orange Kyanite stone help empowers and heals this chakra, helping to reinstate a healthy flow of true emotion and feeling and assisting you in reconnecting to your true sentiments.

And while Orange Kyanite stone harmonizes well with the Sacral Chakra, don’t forget it is also capable of clearing all other chakras as well. In addition, Orange Kyanite can help strengthen our intuition as well as awaken our empathic and clairsentient abilities.

Discovered recently in Tanzania, the beautiful Orange Kyanite stone provides a wonderful compliment to the energies housed within the Kyanite family. Its forte is to reconnect us to that which uplifts, inspires, and deeply moves us.

Allow Orange Kyanite to help you rekindle the flames of your deepest passions and desires. Its energy can help stimulate a lethargic imagination, making it easier to access fresh and innovative ways of thought while helping you see outside the box and into new ideas.

If suffering from a lackluster libido and diminished ability to connect and become intimate, Orange Kyanite can help you engage your sensual and sensitive side. Its power can help warm cooled passions and give expression to your deepest desires.

The Magic of Green Kyanite Stone

Kyanite is a proverbial crystal bridge -- a crystal of connection that mends the disconnect in all aspects of our lives. -- Kyanite Stone Meaning and Uses

The soft, comforting seafoam hues of the Green Kyanite Stone harmonize with the Heart Chakra, the hub of our emotional well-being. By conduit of the loving, healing energies of the Heart Chakra, Green Kyanite connects us to our ability to be open with and embrace the world around us.

The Heart Chakra helps us manage the ever-changing nature of our emotional state, aiding us in keeping the flow of our emotions balanced so that we are not overwhelmed by this very normal function of our human nature.

With Green Kyanite, you will find it easier to make peace with the emotional changes that naturally occur in any relationship, helping you accept higher states of understanding, intimacy, and connection.

Green Kyanite provides a portal into the natural world, where we are then able to witness the perfect order and harmony that exists in nature, and connect with nature spirits and devas.

The Magic of Blue Kyanite Stone

At the root of blue kyanite stone’s powerful energy is magic that connects us to the truth of our emotions. Effusing soothing, peaceful energy, the stone helps engender within us renewed patience and restores our ability to trust and believe.

Blue kyanite reminds us to seek to be honest and sincere in all situations, inspiring us to act responsibly and with honor and integrity. It is a stone that breeds the values that bring respect and trustworthiness.

For those suffering from addiction, blue kyanite stone can help provide the endurance needed to free you from your compulsions. When dealing with destructive patterns and habits, allow blue kyanite stone to help you break the vicious cycle.

Allow blue kyanite to wash away feelings of deep grief and heal the sting of painful memories so that you can move on and move forward to healing and peace. Its power can help break the chains of guilt, making it easier to find your way to self-forgiveness.

The lesson of the blue kyanite stone is to strive to show ourselves respect and always err on the side of compassion. Its powerful energy reminds us of our humanity and our need to practice discretion and discipline to live a life of honor.

Blue Kyanite encourages us to give more of ourselves and teaches us that acting selflessly is its own reward. It embodies the spirit of charity and shows us the honor of serving others.

The Magic of Pink Kyanite

Kyanite is a proverbial crystal bridge -- a crystal of connection that mends the disconnect in all aspects of our lives. -- Kyanite Stone Meaning and Uses

Soft, gentle energy emanates from the incredibly rare Pink Kyanite stone. With its soft, kindly power, it helps us connect with our ability to love purely and unconditionally while strengthening our capacity for empathy and compassion.

We are made to feel comfortable and warm by the energy of the Pink Kyanite stone. It helps instill our hope with renewed fortitude, refreshing our positivity and optimism.

Pink Kyanite carries an ability to soothe impassioned emotions quelling and cooling even the most combustible of tempers. It can also provide comfort and a sense of companionship to those suffering from neglect in its many forms.

Allow Pink Kyanite to provide a window by which you can revisit your most cherished childhood memories. Its energy recalls the essence of innocence of youth, as well as gives voice to our inner child.

The Magic of Black Kyanite Stone

Kyanite is a proverbial crystal bridge -- a crystal of connection that mends the disconnect in all aspects of our lives. -- Kyanite Stone Meaning and Uses

Like jagged black arrows directed at the root of our being, Black Kyanite Stone gets right to the base of our chakral system – the Root Chakra – and deals with all the concerns that chakra. It also houses the ability to clear all other chakras.

The Root Chakra is the chakra where all of our basic needs are addressed and fulfilled – our need for food, shelter, and safety. It is the chakra that connects us to Earth’s most primal energies, and from where our survival instinct arises.

Black Kyanite is an immensely protective stone. It offers us a sense of security while we deal with the concerns of the temporal, physical world. Fears that arise from our need to satisfy our worries about food, shelter, and safety are made to be less daunting in the presence of the Black Kyanite stone.

The stone then takes us a step further with its energy providing us a sense of empowerment and inner strength as we tackle the everyday beasts of the real world. Its power helps us find the grounding and foundation we need to withstand the shifting sands of the earthly realm.

With Black Kyanite by our side, we will find it easier to find anchors in the physical plane so that we truly connect to the reality of our world – not lost adrift in the cloud of fears and insecurities that come from having a lack of foundation and grasp of what is real.

Kyanite Stone and the Chakras

Kyanite Stone is connected to the Throat and Third Eye Chakras.

The Throat Chakra is the valve by which our soul expresses itself. It is the communication center of the chakra system, mediating not only how accurately and clearly we express ourselves, but our ability to listen and comprehend what is being expressed to us.

Kyanite conveys the energies of the Throat Chakra vividly, as it is a stone that improves our ability to communicate and assists our efforts to speak truthfully and with clarity.

The Third Eye Chakra is the seat of our consciousness and intuition. Located just behind the brow, the Third Eye Chakra engages our psychic mind, giving us true sight to matters of the world around us and within us.

With Kyanite, we empower the Third Eye Chakra’s ability to manage the communication between our internal psyche and external awareness. The stone connects us to our inner voice and gives us a better propensity to hear it and articulate it more fluidly.

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