Baby’s Breath Flower Colors and Meanings

A bouquet of green, light blue and light pink baby's breath flowers.

What Does White Baby’s Breath Flower Mean?

White Baby’s Breath flowers appear like freshly-fallen snow resting delicately on the thin, green stems. They are a beautiful burst of cleansing energy with uniformly pure, snow-white petals.

White Baby’s Breath Flowers Symbolism Innocence

Associated with all that is good and wholesome, White Baby’s Breath flowers capture the essence of innocence and purity. Indeed, they are the ultimate expression of the light that combats the darkness.

White Baby’s Breath Flowers in Wedding Decor

White baby’s breath flowers symbolize unity. They are a popular decoration element for wedding halls and wedding bouquets. This coincides quite nicely with the commitment two lovers make to remain faithful and dedicated to each other on their wedding day.

Bouquets of white baby's breath flowers wrapped in cellophane.

Gift White Baby’s Breath Flowers at Baby’s Showers

White Baby’s Breath is the perfect baby shower gift. It is an elegant way to express the wonder and enchantment that is the pure innocence of a newborn child.

What Does Red Baby’s Breath Flowers Mean?

Red Baby’s Breath effuses passionate, blazing energy. For instance, the flowers symbolize deep love, smoldering sexuality, and fervid romance.

Red Baby’s Breath Flowers Inspire Courage and Romance

Their red color inspires feelings of courage, power, and vigor. Red Baby’s Breath makes a romantic gift and appropriate addition to floral bouquets you wish to bestow to someone you love.

Dried red and white baby's breath flowers near stalks of cotton.

Orange Baby’s Breath Flower Meaning

With a burst of bright, lively color, Orange Baby’s Breath flowers inspire joy, optimism, and happiness. Furthermore, the flowers stoke the fires of our creativity and renew our sense of fascination and enthusiasm.

Orange Baby’s Breath Flowers Spark Enthusiasm and Joy

A stimulating color, Orange Baby’s Breath flowers spark excitement. Additionally, it is a perfect inclusion in floral bouquets for friends and family to bless them with the gift of merriment and delight.

Orange baby's breath flowers near a card with similar orange colored speckles.

Yellow Baby’s Breath Flowers Meaning

Yellow Baby’s Breath flowers are full of bright, uplifting energy and inspire cheerfulness and joy. The flowers represent friendship and warm relationships, making them an excellent gift for friends and family.

Yellow Baby’s Breath Flowers Engage the Mind

Yellow Baby’s Breath flowers speak to the intellect and evoke pleasant feelings such as happiness and delight.

Sprigs of yellow baby's breath flowers.

Blue Baby’s Breath Flower Meaning

The color of Blue Baby’s Breath flowers seems to pierce right through to the truth of our emotions and intellect. They are symbolic of honesty, respect, and trust.

The Depth of Blue Baby’s Breath Flowers

As we ponder the color blue, it reminds us of the endless sky that never fails to shelter us and the vastness of the deep blue sea. As such, blue baby’s breath flowers evoke a sentiment of stability and depth.

Blue Baby’s Breath Flowers Symbolize Loyalty

Blue Baby’s Breath flowers are symbolic of loyalty and instill confidence. The flowers represent faculties of the mind such as intellect and wisdom.

The Peace and Tranquility of Blue Baby’s Breath Flowers

The same color as the heavens, Blue Baby’s Breath flowers embody the magic of faith and devotion to higher things. In addition, the flowers carry within them the energy of peace and tranquility.

Light Blue vs. Dark Blue Baby’s Breath Flowers

Use light Blue Baby’s Breath flowers when trying to convey the sentiment of peace and understanding. Furthermore, the dark Blue Baby’s Breath flowers carry more serious energy and represent power and knowledge.

The Masculine Energy of Blue Baby’s Breath Flowers

As blue is typically associated with masculine energy, Blue Baby’s Breath flowers are the perfect gift for baby showers involving a boy or to someone who is expecting a male child.

Light blue baby's breath flowers.

Purple Baby’s Breath Flowers Meaning

Purple Baby’s Breath flowers make a bold and remarkable statement to any floral arraignment or décor. Furthermore, purple is the color of royalty and nobility. Purple Baby’s Breath flowers exude a richness and affluence of energy in their striking hue.

The Wisdom of Purple Baby’s Breath Flowers

Often associated with wisdom and dignity, Purple Baby’s Breath flowers are the color of independence. They also connect to more mystical and magical energies and are symbolic of mystery and enchantment.

Light purple baby's breath flowers.

Pink Baby’s Breath Flower Meaning

The blush of Pink Baby’s Breath flowers should remind you of the softer, sweeter side of love and romance. Its energy is akin to a new and budding intimate relationship.

The Compassionate Power of Pink Baby’s Breath Flowers

The flowers also symbolize caring and compassionate sentiments and are emblematic of unconditional love, understanding, and empathy.

Pink baby's breath flowers in a glass vase near a chalkboard and a window.

Pink Baby’s Breath Flowers Emanate Feminine Energy

As pink correlates with feminine energy, Pink Baby’s Breath flowers make the perfect gift for baby showers for girls.

A Gift of Gratitude for Caretakers

Consider giving the gift of Pink Baby’s Breath flowers to those in caretaking professions, such as healthcare, or expressing gratitude to someone who shows great care and consideration to you and others.

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