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The Magic of Bloodstone

Known for its characteristic bright red spots, Bloodstone embodies the energies of life and rebirth. Bloodstone is also known as Heliotrope, and it is believed to carry the magic of good health and long life and was thought to bring the owner riches and fame. Wearing Bloodstone can help clear the mind and make it easier to make sound decisions.

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Bloodstone is also a stone of protection and can be worn to ward off bullies and counter physical and verbal abuse. When it comes to motherhood, Bloodstone is the perfect companion. It can help strengthen the bond between mother and child, especially one weakened by a traumatic birth or in instances when mother and child have been separated for some time.

Bloodstone can grant its wearer courage, and bring abundance into their life. Use this stone to help heal from a traumatic experience or when dealing with grief. Bloodstone has been used for centuries in healing issues with the blood, such as anemia and poor circulation.*

In terms of Chakra Magic, Bloodstone has energies that align with the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Heart Chakra. Bloodstone can be worn in order to help with legal matters, and also to stave off anger. When trying to communicate with your ancestors or members of your bloodline, make sure to keep your Bloodstone nearby.

According to myth, Bloodstone was formed from the blood of Jesus Christ when it fell to the earth during his crucifixion Other stories believe that it was formed when the spear that was used to pierce Jesus’ side was thrust into green jasper. In ancient times, Bloodstone was known as Sun Stone, as it was believed to turn the reflection of the Sun to bright red. Ancient civilizations used it in healing to help with blood circulation and to cure wounds.

Bloodstone Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Blood Stone?
    1. Bloodstone is a form of chalcedony or jasper. The commonly known bloodstone is actually green jasper with red hematite inclusion.
  2. What birthstone is Bloodstone?
    1. Bloodstone was the original birthstone for March, although Aquamarine is more recently held as March’s birthstone.
  3. Where is bloodstone found in the U.S.?
    1. While most bloodstone is produced in India, Bloodstone can be found in the United States in such locations as California, Nevada, and Washington.

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