Why Are Baby’s Breath Flowers so Popular at Weddings?

Love and Baby’s Breath Flowers

Baby’s Breath flowers and weddings go together like cake and ice cream. You’ll find that many soon-to-be-wed couples will incorporate Baby’s Breath flowers in their wedding decor.

Baby’s Breath Flowers and Marriage

The result is a dazzling and captivating visual array that brings beauty and grace to the wedding ceremony. Moreover, there is also deep symbolism involved in the tradition of using Baby’s Breath flowers for marital ceremonies.

How Baby’s Breath Flowers Came to Symbolize Everlasting Love

Baby’s Breath flowers have come to symbolize everlasting love. This is because they keep their visual beauty long after they’ve been cut and even dried.

A white rose and white baby's breath bouquet with decorative silver accents.

Couples Want Their Love to Last Forever Like Baby’s Breath

Of course, every newlywed couple wants their love to span through the ages. They also desire that their love stay as delightful and enchanting as the first day their love bloomed — just like Baby’s Breath flowers.

Give the Blessing of Baby’s Breath Flowers for a Happy Union

You can let the lovebirds know that you, too, wish them a long-lasting and happy union with a gift of Baby’s Breath flowers.  Red roses and baby’s breath bouquets are pretty popular. They combine the intense romantic symbolism of roses with the enduring charm of Baby’s Breath flowers.

Baby’s Breath Flowers Fun Facts

Baby’s Breath is a member of the carnation family (Caryophyllaceae). The botanical name of Baby’s Breathgypsophila, comes from the Greek roots gypsos, which means “gypsum,” and philia, which translates to “loving.” This results from Baby’s Breath flowers love to grow in gypsum-rich (chalky) soils.

Why is it Called Baby’s Breath?

The name Baby’s Breath references the plant’s appearance. During the summer, when it blooms, tiny white flowers appear like puffs of delicate clouds, evoking the innocence and purity of a “baby’s breath.”

White baby's breath flowers in a decorative wedding vase hanging on a wall.

The Taste of Baby’s Breath Flowers

Certain types of Baby’s Breath flowers are used in ice cream, liquor, and even cheese as the plant provides a crisp texture, unique aroma, and flavor. Halva, a sweet, condensed dessert usually made with flour or sesame paste and nut butter sometimes includes Baby’s Breath flowers as an ingredient.

What Does Baby’s Breath Flowers Smell Like?

Don’t let the name mislead you. Baby’s Breath doesn’t smell like a “baby’s breath.” Many have described the scent of Baby’s Breath flowers as quite unpleasant – rancid or similar to saliva.

Baby's breath flowers wrapped in brown paper sitting on a picnic table at the beach.

A.K.A Soapwort

Baby’s Breath is sometimes referred to as soapwort, which is probably no coincidence, as it has qualities that lend themselves well to being included in soaps and shampoos.

Does Baby’s Breath Attract Bees?

Baby’s Breath flowers attract both bees and butterflies.

How Many Species of Baby’s Breath Flowers Are There?

There are over 150 species of Baby’s Breath flowers in the gypsophila genus.

White baby's breath flowers in a glass jar near a chalkboard menu and clear plastic cups.

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