Azurite Crystal • The Speaker’s Stone • Azurite Meaning and Uses

With Azurite, we have a stone that gives power to our voice and awakens our spirit and intuition to deeper things. It is a stone for communicators, and those who channel and communicate with spirits, as well as those with desire to articulate to their inner truth more clearly. -- Azurite Meaning and Uses

The Magic of Azurite Crystal

With Azurite crystal, we have a stone that gives power to our voice and awakens our spirit and intuition to deeper things.

Azurite is a stone for communicators. It expresses its power when used by those who channel and communicate with spirits. Those with a desire to articulate their inner truth more clearly will also find much benefit from the stone.

Azurite crystal is for the intensely psychic — the ones who peer through the veil into mysteries unknown. It is a stone for the deep delvers of truth and spirit.

It is the perfect complement for those who walk unabashedly into mystical realms, allowing them to more easily tune into and communicate what lessons they garner from beyond.

For the dreamers and visionaries whose souls travel onward to planes and worlds unseen, it is the perfect companion.

But on a more pragmatic level, Azurite is for the studious intellectuals and seekers of knowledge. Whether cramming for that final exam or writing complicated theorems on advanced subjects, Azurite provides a clear lens for the mind to analyze and a deep reservoir for the storage of information. This powerful stone lends its energies to improving mental recall, clarity, and function.

Azurite Crystal Magical Correspondences

  • Folk Names: Lapis linguislapis lingua
  • Energy: Receptive
  • Planet: Venus
  • Element: Water
  • Attributes: Psychic Abilities, Dreams, Divination, Healing

From Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham.

Magical Ways to Use Azurite Crystal

Gaze deep and reflect on Azurite’s brilliant blue hues the next time you sit down for an in-depth meditation. Azurite’s power is receptive. It empowers us from within, making it the perfect stone for those who are introspective, deep thinkers, and psychics alike. Here are just some of the magical ways you can use the energies within Azurite to your benefit.

Azurite and the Chakras

Azurite engages the Third Eye Chakra,  Throat Chakra, and Heart Chakra.

The Third Eye Chakra empowers our intuition and imagination. By way of the Heart Chakra, Azurite can help with communication issues, as well as being understood, and understanding others more clearly.

As it resonates with the Heart Chakra, Azurite can help you develop your self-love. Likewise, it can strengthen your capacity to understand and love others.

Azurite and the Psychic Mind

Use Azurite to stimulate the mind, awaken psychic powers, and strengthen intuitive abilities.

Keep Azurite nearby while meditating. It can help deepen the meditative experience and open you up to more spiritual insight and understanding.

For those who are keen on divinatory pursuits, such as Tarot readers and psychic mediums, keep Azurite close by. It can help open up the channels needed to access divinatory information. Azurite also makes it easier to communicate the information you have gathered.

Keep Azurite on a nightstand nearby or under the pillow before going to bed to inspire prophetic dreams. It can also encourage visions and spark new spiritual insights and ideas.

Azurite can be of assistance when delving deep into the subconscious and trying to discern past lives. It helps the mind remove the trappings of ego and dispel the illusory world. Once not hindered by these things you can more easily see what’s hidden and the world beyond.

Azurite and Mental Clarity

As an excellent stone for intellect and mental clarity, Azurite can help you keep focus and concentration. Carry it with you when preparing to take an exam for assistance with memory retention.

Azurite can help calm the mind, alleviating mental anxieties, and melancholy. It is an excellent stress reliever and can help with controlling and balancing emotions.*

Use Azurite to uncover the root of your phobias. Its energy can help uncover what lies beneath our deepest fears and unmask them for what they truly are.

For those in their elder years with the concerns that come with age, Azurite is the perfect companion. It can help with keeping mental alertness, making it easier to maintain independence.*

Azurite and Self-Empowerment

Azurite can help lessen feelings of insecurity and self-doubt. It can help dispel fears and nervousness, especially when speaking and communicating with others.

Dealing with bullies or having people walk all over you can leave you feeling less than empowered. In those instances, consider carrying Azurite. It can help you communicate your boundaries more effectively. Azurite can also help you develop the voice you need to stand up for yourself.

Azurite Divination

A simple divination spell involving Azurite: In a darkened room, take two white candles and place an Azurite crystal between the two of them, then light the candles. Pick up the Azurite and hold it in your hand until it starts to feel warm.

During this time, close your eyes and try to clear your mind of thought. Once you start to feel the stone’s energy “touching” you, open your eyes and gaze upon the stone. You will soon receive the answers you seek.

Azurite and the Healing Power of Sound

Amplify azurite’s healing power by coupling it with sound. Calm and soothing sounds such as Gregorian chants, choral music, and drums are intensified while Azurite is nearby.

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Interesting Facts About Azurite Crystal

Wherever you might find copper ore or Malachite, note that Azurite may be lurking nearby. Azurite is a form of copper ore and shares very close similarities with Malachite stone, so much so that sometimes it will transform and become Malachite stone itself. (Another peculiar way Malachite is connected to the energy of transformation, but that’s another article.) Here are more interesting facts you may not have known about Azurite.

Azurite also goes by the name of Chessylite, named for the Chessy-Les-Mines near Lyon, France.

Azurite is a soft stone, measuring 3.5 to 4 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Although not the most useful pigment as it loses stability under exposure to air, Azurite has been commonly used as a pigment in antiquity.

Mixing Azurite pigment with oil turns it green and mixing it with egg yolk turns it green-gray.

Azurite and Malachite are often found banded together, forming what is called Azure-malachite.

“Bluebird” is the name of a rare mixture of Azurite and Cuprite, and forms a dark red stone.

It is possible for Azurite to become Malachite. In some locations, Azurite will undergo a chemical change, losing some of a chemical known as hydroxyl and becoming Malachite.

Some of the best quality and largest Azurite specimens come from Tsumeb, Nambia, although you can find Azurite in other places such as Morocco, France, Germany, Mexico, and the United States.

Azurite’s name comes from the Persian word lazhwardwhich means blue. It shares this in common with Lapis Lazuli — “lazuli” also coming from this root.

Azurite is a form of copper ore and is a common find in copper mines.

The Crystal Forge: The Making of Azurite Crystal

A little water is all it takes.

Just drops really. Slowly…steadily, seeping into the cracks and crevices of the copper ore. Bonding with the copper. Becoming one with the metal.

But alas, we will need a little more ingredients for the magic to unfold. Some carbon. A pinch of oxygen. There. It begins.

The concoction becomes an acid – carbonic acid. It bubbles and fizzles effervescently as it breaks up the copper’s bonds. Yes, even metal can be worn down by the mighty power of water. Just give it time.

An azurite specimen with beautiful, deep rivets.

Copper particles are loosened from their home to become one with the aqueous mix. Watercoppercarbonand oxygen now working in tandem to become something more than the sum of their parts.

But what will this precious alchemy unveil? What glorious transmutation is about to take place?

They say a river always finds the ocean. Water moves. It must move. It moves us all. Some of this precious fluid – the crucible of what will become something purely magical – will travel until it finds a location just right.

It will travel by way of the cracks and crevices of the copper ore. It will seep into the pores of the ore, and travel along its veins infusing it with enchanted blood.

This blood will eventually transform all of the ore itself into something completely different if left to its own devices.

And with a mix of the right conditions, be it the right temperature or the right chemical materials to become a catalyst, you will see water, copper, carbon, and oxygen takes on their new form.

A crystal lattice emerges. It will emerge at first as little flecks of blue spots surfacing on the copper ore. An unaided eye might not even catch it. But those flecks will grow.

It will start to look almost like the spots of mold you might find on an old slice of bread. But this is far from mold. It’s sheer crystalline magic.

The blue spots will grow to become azure nodules, and then the nodules will grow. And if the conditions that gave rise to this phenomenon persist, eventually the copper ore will be no more. It will have completely transformed into something new…something very blue.


A cross-section of an Azurite Malachite stone. • Azurite Meaning and Uses

Azurite Crystal Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Azurite Crystal?

Azurite provides many benefits for psychics, mediums, and mystics. Those focused on their spiritual path and growing closer to their inner truth can also benefit from the Azurite stone.

Hold Azurite in the palm of your hand when engaging in deep meditation. This will allow its energies to guide you to the root of your heart, soul, and mind’s truest will and desire.

Azurite is connected to and equipped to heal the Throat ChakraHeart Chakra, and Third Eye Chakra.  With its connection to the Throat Chakra, it can heal this chakra which facilitates our ability to communicate and understand others.

It’s Azurite’s connection to the Heart Chakra that makes it of benefit to those who seek better connection in their relationships and a higher sense of empathy. Azurite’s link to the Third Eye Chakra helps us open up our intuitive pathways and psychic ability.

A cross-section of an azurite stone, with bands of bronze, light and dark blue.

What is Azurite Malachite?

Azurite Malachite, as the name suggests, is a combination of both Azurite and Malachite. The deep, brilliant blue of Azurite tends to wear during weathering, and the mineral will lose some of its hydroxyls. This causes Azurite to morph into Malachite over time. The process forms a beautifulswirling mixture of Azurite and Malachite.

You can find the best specimens of Azurite Malachite in the United States. Likewise, China also houses an impressive amount of Azurite Malachite stone, as well as other locations where you might find copper ore.

What is the meaning of Azurite Malachite?

Azurite has the ability to help us comb the depths of our soul and psyche, helping us to discover and articulate our inner truth and Malachite is the “stone of transformation.”

The two combined become wonderful and powerful agents for welcoming the change that might come into your life when you’ve engaged in some deep soul searching and are ready to live out your personal truth.

An Azurite Malachite specimen.

What is Azurite Chrysocolla?

Azurite is often found growing in conjunction not only with Malachite but with gem silica called Chrysocolla. Alluring shades of turquoise and cyan intermingle to give it is beautiful, enlivening hue.  In addition, Chrysocolla brings a soft, gentle touch to the compelling blue of Azurite.

Chrysocolla is not a mineral-like Azurite, but gem silica. However much like Azurite, it is soft and less than ideal for jewelry making unless combined with quartz.

You will find Azurite Chrysocolla in Mexico, Peru, the United States, Israel, Chile, and anywhere you can locate copper ore.

What is the Meaning of Azurite Chrysocolla?

Azurite and Chrysocolla combine to become the quintessential stone for communicators. Azurite’s striking blue hue is a reminder of its ability to help us cut through the confusion that can muffle our truest expressions. Chrysocolla is a gentle stone, helping us temper our voice and message with compassion, kindness, and the air of peace.

Azurite Chrysocolla reminds us that it is important to articulate yourself honestly and clearly. It is also a reminder to choose your words with wisdom and compassion. This is a great stone for those who need to have a difficult conversation with a loved one and have a need to choose their words carefully to avoid causing further pain

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