Amethyst for Anxiety • Stress Relief with Amethyst

A person with long, manicured nails holding an amethyst cluster in the palm of their hand.

The Amethyst Stone for Anxiety

The Amethyst gem is a stone for those who could use a little extra calm in their lives — basically all of us. Hence why it is one of the more popular crystals when it comes to dealing with stress and anxiety.

How Does Amethyst Relieve Stress?

Amethyst can help bring you to a state of balance and calm. It is a tempering stone, bolstering our patience when we lack it. Furthermore, it helps our spirit find a state of calm and contentedness. It helps steady the mind, making it easier for us to keep our emotions stable and level.

Amethyst and the Crown Chakra

It’s hard to imagine a more complete coupling than Amethyst and meditation. Amethyst’s energy resonates with the Crown Chakra. Located above the head, the Crown Chakra is the very place where enlightenment originates. Not to mention, self-enlightenment is the main pursuit of meditation.

Amethyst Crystal Meditation

Hence, it is not a bad practice to keep Amethyst nearby for your meditative sessions. When meditating, allow Amethyst to initiate the experience by calming your mind and body in preparation. Accept its assistance in dispelling any illusions of ego that can stand in the way of your accessing divine insight.

Amethyst Bath

Use amethyst for a meditative bath. Circle a light purple candle with amethyst stones on an area near your bathtub and light the candle to encourage meditative, introspective, and intuitive energies while enjoying a relaxing bath.

Emotional Healing with Amethyst

Bacchus cried tears of violet over the Amethyst stone, turning it purple. It was an outpouring of mournful emotion that ultimately gave Amethyst its hypnotic color.

Pour Your Emotions into the Amethyst Gem

Likewise, you can relieve yourself of overwhelming emotions by “pouring” them into the Amethyst stone. Take a piece of Amethyst stone and find a peaceful spot outside. Picture the feelings burdening you pouring into the crystal like a deep, purple wine.

Allow Amethyst to Absorb Your Toxic Emotions

Make sure to allow the Amethyst stone to absorb every drop of emotion that is not serving you well. Allow those toxic emotions to flow into the crystal like a bitter wine you need to discard. The Amethyst stone can take its fill and then some.

Amethyst cluster sitting on a wooden counter.

Throw the Emotions Away

Once you feel you’ve emptied every last drop of negative emotion into the stone, hurl it far away from you. You can scream or yell or even howl as you thrust the stone if it helps you finally relieve yourself of those feelings.

The Earth Will Cleanse Your Emotions

As for the stone, the earth will do its part to cleanse it of all the negative energies you poured into it. But if by happenstance you run across that stone once again, do not pick it up, for you have moved on. Leave it just where it lies.

A large amethyst crystal.

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Amethyst cluster sitting on a wooden counter.

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