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The Magic of Selenite

A conduit of powerful, celestial energy, Selenite is often called the “liquid light of spirit" and contains ethereal energies. -- Selenite Meaning and UsesA conduit of powerful, celestial energy, Selenite is often called the “liquid light of spirit” as it houses seraphic forces within its ethereal bonds. Its name is not a coincidence; the stone is named after the Titan Goddess of the Moon, Selene, the goddess who traverses the veiled night with the light of her moon chariot.

Selenite is a stone for divine clarity, giving us a heaven’s eye view of our temporal realm and provides insight into the Grand Scheme and how it influences the seemingly mundane circumstances of our everyday life.

The quintessential “stone of the moon,” Selenite connects us to the celestial realm and our better guides and angels. The stone acts as a medium of communication, helping us receive divine symbols and messages with more ease and lucidity.

Use selenite to attune yourself to the mystical energies of the spiritual plane. The stone’s pure, ethereal energy can also help cleanse the aura of disruptions, as well as provide a buffer against maligned or negative energies from people and the environment.

Selenite’s energy is the key to higher levels of consciousness and awareness. It is connected to the Crown Chakra, which is the portal to our higher selves, as well as the lesser known Etheric Chakras, which contain information of the highest spiritual magnitude.

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Selenite Magical Correspondences
  • Energy: Receptive
  • Planet: Moon
  • Element: Water
  • Magical Attributes: Reconciliation, Energy

From Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham.

Magical Ways to Use Selenite
  • Selenite can be used to clear and ready the mind for divine revelation. It promotes purity of thought, making it easier to receive and understand celestial information unclouded by temporal influence.

  • It is believed that selenite carries all of history within its linear striations. This makes selenite the ideal stone for accessing ancient wisdom and knowledge.

  • Selenite can help you access your between-life state, helping you touch base with your soul’s progress throughout lives as well as understanding more fully the issues of this life and how to overcome them.

  • Inundated by people who seem to drain your energy? Wear a selenite pendant, as it can help protect against the negativity of others.

  • Use selenite’s cleansing energy to clear your stones and crystals.

  • Selenite is said to hold information within its bonds. It can be used to store telepathic messages, as well as strengthen telepathic communication between people.

  • Consider placing selenite on your yoga mat, as it helps promote mental and physical balance.

  • Selenite records the information of anything that happened in its presence, and can be used to scry the truth of a situation if the stone was witness.

  • Consider selenite for all that concerns womanhood. It is perfect for women dealing with the stresses of pregnancy and childbirth, as it can introduce calm.

  • If there is someone you are looking to reconnect with, send them a piece of selenite, as its energy can help make reconciliation easier.

  • Grid your house or workspace with selenite crystals. You can place them in the corners of the room or house to protect the area from undesired outside influences while promoting an energizing and elevating environment.

  • It’s nothing out of the ordinary for a child to be afraid of the dark. Help quell your child’s fears be keeping a selenite egg or cluster nearby your child’s bed. Let them know that the moon’s angelic light is captured within the stone, and will shine on them and keep them safe while they sleep.

  • Keeping selenite nearby your other crystals and magical tools will amplify their power.

  • Laying in the center of a selenite grid is quite a mystical experience, and can help stimulate spiritual ascension.

  • Selenite has excellent benefits for those who are business-minded. It can promote harmony and accord in partnerships and help the mind focus to make good business decisions.

  • Use selenite to connect and communicate with spirit guides, as well as accessing and understanding spiritual symbols and signs.

  • Consider selenite for your next magical wand, as not only does selenite make magnificent and powerful wands, but they are relatively inexpensive.

The Magic of Blue Selenite

Blue selenite couples the ethereal and mystical energy of the moon with the powers of the mind and intellect. It can empower our ability to make an accurate assessment of a situation, and it helpful in piercing through the din of illusion to see the truth that lies underneath.

Place blue selenite on the Third Eye and allow its calm and soothing blue light to still the mind’s chatter and mute the intellect that can often come in the way of understanding symbolic messages.

Blue selenite is excellent for those in business as it can help you maintain your integrity while still exercising business savvy and networking skills that the business world often requires.

For those going into a therapy or New Age oriented line of business, blue selenite can align amazing well with these pursuits. It is a fortuitous talisman to have handy during a month with two full moons – a blue moon.

The Magic of Orange Selenite

Orange selenite can be kept in the home to provide a warm and productive atmosphere. Grid your home with orange selenite to protect it from electromagnetic pollution and different forms of geopathic stress.

Orange selenite synergizes well with both earthen and celestial energies, and is good for connecting with earthen and moon deities. The stone can be used to ground these ethereal forces to aid in Earth’s healing.

This healing energy that can be directed towards areas suffering from massive deforestation, the rigors of mining and to combat carbon emissions that can harm the environment.

The Magic of Green Selenite

Green selenite exudes warm, comforting energies. It can encourage a general sense of well-being and gives a boost to the self-esteem. It is a perfect stone for those who serve truth, love, morality, and the highest good. It is said that green selenite's healing power can help reduce the effects of aging on the skeleton as well as the skin.

The Magic of Peach Selenite

Consider Peach Selenite stone when you are undergoing major emotional transformation. For those who are dealing with abandonment or have been alienated, use peach selenite to help quell the feelings of loneliness and help with the transition of making new connections. Peach selenite is also ideal to have around for those who have experienced painful rejection or betrayal.

Sometimes it takes time to deal with certain circumstances that can arise during life, but peach selenite is there when you are ready to make peace. Peach selenite is a karmic cleanser, ready to provide healing and acceptance no matter how long ago the event has occurred.

Peace selenite is connected to Persephone, goddess of the underworld, and can help illuminate that which is dark and provide understanding into the processes of your inner world and the truth of your hidden self.

For women, peach selenite is a bridge to divine, feminine energy, and can help when celebrating rites of passage such as puberty, motherhood and menopause.

The Magic of Angel Wings Selenite

Angel wings selenite, also known as fish tail selenite, is named so because it vaguely resemble or angel wings or fish tails, depending on the beholder. With that aside, the energies they contain can be used to get in contact with one’s better angels and defuse tensions that may be in the air.

Like a celestial guide shining a light on your way, keep angel wings selenite nearby when navigating life uncertainties. In crystal healing, angel wings selenite are used to repair neural pathways and nerves.

The Healing Power of Selenite

When trying to understand the healing power of selenite, think clear. Selenite crystals can be used to cleanse the aura, as well as clear any blockages and irregularities in your energy field. Use selenite to help clear away negative feelings, such as doubt, jealousy, low confidence and confusion.

Selenite’s high frequency energy can be directed into the body to help stimulate healing. By tracing from the back of the neck to the base of the spine with a selenite wand, you can clear blockages. Do this in the opposite direction to smooth the flow of energy.

Selenite has applications for emotional health and well-being as well. It can be used to sooth and stabilize emotions. Those suffering from attention-deficit disorder or rampant mood swings can also benefit from selenite’s steadying energy. It can also help remove emotional stagnation, which can often be stunting when trying to make progress in life.

Selenite’s energy is excellent for bone health. It is used in crystal healing to align the spinal column and treat deformities in the skeletal system. It can help strengthen and support bones as well as nerves and tendons, and is said to promote a flexible and limber muscular system.

Green selenite can be used to help reduce the effects of aging on the skeleton as well as the skin. Fish tail and Angel Wings selenite are both used to heal neural pathways and nerves.

How to Charge and Cleanse Your Selenite Crystals

Selenite has the unique ability to charge and cleanse itself. In fact, selenite is often used to charge other crystals due to its intrinsically pure energy and ability to repel negative energy. However, if you wish to charge your selenite crystal anyway, you can charge it under the light of the moon in any moon phase or with a white candle. Never cleanse selenite with water as it can dissolve your selenite crystal.

Selenite and the Chakras

Selenite is associated with the Crown Chakra, as well as the higher chakras, often referred to as the Etheric Chakras. The Crown Chakra is our connection with divine, spiritual energy, and is the portal to our highest selves. It is the font of our spirituality, and houses the knowledge of who we really are and what our place is in the universe.

The Etheric Chakras refer to the series of chakras located above the Crown Chakra. They are deeply entwined with the spiritual world, and provide a doorway to other realms and spiritual planes. They contain information of the highest spiritual magnitude, and identify us with The All, oneness, the truest peace and the deepest wisdom.

Selenite Interesting Facts
  1. The origin of selenite’s name can be sourced to the Ancient Greek word for moon – selene.

  2. Selenite’s name literally translates to "stone of the moon" or "moonstone." The ancients believed that the energy of certain translucent stones, such as selenite, waxed and waned with the moon.

  3. The Salt Plains in northern Oklahoma are the only place in the world to produce the unique “hourglass” selenite. They are named so due to the hourglass pattern that forms within the crystal. These imitable crystal formations occur due to the selenite crystal being formed in wet soil.

  4. Selenite can grow to impressively large sizes – moreso than most crystals. The largest selenite crystal ever found was found growing in the Naica Mines Cave of Crystals and weighed a staggering 55 tons and was 12 meters long.

  5. Selenite does not usually contain imperfections or inclusions. However, there have been instances of water and even fossils found within selenite crystals.

  6. Large sheets of selenite crystal comprise all the windows of the Basilica de Saint Sabina, located at Aventine Hill, Rome.

  7. Selenite is a very soft crystal. It registers at 2 on the Mohs hardness scale and can be easily scratched using just a fingernail.

  8. Selenite will dissolve if left in water over time.

  9. Selenite is a variety of gypsum. Other forms of gypsum include desert rose, satin spar and gypsum flower.

  10. Selenite , like other gypsum crystals, is generally cold to the touch. This is due to the fact that gypsum crystals have natural thermal insulation properties.

The Crystal Forge: How Selenite is Formed

Much like table salt, selenite is forged through evaporation. When bodies of water evaporate, it is the chemicals that are left behind that form into selenite, as well as other gypsum crystals.

Through concentration and crystallization, eventually the selenite crystal emerges. It is important to note that selenite is an evaporative material, meaning that it is water-soluble and will dissolve in water given enough time.

Selenite has a penchant for forming in evaporated seas, salt flats, salt springs, caves and alkaline lake muds.

Selenite Frequently Asked Questions
  • What does a selenite wand do?
    • Not only are they surprisingly inexpensive, a selenite wand can be used to cleanse the aura of negative energy. It can help you “unstuck” stagnant energy, promoting the flow of energy throughout your body, and help with mental clarity.

  • Can you put selenite in water?
    • It is not a good idea to put selenite in water, as it will dissolve.

  • Is selenite good for sleep?
    • Selenite is an ideal stone for sleep as it can help calm and quiet the mind’s chatter, which can oftentimes work contrary to getting a good night’s sleep.

  • What is a selenite tower?
    • Selenite towers are excellent for directing selenite’s protective and calming energies to fill a space. Set them up in the four corners of your workspace or any room and enjoy the pure, cleansing energy it generates.

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