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The Magic of Rose…and Honey

A rose honey is simple to make and can provide a heightened mystical experience to any dish that could benefit from a dash of honey. Use it to sweeten your morning cup of tea for a bewitching sunrise experience, or drizzle it onto your Beltane cakes and cookies. - Rose Honey

There’s something about the magic of the rose that is enchanting, seductive, and mystical. Their energy compels and romances us, forcing us to confront the truth of our emotions and unravel the mystery of our deepest passions. There are many ways to enjoy roses’ power, whether it be to appreciate their alluring beauty or to be fancied away by their tantalizing scent.

Roses also offer a bewitching dining experience when enjoyed in a scintillating rose-inspired recipe. We’d like to provide you with a mesmerizing floral twist to a popular condiment — the magic of roses and honey combined in a rose honey recipe. A truly magical coupling.

Magical Ways to Use Rose Honey

Rose honey is simple to make and can provide a heightened, sensuous and mystical experience to any dish that could benefit from a dash of honey. Use it to sweeten your morning cup of tea for a bewitching sunrise experience, or partake in a romantic breakfast of English muffins drizzled with rose-infused honey with the one you love. This rose honey is also perfect for Beltane celebrations, so use it to sweeten your Beltane honey cakes and cookies.

This rose-infused honey is a great addition to your next homemade soap project. Honey is a natural skin moisturizer, and the natural sugars within honey will help the soap lather more robustly. Roses provide excellent benefits to the skin as well, being effective in countering acne and lessening inflammation. For a sore throat, this rose-infused honey is just what the doctor ordered, as both roses and honey can provide soothing relief.*

All-in-all, this rose honey not only provides a decadent and divine addition to your pantry but a potent healing addition to your medicine cabinet as well. And while we recommend using all-natural, raw honey for your infusion, as raw honey is full of amazing health benefits and magical power, processed honey will do just fine.

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