The Fertile Berry: Pomegranate Fertility Magic

Pomegranates Fertility Magic

When a fruit or plant has bountiful seeds, such as chickweed or pumpkin, we deal with abundant fertility magic. The kernels are where the magic begins. A forest unfolds from but a small grain. Likewise, a plant such as a pomegranate that can house hundreds of seeds is also ripe with the energy that begets new life and worlds.

Harnessing the Fertile Magic of Pomegranate

You can utilize this fecund power in your everyday life. Perhaps the most obvious use is for those wishing to start a family. Though ultimately, it’s up to Nature and the will of the Divine whether or not someone can bring a new life into the world, Pomegranate can help nudge the hands of fate in the desired direction.

Does Pomegranate Juice Help with Implantation?

Furthermore, if you doubt the magic, consider the science. Research shows that drinking pomegranate juice can help women maintain a healthy uterine lining by increasing blood flow to the area, making implantation easier.

Macro photography of pomegranate pips.

Pomegranate Juice for Male Fertility

For men, pomegranate juice not only increases sperm count but increases sperm mobility as well. Pomegranate lends its power to those wishing to conceive both spiritually and materially.

More Benefits to Pomegranate’s Fertile Magic

However, for those not looking to conceive a child, there are other ways to enjoy the blessing fertility brings. Fertility means a wellspring of new ideas. For the heart, it’s more than enough love to share. And for wealth, fertility breeds abundance.

Pomegranate Fertility Spell: Seeds of Fertility

You can usher in the winds of fruitfulness by eating pomegranate seeds. Keep your intentions in mind while enjoying each bite.

Goddess Fertility Magic with Pomegranate

Alternatively, you can commit pomegranate skin and arils to the ground, burying them in the Earth with a wish. The Earth is the quintessential cradle of life. Her womb is where all genesis begins. She will hear and — Goddess willing — grant your wish.

Pomegranate Fun Fact: Seeds Sink, Pulp Does Not

Pomegranate seeds sink while the pulp does not, which makes it easier to separate the seeds from the pulp when placed in water.

Pomegranate cut open in segments.

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