The Immortal Crown: Magical Ways to Use Pineapple Leaves

The Magic of Pineapple Leaves

Depending on who you talk to, a pineapple’s crown is either a nuisance or a blessing. Some treat it as an incredibly cumbersome part of the fruit, an obstacle to overcome along with the tough pineapple skin to get to the nourishing and abundantly pleasant flesh on the inside. What worth could possibly come from food scraps like that pineapple crown and skin other than compost?

But the beauty of pineapple is that the whole fruit — flesh, skin, and crown — can be used beneficially. Pineapple skin can be brewed into a tea that is actually surprisingly healthy, or dried and used as potpourri. And the crown — a pineapple’s glory — can’t be eaten, but can be planted to produce even more pineapples.

Yes, you read that right: the pineapple fruit that you bought at the store is also its own seed. This demonstrates the immortal power of pineapple, as even though the original fruit is gone, it still returns. A single pineapple can beget many generations if under the watchful eye of a careful tender.

A close-up of a pineapple in a basket.

There’s an inspiring lesson to be gleaned from pineapple’s journey of rebirth: we are connected to all that came before, and also to all that comes afterward. We are made immortal through our ancestors and descendants; our history and our legacy. It is of utmost importance to therefore listen to the lessons of the past, because that’s what makes us ancient and ageless.

Of equal importance, however, is plotting a course to the future that benefits those that come after you, because that’s how your spirit and your vision live forever.

The crown of a young pineapple plant.

Pineapple’s Regenerative Power

So you purchase a beautiful, healthy-looking pineapple and bring it home. Eager to partake in its sweet and tangy deliciousness, you promptly remove it from the bag, give it a good wash and prepare it for slicing and dicing.

You set to work right away, finding a good quality knife and carefully chopping off the crown and base of the pineapple. Next is methodically removing the skin, exposing the bright, juicy flesh that will soon be part of a spectacular fruit salad.

You prepare the fruit salad and eat it ravenously. It was the best fruit salad you’ve ever tasted! The pineapple was the star of the show — delectably sweet and tangy, while not too tough or soft. You head to the kitchen to deposit your dishes in the sink, only to find the pineapple skin and crown still waiting for you like an eye sore on the kitchen counter. Oh yeah, you forgot about that.

Close-up of a pineapple crown, with pineapple skins sitting out of focus on a wooden surface.

What to do with such bulky food waste? Some might decide to throw away the pineapple skin and crown without a second thought, having it take up precious space in the trash can. Others who are garden savvy might compost the pineapple scraps, and that would certainly be more than worth it. But not many know that within those very scraps is the potential for a whole new pineapple plant.

That crown, when placed in the earth, will grow and eventually yield its own generation of pineapple fruit. Such is the immortal and regenerative power of the pineapple plant — that it can continue to yield its own progeny cycle after cycle, recreating itself indefinitely.

Close-up photography of a pineapple.

Pineapple and the Secret to Immortality

The secret of immortality lies here, within pineapple’s story: to live forever, you must recreate yourself. You must allow yourself to transform, change and evolve every day. Yes, as mortals, we are limited to finality — eventually, you will die. But among those that live the longest, and those that see as much as life has to offer, have lived many lives and died many times before their final waltz with Death himself.

A life of eternal renewal requires you to be reborn, just like a pineapple. Shed the skin of habits and patterns that are not working for you and reveal that underlying glow. Those that remain stagnant decay in stagnancy, but those that embrace change embrace many lives anew.

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Combatting the Evil Eye with a Pineapple Plant

Conversely, at times you might feel that you yourself are the object of someone else’s jealousy — or otherwise ill-intent. At times you might feel like someone put a literal curse on you, with things that were once whole falling apart all around. You might feel as if it’s like “the evil eye” is glaring down, encouraging your abject failure.

Likewise, you wouldn’t necessarily have to be paranoid to believe so either. The “Evil Eye” — namely, malicious thoughts and intents so corrosive and evil that they seem to coalesce into malevolent energy directed your way — is something that many have felt the need to protect themselves across cultures and generations.

Pineapple leaves lit up in a dark area.

Furthermore, the protections that many employ usually involve some semblance of fighting back — because if you sense that someone has violent ideations towards you to the point that they are cursing you, then yes, you need to fight. There is no reasoning with such an individual or force. Protective charms against the evil eye have included things such as gunpowder, nails, and of course the pointing of the index finger and pinky finger into the shape of horns towards the progenitor of the curse of evil.

And in that fight, pineapple can be and handy weapon. Its barbed leaves contain a chemical that is very abrasive and caustic, which you might know if you’ve ever pricked yourself with its pointed leaves to find your skin irritated.

When you next cut the crown off a pineapple, be sure to place it in water or in the ground, with the intention that whatever ill will directed your way be impaled in its sharp, bladed leaves. You can also include the leaves in a protective sachet or fashion it into a talisman to protect yourself against the ill-wishes of another.

A view of a pineapple crown as seen from the top.

Pineapple’s Power Over Jealousy

There is deep, healing energy that vibrates within the leaves of the pineapple crown. While the leaves should not be consumed, they can be used effectively to heal the ailments that plague our hearts and infect our souls. And one ailment that we tend to forget — or rather ignore — that has the cancerous potential of consuming us whole is jealousy.

Jealousy is an illness. It’s a disease. It pervades the body and mind like an unchecked toxin, corrupting what you see, what you think about, and what you feel. The ancient Greeks viewed envy as an abundance of bile within the individual, turning them green from the inside out, hence the phrase “green with envy.”

A pineapple plant growing near a wooden fence.

However, green is not only the color of sickness and decay, but growth and renewal, and this is where pineapple’s magic shines. That toxic, poisonous energy needs to be uprooted and replaced with regeneration and renewal. With the right intentions, you can plant your pineapple ground in the earth or water to effectuate the release of jealous energy, and replace it with loving energy that is all your own.

With every root it shoots out, let that be the uprooting of the object that is turning your eyes green. As it steadily grows, allow it to grow within you a wellspring of healing and renewal, so that you feel complete and not threatened by that which others have. You will have your own, as that very same pineapple plant will attract wealth to you. In fact, you already do have wealth, and the healing will help you realize that.

A Note of Caution on Using Pineapple Leaves

Practice caution when using pineapple leaves. They contain a high amount of bromelain, which can irritate skin. When placing in a sachet, used leather as it can help protect against pineapple leaves’ caustic nature. Pineapple leaves are not edible, and can cause severe mouth pain when consumed, so do not ingest them.

An extreme close-up of the top of a pineapple crown.

A pineapple sitting on green plants near the sea at sunset. In the foreground, the text reads: "The Secret Magic of Pineapple."
Close-up of pineapple skin. In the foreground, the text reads: "Magical Ways to Use Pineapple Skins."

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