The Primordial Fire: Garnet Stone Meaning and Uses -- Crystal Meanings
96 views · Aug 2, 2022
From chaos, in the midst of fire and the fury of the Earth, the garnet stone emerges.

It is Primordial Fire, born in the belly of the hottest places on the planet -- where molten lava and magma flow.

Its strength has been tested and forged in Earth's crucibles of shifting cracks and rifts.

Like a suit of fire, garnet is immensely protective, burning away any threats to your person or space.

Place garnet stones around your home to provide impenetrable protection for your abode.

Phantoms of the dark and the nightmares they inspire are extinguished in the brilliance of garnet stone's banishing flame.

There is a piercing truth to its beauty and magic that penetrates to the root of our being.

The stone resonates with the Root Chakra, the source of our fundamental instincts and the foundation for all other chakra.

In the glint of Garnet Stone's tantalizing hue is the ancient understanding of what delights our senses and warms our inner flame.

It is in garnet stone's very nature to establish order in the midst of upheaval. Trust in the stone's awesome power to tame the chaos within.

Garnet is a stone of fiery love and smoldering passion. Its kindling energy can help a broken heart purge the pain and find their way back to Love's warm embrace.

It has been said that Garnet Stone can help widows overcome their heartache to find love again.

Allow garnet to set fire to your creativity and inspiration. Its power can illuminate the mind by expanding your way of thinking, making it easier to access new ideas.

Garnet is January's birthstone. Its name comes from the Latin word granatus, which means "grain" or "seed" as it resembles the seeds of the pomegranate fruit.

Garnet can be found in every color of the rainbow, as well as black, pink and clear.

"Carbuncle" is a term usually used to refer to garnet stone, although it has been used to describe other red stones.

A testament to its strength, garnet sand is often used in water jets and sand blasting to cut steel.

The stone has had an interesting history, which includes being buried alongside Egyptian pharaohs, to being fashioned into bullets.

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