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Sage Spiritual Meaning and Magic
330 views · Aug 3, 2022
Sage is an herb that is favored in magical and spiritual practice -- and for good reason. It is a plant that has a plethora of powerful magical applications.

Among the myriad of energies sage embodies, it is associated with protection, purification, immortality and mourning, as well as wisdom and the granting of wishes.

Sage most notably corresponds with wisdom and mental clarity. Simply sniffing a sage plant has been shown to improve mental clarity. Ingesting Sage has benefits for mental processes as well.

A little sage left to dry on your altar space can help clear the mind and ready it for magical workings. Place some sage at the base of a blue candle and burn the candle to dispel melancholy and mental malaise.

Sage also offers its power to protect the mind from negative energies, making it especially effective in driving off nightmares when placed under the pillow.

It's not surprising that sage is associated with immortality, considering all of the curative and healing ability it contains. A popular Italian proverb states, "Why should a man die who has sage in his garden?"

Sage's scientific name, Salvia, comes from the Latin salveo, which means "to heal" or "to save," and its close resemblance to the word salve is no coincidence.

There is an Old English superstition that if you eat Sage everyday in the Month of May, you will live forever. Whether or not this is true has yet to be determined, but eating Sage can contribute to many health benefits that may help you live longer.

Sage is also associated with mourning and the passage of life. Burning Sage at funerals and in the home after the passage of a loved one can help with the healing and overcoming of grief.

Have a wish that you would like to see fulfilled? Write your wish on a Sage leaf and tuck the leaf under your pillow. If you have dreams about that wish for the next three days, it is said that the wish will come true.

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