How to Practice Witchcraft: A Guide for Beginners

How to Practice Witchcraft: A Guide for Beginners

To start I feel the need to clarify that in none of this understanding will you find the involvement of religious practices. There are certain methods and practices that are considered spiritual spanning the gap across many religions that are involved. Meditation and Yoga for instance. Wait, Yoga is witchcraft? Yes. It is as a matter of fact one of the first and earliest forms known and used alongside meditation.

What is the Meaning of Witchcraft? Witchcraft and Spirituality

So to begin, if you haven’t already read “Is Witchcraft Real?” allow me to explain simply that witchcraft is a structure or natural order followed to interact with universal energy to impact change on our reality. Witchcraft is learning you are made of, powered by, and emit energy…and with practice and understanding can learn to use that energy to interact with the energies of the natural world and universe around you.

Can this be considered spiritual? Yes. Spirituality is a path one follows to learn and understand their place in the universe. Witchcraft is simply an evolution of that understanding, stepping beyond to understanding that as a part of the universe you can impact it as easily as it impacts you. You can create change in your reality, as much as your reality can change you.

Nikola Tesla once said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” He was a famous inventor, scientist and researcher. He was also a well-known occultist and deeply studied the occult, metaphysics and esoterica. He even was known to credit several of his inventions and discoveries to his esoteric knowledge of the universe.

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Learning Witchcraft: Beginning Understanding

Now properly introduced to the topic of witchcraft in its rawest and most stripped bare form, let’s begin speaking on the practice of it. There are some basic terms and understandings that have to be addressed, both for clarity of reading as well as for clarity of thought and understanding of the practice.

  • Spells: A spell, at its basest understanding, is universal energy that is gathered through use of your own energy and then infused or imbued with personal intent (the result you intend to create), and released back to the universe to impact change.

  • Rituals: A ritual is a more elaborate form of a spell. In a ritual, one uses various objects and incantations, as well as movements even, as focal points or totems to connect to energies required for the creation of change they intend upon. Often times this is more tasking and more involving of personal energy as well. Outside energies, both sentient and non-sentient, are at times called forth in specific to aid and assist in balancing and focusing the large amounts of energy that may be required.

  • Totem:Any object that is used as a focal point to connect to a specific energy or type of energy. This may be a red candle for fire, a feather for air, a picture of the person you are trying to heal with a spell….anything at all….that is used to connect to a specific energy or type of energy.

  • Magical Tool: Any object used in the focusing, directing, shaping or manipulating of gathered energy.

  • Energy: At the simplest understanding, energy is the ability to do work. Energy is a force. The source of the energy determines its strength and frequency. Different energies have different frequencies and even different colors (if color can be distinguished). All things hold energy.

  • Aura: The electromagnetic field emitted by the body. This field is an extension of self into the universe and through practice and understanding can be used to “cast spells” as they say.

  • Chakra: Points both inside and outside of the body, contained within one’s aura, where energy of varying types or resonance collect and gather.

Each of these terms will eventually be further elaborated on for greater depths of understanding but for the time being, this is what needs to be known.

Before we begin discussing much else, I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself. At the time of this writing I am a 31yr old solitary practitioner of witchcraft and Paganism (with a few students, but not in any semblance of a coven. One on one teaching).

I was raised in the craft by my Grandmother and admittedly have religious views on the matter of my own, but I also inherited from my grandmother a deep curiosity in parapsychology and paranormal research.

I also eventually found that the field of quantum mechanics and quantum physics both have research that broaches the subjects of different psychic and paranormal phenomena that we have observed to exist in truth but have barely even begun to conceive of a scientific understanding on.

That being said, I hope it understandable that I approach this topic from a more objective and scientific viewpoint. This does not mean one bit that I do not have belief. I in fact, have so much belief…I am trying to find undeniable proof and explanation.

Sensing Spiritual Energy: Understanding the Realm of Self

Magic is, in fact, all around us. Casting spells, using magic, doing rituals…has been brought to the public consciousness as an act of things outside of ourselves. This however is not truly the case. Any magic practiced or used, in fact, starts within. And so first, one must understand self.

As we grow and age in our society, we are all taught a certain way to think, and act, and dress…an ideal of who we should be and become through maturity and growth. Some of these things are positive, and helpful…others not so much. This is not to judge what is proper and right in these things we are taught, but to simply bring light to it.

Things we knew as our nature as children are often stripped away by these teachings, or suppressed. Seeing colors around a person for example is often explained away as the lighting, or imagination, or creativity and the contrast of colors in a room….yet in our nature we hold the capacity to see the energetic field emitted by a person, even separated in color. We tell our children who can see auras…all these things…that teach them to ignore half of what they see in the world.

To truly begin understanding the self of our nature, the self within that connects to the universe on an energetic level, the consciousness beyond the brain…we must first accept that not all of what we were taught was correct, and be willing to relearn the boundaries of reality for what they are, versus what we were told.

Your body is an amazing wonder of nature, full of sensors and sensory equipment that perceives and records untold amounts of information…but you are only aware of a small fraction of what your senses are perceiving. Through teachings, growth and experience…this amount is can be either limited further and confined to “what is essential” or broadened and expanded to greater and greater amounts. It is through broadening your conscious awareness of what your senses are already perceiving that one begins to learn how to control their personal energies, and sense universal ones.

Controlling Energy in Your Body: Perceiving Your Energies

There are many ways to approach this subject, and many different practices for it. In my opinion it is best to approach it from the ground up, layer by layer. So, in brief overview…the body has various pathways throughout that energy is carried along, similar to the circulatory system. This energy however varies in source, and separates back out into its individual energy centers (Chakra) when at rest.

When a person’s energy is at a state of rest, residing only in the Chakra, and the central path of energy through the body they are “Centered”. When this is taken a step further, and the energy is emitted from the crown to return to the ground, we call this “Grounding” or Being Grounded.

These two states of being are of course the first and most important things to learn right? I mean, they surely sound it….but they aren’t. Neither can be properly achieved until a person is aware of their energy on at least some conscious level. And so, before we begin learning how to do either of those, we will discuss a practice to connect to and feel each of the body’s energies, and the chakra it stems from.

First Steps to Becoming a Witch: Connecting to Your Personal Power

Let’s start with a few general guidelines. To start these practices you won’t need more than 10 minutes a day, but over time it would be advised if you can fit it in to expand the amount of time you spend on these practices. For some of these practices, a silent or quiet space might be helpful if you are having difficulty, but isn’t entirely necessary. A comfortable static position is a good starting point for a lot of people, sure…but some people are born dancers and fidgeters, and as such an open space to pace in, clear of distractions to your attention, might be advised.

The first exercise is to connect to your physical energies. These are the energies of your root chakra. The energies of passion, fire, and anger to name a few. In an energetically healthy person these energies will appear red, and are often seen just along the skin but can be found sunken within at times for various reasons.

To begin, find a comfortable position (or for you fidgeters out there, clear out a room of distractions that you can move freely in) and just take a few moments to breathe and relax. Don’t worry about paying attention to your breath, or even the pace you breathe…just breathe and relax. Let yourself slow down. Once you feel calm and ready, start paying attention to your skin.

Sound kinda funny right? But, to be clear…Pay attention to the feel of air on your skin to start. Feel the change of direction, the change of temperature, the change in pressure. Don’t try to identify any of it at first, just let yourself become aware of these differences, and they will identify themselves.

Energy Attunement

To further this practice, once you’ve taken time to become attuned and aware of the subtle sensations across all of your skin, begin trying to focus your awareness in on points of contact with your surroundings. Feel the vibrations that accompany sounds. Try to pay attention to smaller and smaller vibrations until you can become aware of even those that are not accompanied by a sound you are aware of. Eventually, your ears will begin to pick up the sounds as well, your awareness will take time to adjust. More advanced practices of this are to become aware of these layers of awareness and perception during other actions and thoughts.

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How to Practice Witchcraft
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Magic is all around us. Any magic practiced or used, in fact, starts within. And so first, one must understand self. -- How to Practice Witchcraft
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