The Crystal Forge: How is Garnet Formed?

The Crystal Forge: How Garnet is Formed

Deep within the Earth’s hottest places, in areas where molten and basaltic lava flows like rivers of fire incinerating and transforming the landscape upon which it traverses, and where subsurface magma chambers erupt with immense heat and tempestuous ferocity, the magic is forming.

A Product of Intense Pressure

Garnet is the product of intense pressure and heat. Deep source volcanic eruptions often create the conditions that are just right for this stone forged from force and fire to emerge.

A garnet beaded ring sitting on a seashell.
Garnet Loving Life Ring from Conscious Items.

Garnet is Created by Convergence

Most garnet is the product of converging plates of rocks with a high aluminum content, such as shale, merging with such intensity that they create something of startling power and brilliant form.

Heat That Can Break Chemical Bonds

The sheer heat and intensity of such an awesome geological event are enough to break chemical bonds and cause minerals to change their crystalline structures in such a way to adapt to this fierce and powerful environment.

The Defiant Garnet Stone

As the rocks are transformed by the violently shifting and forcefully changing environment, tiny grains of garnet begin to form and grow in defiance of their challenging environment. The rocks and minerals nearby the emerging garnet stones must make way or be included within its impenetrable form.

Garnet Within a Matrix

Garnet can also be found freed from sedimentary rocks that have eroded and weathered over time. Frequently you will discover garnet woven together within the matrix of igneous rocks such as granite. You can find evidence of this in granite countertops, which often contain dark red granite stone traces.

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