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The Magic of Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle exudes happiness in abundance. From its sweet and fruity, elevating fragrance, to its curiously-shaped petals that house a delectably tasty nectar inside, honeysuckle is exactly what occurs when Mother Nature decides to spoil us with her bounty.

Moreover, unlike most wonderful and pleasant things in Nature that remain too rare and fleeting to be able to enjoy one’s fill, honeysuckle is consistent, sturdy, and dependable – easy to grow, easy to maintain, and replete with many wonderful treasures and delectable secrets.

Known for being a hard to kill vine, honeysuckle will adhere itself to any edifice or structure, dedicating itself to grow there indiscriminately and transforming it anew with its charming beauty and captivating aroma.

With its tantalizing and unmistakable scent, honeysuckle whisks us away to a time in our youth when enchantment and awe danced whimsically within our young, imaginative minds, and hearkening back to a world filled with magic and wonder.

Honeysuckle’s magical energy is emblematic of the sweet life – a vine that conveys the essence of all things that bring pleasure and joy. It is a beacon by which the winds of good fortune find their way.

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Honeysuckle Interesting Facts
  • Hummingbirds are known to love honeysuckle flowers and the sweet nectar inside, especially orange honeysuckle.

  • Curiously enough, honeysuckle flowers tend to exude a much stronger scent at night than during the day.

  • Honeysuckle’s sturdy, twine-like stems have been used to fashion ropes as far back as the Bronze Age.

  • Nocturnal and night-flying moths, such as the hummingbird hawk-moth, have particular interest in honeysuckle as a food source, and can detect its tantalizing scent up to a quarter-mile away.

  • Honeysuckle’s quaint name is a consequence of the practice that children have had of biting off the ends of honeysuckle flowers to “suckle” on the sweet, tasty nectar found inside.

  • While most honeysuckle berries are poisonous, there are some breeds, such as blue honeysuckle, that produce edible berries that are grown for home and commercial use.

  • Honeysuckle branches are commonly used in parts of Britain to make bridles and harnesses.

  • Some species of honeysuckle, such as Japanese honeysuckle, Chinese honeysuckle and white honeysuckle, are incredibly invasive, and have experienced overwhelming growth in most continents.

  • In the Language of Flowers, honeysuckle stands for bonds of devoted love, fidelity and spiritual vision.

  • Honeysuckle is called Jon Yin Hua in traditional Chinese medicine and is used to remove toxins, as well as relieve homesickness and ease feelings of nostalgia. Back to Top

Understanding the Symbolism of Honeysuckle

With a sweet nectar that is the substance of delight of many of the most blissful childhood memories, and a honeyed smell with pleasant, fruity undertones, it only makes sense that honeysuckle has become so symbolic of all that comprises the sweet, happy side of life.

The way honeysuckle clings and binds devotedly to buildings and walls as if almost embracing them engenders a yearning nostalgia for a time when we were young and felt that same devoted, unconditional love and the comfort of being cherished by those who nurtured us.

The climbing branches of the honeysuckle vine seem to dedicate themselves indiscriminately to any surface, no matter how unsightly or unlikely that surface may be. This habit of the vine has become a lesson of what dedicated, devoted love looks like.

Honeysuckle is an auspicious vine, the sight of which often instills the hope that sweet and good things are on the horizon.

Honeysuckle attracts all the good things of nature, from the beautiful hummingbird and industrious honeybees, to the pleasant and uplifting aromatic winds by which happiness and good fortune arrive.

Being an impeccably hardy vine and quite difficult to kill once it has established itself in the garden has led to honeysuckle being emblematic of long-lasting dedication and fidelity.

Hence it’s small wonder that honeysuckle magic is often used to inspire potential marriage and to help ensure those already committed eternally to one another remain so.

As honeysuckle’s pungent, sweet-smelling aroma has the power to penetrate through to the spiritual mind and bring one’s consciousness to an elevated state, it is also representative of numinous and mystical matters. Back to Top

Honeysuckle Magical Correspondences
  • Botanical Name: Lonicera caprifolium; Lonicera japonica
  • Folk Names: Dutch Honeysuckle, Goat's Leaf, Woodbine
  • Gender: Masculine
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Element: Earth
  • Magical Attributes: Money, Psychic Powers, Protection, Love

Magical Ways to Use Honeysuckle
  • Burning a green candle encircled by honeysuckle will attract money and wealth to the home. You can also place honeysuckle in a vase for similar effect.

  • The sweet smell of honeysuckle can inspire dreams of love and passion.

  • Honeysuckle flowers can be added to wine for a truly magical concoction. Simply allow the flowers to steep in the wine, and then strain them when ready to drink.

  • Married couples would do well to keep honeysuckle in the home, as doing so can ensure a happy marriage.

  • Honeysuckle growing near the home attracts love, good fortune and wealth as well as protects against maligned influences.

  • Rub fresh honeysuckle flowers on your brow to stimulate your psychic abilities, enhance your intuition, and inspire prophetic visions and dreams.

  • Fairies, just like hummingbirds, are attracted to honeysuckle. Grow the vine in your garden to lure them.

  • Grow honeysuckle over the door to your home to protect the household from contracting fevers.

  • According to superstition, bringing a honeysuckle plant in bloom into the house will cause a wedding to soon take place. Back to Top

To Dream of Honeysuckle

Dreaming of honeysuckle is quite an auspicious omen, and usually means that good fortune and happy days are on the horizon for you and those you love.

You may also be dreaming of honeysuckle because you are experiencing a certain sweetness to your life. Perhaps you are happy overall, with things going well for you and joyous moments surrounding you.

You dream might be trying to let you know that you are experiencing the sweet life right now – don’t take it for granted.

Honeysuckle showing up in your dreams may represent someone you know or will meet that has a generally sweet disposition.

If you dream of honeysuckle climbing walls, this is your subconscious mind’s way of acknowledging the longing and nostalgia you might have for a time you were young and felt loved and cherished.

Honeysuckle and the Druid Ogham

In the druid ogham, an ancient, symbology-laden alphabet used in divinatory practice, honeysuckle appears as the 23rd letter, called uillend.

Within this iconography, we come to understand that honeysuckle represents our inner secrets and that which is hidden from the eye, as well as the revelation and path needed to uncover the mystery.

Just as the honeysuckle flower contains a secret treasure of a sweet, wonderful nectar for those that know what the petals hold, so too does it teach us the lesson that we must look within to find true wealth, as the druid ogham describes. Back to Top

Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil

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Allow the scent of honeysuckle to permeate your home with its uplifting scent by simmering this Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil from Good Essential Oil in your simmering pot. This Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil is also the perfect addition to homemade soaps, potpourri, and candles.

What are Your Thoughts on the Magic of Honeysuckle?

What do you think about Honeysuckle and its wonderful, magical properties? Do you have any other creative ideas on powerful ways to use this plant? Is there an herb or plant you would like us to discuss? What bring you to this article today? We'd love to hear from you!

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