Celestial Tarot by Kay Stevenson

A digital illustration depicting a woman with a glowing aura pouring gems from a gourd into a pile on the ground. She is surrounded by a starry night sky with planets visible in the distance. The illustration is for the Celestial Tarot Deck.

This stunning digital illustration by Kay Stevenson features a serene and powerful woman with a glowing aura, pouring gems from a gourd into a pile on the ground. The setting is a dark blue night sky filled with twinkling stars and distant planets, creating a sense of vastness and wonder. The woman’s aura is made up of swirling patterns of light that seem to emanate from her very being, surrounding her with a soft, ethereal glow. Her face is calm and focused as she performs her ritual, lost in thought or communion with the cosmos. The gems she pours out of the gourd are multicolored and shimmering, as if imbued with their own inner light. At the top of the illustration, the words “Celestial Tarot Deck” are written in elegant, curving letters, indicating that this artwork serves as the box cover for a set of tarot cards. Overall, the atmosphere of the piece is peaceful and otherworldly, inviting the viewer to step into a realm beyond the mundane and connect with the magic of the universe.

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