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The Magic of Hematite

Tumbled Hematite Stones | Crystal Allies Materials | Elune BlueHematite is used for grounding, and works well to help with keeping the mind organized. It is “the logic stone,” a stone that can aid in the pursuits of the mind, such as mathematics, logical and critical thinking. Hematite can boost the memory and is the perfect companion for thinkers to help deepen thought.

For those who work in technical professions such as the sciences and technology, hematite can help in those pursuits by keeping the mind stimulated. Hematite is also good for protection, and laying hematite stones around the home can safeguard the household. Hematite is also useful for boosting the self-esteem and helping with confidence, as well as lowering negativity.

The Healing Power of Hematite*

Hematite is associated with the root chakra, and is often used in pain relief. Hematite has been used to treat blood disorders, and to keep the body’s temperature cool. It is especially apt for nervous and mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety, and can help balance the mind.

Interesting Facts About Hematite
  • The name Hematite comes from the Greek Haematite, which means “blood,” seeing as Hematite often comes in a deep, blood red color. However, hematite can be found in other shades, such as metallic silver and blackish gray.

  • There is a variety of hematite known as rainbow hematite which has a color scheme similar to oil slicks on water.

  • Hematite is commonly mined in Australia, Mexico, United States and Canada.

  • Interestingly enough, Mars gets its reddish hues from the copious amounts of hematite that resides on the planet.

  • Hematite was also turned into “red ochre,” a paint that was used in cave paintings.

Hematite Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is a hematite stone?
    • Hematite is a mineral that comes in a variety of colors, from black to silver to even brown and red. It is primarily harvested from iron ore. Hematite is harder that iron, yet more brittle.

  2. Where is hematite found in the world?
    • Hematite can be located in areas where there is water or hot springs, and are predominantly found in England, Brazil, and Michigan by Lake Superior.

  3. Is magnetic hematite natural?
    • Magnetic hematite is actually called hematine or hemalyte, and is manmade.

  4. Where does hematite come from?
    • Australia, Brazil and China are where most hematite is produced, although other countries like the United States and Russia also produce this mineral.

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