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Grapes are associated with fertility and garden magic. Their energy can strengthen mental powers and be used for money spells. -- Grape Magical Properties

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The Magic of Grape

Grapes are associated with fertility and garden magic. They also have the property of strengthening mental powers and can be used for money spells. Place them on your altar to draw wealth, or consume them before performing a money spell.

You can also place grape leaves around the kitchen to draw prosperity, or if you don’t have access to grape leaves you can paint them on the walls. Paint grapes on the walls of your garden to ensure a fertile crop, and eat grapes to improve fertility.

According to Biblical mythology, Moses sent spies out to Canaan, and when they returned, they brought with them a clusters of grapes so large it took two men to hold it up. As a consequence, grapes are commonly linked to abundance. They also garner their link to abundance and prosperity because they were often found in nobles’ estates during the Middle Ages, and communities that mastered the art of winemaking often became prosperous.

To harness the power of grapes you can make a grape pentacle to hang on your wall and to draw prosperity to the home. You can also allow grape vines to grow along the sides of your door to invite prosperity to enter your home, and drink wine before performing money spells to further this goal.

Grapes are often used in Mabon festivities, and you can use grapes in rituals to honor the harvest. The grape harvest is also an excellent time to focus your energies on spell work to encourage inspiration and imagination. Use grapes in magic to supplement ambition and gain confidence.

Grapes are associated with healing due to the belief that wine acts as a cure-all, and they symbolize vitality. Please note that this information is not a substitute for medical advice, and make sure to consult your doctor before using any herbal remedy.

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