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The Magic of Garnet Stone

Red Garnet Stone | Crystal Age | Elune BlueGarnet carries within it energies that can revitalize the body and boost regeneration. It is a stabilizing gem that can bring order to chaos and settle uneasiness within. Garnet’s name is said to come from the Latin word granatus which means “seedlike,” as its ruby red hue resembles pomegranate seeds.

In terms of the metaphysical, garnet has protective energies and can guard against nightmares and help safeguard travel. Garnet is linked to the root chakra, and can be useful when looking to ground and center oneself.

When it comes to material acquisition, garnets can help raise your chance of success in business dealings, as well as inspire confidence and creativity. Of special mention are square-cut garnets that are believed to be especially potent when it comes to success in legal matters.

Garnet is January’s birthstone, and is often given as a gift on the second, sixth, and 19th anniversaries. As Hades gave Persephone the parting gift of a pomegranate before her travel into the Underworld, so are garnets often given to a loved one before travel for protection.

Garnets are generally considered a stone of love, and are believed to mend the broken hearts of lovers. Not surprisingly, garnet is also believed to be especially potent when combating depression, as it encourages emotional stability and protects from negative energies and influences. During times of great stress and crisis, garnet can be worn for courage, strength and fortification.

Garnet has deep roots within history and mythology. Aztecs, Mayans and Native Americans regarded it as sacred. Asiatic tribes would launch garnets fashioned as arrows from their bows, believing that garnet’s blood red color was proof of its ability to inflict a deadly wound. Garnet was often worn as a talisman by warriors to give them courage and protection.

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Garnet Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the use of garnet?
    • Garnet carries within it energies that can revitalize the body and boost regeneration.* It is a stabilizing gem that can bring order to chaos and settle uneasiness within.

  2. What is the meaning of garnet birthstone?
    • Garnet is the birthstone of January, and is believed to protect the wearer during travel.
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