The Maori’s Treasure: Kiwi Fruit Symbolism, Healing Power, and Magic

The Magic of Kiwis

In the world of fruits, there’s one that stands out as a true enigma, captivating hearts and palates with its unique charm. The kiwi, a small and unassuming fruit, holds within its fuzzy exterior a world of mystique and allure that has intrigued and delighted people around the globe.

A Feast for the Senses

The first thing that captures your attention is the kiwi’s appearance. Its small, oval shape, covered in a delicate fuzz, conceals a burst of vibrant green flesh flecked with tiny, ebony seeds. This visual contrast is a mere hint of the sensory delight that awaits. When you slice open a ripe kiwi, a burst of fresh, tangy aroma fills the air, promising a taste experience like no other.

Sweet, Tart, and Sensational

The flavor of a kiwi is a harmonious blend of sweet and tart, a perfect balance that dances on the taste buds. The lusciousness of its flesh, combined with the delightful crunch of its tiny seeds, creates a symphony of textures and tastes that make each bite a memorable sensation.

A Symbol of Renewal and Individuality

Beyond its delectable taste and inviting appearance, the kiwi holds a special place in the hearts of many due to its rich symbolism and spiritual significance. Originating from the land of the Kiwi bird in New Zealand, it carries with it a deep connection to the indigenous Maori culture, symbolizing individuality, renewal, and the importance of staying true to oneself.

A Wholesome Diet Essential

In addition to its symbolic value, kiwis are celebrated for their exceptional health benefits. Packed with vitamin C, they boost the immune system and promote overall well-being. Their unique enzyme, actinidin, aids in digestion and enhances nutrient absorption, making them a staple for those seeking a nutritious and wholesome diet.

The Symbolism of Kiwis

Originating in China, kiwis have evolved to hold a symbolic significance that transcends their geographical origins. These luscious fruits have come to embody the concept of uniqueness and a profound connection to one’s heritage.

Embracing Uniqueness

At their core, kiwis symbolize the extraordinary qualities that make each individual special. Just as each kiwi fruit is distinct with its vibrant green flesh, speckled with tiny black seeds, people too carry their own unique traits, experiences, and stories. This symbolism encourages us to celebrate our individuality, recognizing that our differences are what make us valuable and remarkable.

Cultural Anchors

Furthermore, kiwis serve as a metaphor for the importance of staying grounded in one’s cultural or familial roots. Just as a kiwi tree draws sustenance from its native soil to flourish, people can draw strength and wisdom from their cultural heritage, ancestry, and personal history. It’s a reminder that no matter how far we may wander, our roots remain an essential part of our identity, providing nourishment for growth and a sense of belonging.

Maori Tradition

The kiwi bird, which is native to New Zealand, is a powerful symbol in Maori culture, representing uniqueness and the connection to one’s roots. In a similar vein, kiwi fruit symbolizes individuality and the importance of staying true to oneself.

Kiwi’s Maori Link

This connection is not just linguistic but deeply cultural. The fruit was named “kiwi” as a tribute to the small, brown fruit’s resemblance to the unique and iconic kiwi bird. This naming reflects the strong cultural ties between kiwis and the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand, emphasizing the fruit’s symbolic and cultural significance in the region.

Kiwi Fruit’s Spiritual Meaning

In the spiritual realm, kiwis are revered for their profound association with rejuvenation and transformation. At the heart of this symbolism lies the mesmerizing vibrant green color that defines the fruit. This vivid hue is more than just a visual delight; it carries deep and timeless significance.

Green: Symbol of Renewal

The color green represents growth, renewal, and the ever-evolving cycle of life. It’s a reminder of nature’s ceaseless transformation, where every season brings a fresh chapter, each bloom signifies rebirth, and every falling leaf conveys the promise of renewal.

Ritual for Transformation

Eating a kiwi fruit, therefore, can be viewed as a symbolic act of renewal and a fresh start. It’s as if with each succulent bite, you partake in a ritual of transformation and rejuvenation. The vibrant green flesh serves as a visual reminder of the opportunities for personal growth and renewal that life continually offers.

Growth With Kiwi Fruit

The act of consuming a kiwi fruit transcends mere nourishment; it becomes a spiritual connection to the natural world’s inherent wisdom. It encourages us to embrace change and transformation in our lives, just as nature does. It is a gentle yet powerful reminder that within the cycles of life, there is always room for renewal, growth, and fresh beginnings.

Kiwi’s Healing Power and Remedies

Beyond their delightful taste, kiwis are packed with health benefits. Rich in vitamin C, kiwis boost the immune system and promote overall well-being. They also contain a unique enzyme called actinidin, which aids in digestion and enhances nutrient absorption.

Kiwis are renowned for their skin-nourishing properties. They are a source of antioxidants and vitamin E, both of which contribute to healthy, radiant skin. You can even create DIY face masks using mashed kiwi for a natural, glowing complexion.

In traditional medicine, kiwis have been used to alleviate conditions like asthma and indigestion. Their high fiber content aids in regulating digestion, while their anti-inflammatory properties provide relief from respiratory issues.

The Witch’s Corner: Kiwi’s Metaphysical Properties

In the world of witchcraft and metaphysical practices, kiwis are considered a potent ingredient. Their vibrant color aligns with the heart chakra, making them a symbol of love and emotional healing. Kiwis are believed to help release negative energy and promote emotional balance.

To harness kiwi’s metaphysical properties, you can incorporate them into various spells and rituals. For example, you can use kiwi slices in love spells to attract positive energy and foster affectionate relationships. Adding kiwi to meditation sessions is thought to enhance emotional clarity and intuition.

Recipe: Kiwi Juice Cooler

This kiwi juice is not only a fantastic source of vitamin C and other essential nutrients, but it’s also a perfect thirst-quencher on a hot day or a delightful addition to your breakfast routine.

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The Fruit of Promise: Almond Spiritual Meaning, Healing Power and Magic

The Magic of Almonds

The almond has captured human fascination for centuries. Its delicate appearance, with a tough exterior concealing a treasure trove within, mirrors the duality of life itself. This small, unassuming nut has managed to enthrall cultures worldwide, emerging as a symbol rich with meaning and purpose.

Strength in Vulnerability

The almond’s allure begins with its dual nature. Its tough, protective shell guards the soft, edible kernel within. This stark contrast between the exterior and interior of the almond symbolizes the paradoxes of existence – the strength and vulnerability, the resilience and fragility that coexist in the human experience.

Almond’s Sacred History

Throughout history, the almond has played a prominent role in various cultures. In ancient times, it was considered a luxurious delicacy reserved for royalty, symbolizing wealth and prosperity. In religion, the almond often appears as a sacred symbol, representing resurrection, purity, and divine revelation in Christianity. In Judaism, it signifies divine favor and is a part of various rituals.

Culinary Chameleon

Almonds are versatile in the culinary world. They find their way into an array of dishes, from sweets like marzipan and almond pastries to savory dishes like almond-crusted chicken. This adaptability reflects the diverse roles we play in our lives, adapting to circumstances and embracing change.

Crack, Discover, Savor

Almonds embody the complexities of life through their tough exterior and tender core. Their rich cultural symbolism, nutritional value, culinary versatility, and resilience in nature all serve as powerful reminders of the beauty and meaning hidden beneath the surface of seemingly ordinary things. Just as almonds reveal their treasure when cracked open, so too can the world yield profound insights when we delve deeper into its wonders.

Almond Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

Almonds possess a profound and enduring symbolism that transcends cultural and religious boundaries, ingraining themselves as powerful icons of renewal, resurrection, and divine benevolence in the collective consciousness of humanity.

Blossoming Hope and New Beginnings

One of their most captivating traits is their propensity to burst forth in bloom early in the spring, often heralding the arrival of the season before other trees have awakened from their winter slumber.

This unique characteristic endows almonds with an inherent association with new beginnings, making them a potent symbol of fresh starts and rejuvenation.

Symbol of Awakening

Within the Christian tradition, the almond’s distinctive shape, reminiscent of a radiant halo, has bestowed upon it a profound significance. This resemblance has elevated the almond to a symbol of divine revelation and spiritual awakening.

The recurrence of this motif across various cultures and belief systems positions almonds as messengers of hope and enlightenment, transcending the boundaries of time and geography.

The Healing Power of Almonds

Beyond their spiritual symbolism, almonds wield significant healing power. Packed with essential nutrients, they nourish the body, aiding in heart health, weight management, and providing a rich source of vitamin E—an antioxidant that promotes healthy skin. Almond oil, extracted from these nuts, has been a cornerstone of traditional medicine, celebrated for its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. Incorporating almonds into one’s diet can foster physical well-being while connecting to the centuries-old tradition of utilizing nature’s bounty for holistic healing.

Remedies Involving Almonds

Almonds have found their way into a myriad of natural remedies. Almond milk, a dairy-free alternative, is celebrated for its nutritional content and versatility in culinary creations. Ground almond paste has been used to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin, contributing to ancient beauty rituals. Almond oil massages, with their soothing aroma and deeply nourishing effects, provide relaxation and stress relief. These age-old practices serve as a bridge between ancient wisdom and modern well-being.

The Witch’s Corner: Almond’s Metaphysical Properties

Within the realm of metaphysical practices, almonds continue to shine. They are believed to possess energies that enhance mental clarity, intuition, and insight. Almond wood, with its fine grain, is favored in crafting wands and divination tools. Almond blossoms are sometimes used in spells related to fertility, protection, and divination. To harness almond’s magical essence, practitioners infuse oils, create potions, or add ground almonds to incense blends. By aligning with the metaphysical properties of almonds, witches and seekers can tap into the mystical currents of the natural world.

Pumpkin Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

An assortment of different types of pumpkins.

Pumpkin Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

Pumpkins evoke the magic of the Fall season. When we think of pumpkins, we are reminded of jack-o-lanterns sitting on porches for Halloween, the scent of pumpkin pie baking for Thanksgiving festivities; the warmth of pumpkin-scented candles, and the return of (gasp!) pumpkin spice.

The Quintessential Symbol of Autumn

Pumpkins are intricately connected to Autumn and its various festivities, especially Samhain. Pumpkins help to unveil the intrigue, mystery, and magic of this supernatural time, as pumpkins are intricately connected to the Underworld and the Goddess of Magic.

Lit Pumpkins Guide Spirits and Ancestors

When the veil is at its thinnest, and the spirits of our ancestors and not-so-familiar spirits find purchase in the physical realm once again, it is the glow of carved pumpkins lit with candles from within that help guide the path — or steer them away.

A photo of orange pumpkins taken with a selective focus lens.

Pumpkins Remind Us of Mortality and to Respect the Dead

The spirits of the dead return for a brief moment to remind us that all that is living will one day pass away. In this regard, pumpkins also carry with them the sobering message of our mortality and respect for those that have passed before us.

All Things Come to an End

With the arrival of pumpkins also comes the awareness all things come to an end. The sweltering heat of the summer season is making way for the settling chill of autumn and winter.

Reaping the Fruits of Our Labor

All the planning, preparation, and sowing we had engaged in at the beginning of the growing season now come full circle, and we see the fruits of our labor. The time of growth has come to an end, and now it’s time to harvest and store.

Pumpkins Symbolize Wealth and Prosperity

Pumpkins share many associations with wealth, abundance, and prosperity. It is said that dreaming of a pumpkin patch is a sign that you will come into wealth. This makes perfect sense because being fortunate enough to have a pumpkin patch means having access to abundant fruit that can be used in many fortuitous ways.

Pumpkin Seeds Mean Opportunity

Pumpkin seeds especially seem to evoke the promise of wealth and abundance to come since pumpkins are replete with them and having so many seeds means many opportunities to grow the fruits that will lead to budding prosperity.

Three pumpkins — large and small — resting on a haystack with strings of orange lights in the background.

Pumpkin Fun Facts

Pumpkins are one of the oldest domesticated plants, with evidence of their use dating as far back as 7,500 to 5,000 B.C.

“Winter Squash” Pie

The pumpkins used for carving jack-o-lanterns are usually not the “pumpkins” used in the canned pumpkin puree, and pie filling found at the grocery store. The canned pumpkin puree is usually made from winter squash, most often butternut squash.

Where Does the Name “Pumpkin” Come From?

The word pumpkin originates from the Greek word pepon (πέπων), which means “large melon,” and is typically used to describe something round and large.

Two bright orange pumpkins on a dark gray wooden surface.

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A photo of orange pumpkins taken with a selective focus lens.

Oshun and Pumpkin Mythology

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Honeysuckle Symbolism and Meaning

Close-up of pink honeysuckle flower.

Understanding the Symbolism of Honeysuckle

With sweet nectar that is the substance of delight of many of the most blissful childhood memories, and a honeyed smell with pleasant, fruity undertones, it only makes sense that honeysuckle has become so symbolic of all that comprises the sweet, happy side of life.

Honeysuckle Expresses the Bonds of Nostalgia

The way honeysuckle clings and binds devotedly to buildings and walls as if almost embracing them engenders a yearning nostalgia for a time when we were young and felt that same devoted, unconditional love and the comfort of being cherished by those who nurtured us.

A Symbol of Dedication and Devotion

The climbing branches of the honeysuckle vine seem to dedicate themselves indiscriminately to any surface, no matter how unsightly or unlikely that surface may be. This habit of the vine has become a lesson of what dedication and devotion to love looks like.

A dewy, white honeysuckle flower.

Honeysuckle Attracts Good Things

Honeysuckle attracts all the good things of nature, from the beautiful hummingbird and industrious honeybees to the pleasant and uplifting aromatic winds by which happiness and good fortune arrive. The vine portends that sweet and good things are on the horizon.

The Spiritual Side of Honeysuckle

As honeysuckle’s pungent, sweet-smelling aroma has the power to penetrate through to the spiritual mind and bring one’s consciousness to an elevated state, it is also representative of numinous and mystical matters. 

Honeysuckle is an Emblem of Fidelity

As an impeccably hardy vine and quite difficult to kill once it has established itself in the garden has led to honeysuckle becoming an emblem of long-lasting dedication and fidelity. Honeysuckle’s magic is often used to inspire potential marriage and to help encourage faithfulness and loyalty.

Honeysuckle Interesting Facts

Hummingbirds love honeysuckle flowers and the sweet nectar inside, especially orange honeysuckle. It’s sturdy, twine-like stems have been used to fashion ropes as far back as the Bronze Age.

Honeysuckle Attracts Hummingbird Hawk-Moths

Nocturnal and night-flying moths, such as the hummingbird hawk-moth, have a particular interest in honeysuckle as a food source and can detect its tantalizing scent up to a quarter-mile away.

How Did Honeysuckle Get its Name?

Honeysuckle’s quaint name is a consequence of the practice that children have had of biting off the ends of honeysuckle flowers to “suckle” on the sweet, tasty nectar found inside.

Close-up of a red honeysuckle flower.

What Kind of Honeysuckle is Invasive?

Some species of honeysuckle, such as Japanese honeysuckle, Chinese honeysuckle, and white honeysuckle, are incredibly invasive and have experienced overwhelming growth on most continents.

Are Honeysuckle Berries Poisonous?

While most honeysuckle berries are poisonous, there are some breeds, such as blue honeysuckle, that produce edible berries that are grown for home and commercial use.

Honeysuckle and the Language of Flowers

In the Language of Flowers, honeysuckle stands for bonds of devoted love, fidelity, and spiritual vision.

Pink and light pink honeysuckle flowers and vine against a black background.

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Why Are Baby’s Breath Flowers so Popular at Weddings?

Love and Baby’s Breath Flowers

Baby’s Breath flowers and weddings go together like cake and ice cream. You’ll find that many soon-to-be-wed couples will incorporate Baby’s Breath flowers in their wedding decor.

Baby’s Breath Flowers and Marriage

The result is a dazzling and captivating visual array that brings beauty and grace to the wedding ceremony. Moreover, there is also deep symbolism involved in the tradition of using Baby’s Breath flowers for marital ceremonies.

How Baby’s Breath Flowers Came to Symbolize Everlasting Love

Baby’s Breath flowers have come to symbolize everlasting love. This is because they keep their visual beauty long after they’ve been cut and even dried.

A white rose and white baby's breath bouquet with decorative silver accents.

Couples Want Their Love to Last Forever Like Baby’s Breath

Of course, every newlywed couple wants their love to span through the ages. They also desire that their love stay as delightful and enchanting as the first day their love bloomed — just like Baby’s Breath flowers.

Give the Blessing of Baby’s Breath Flowers for a Happy Union

You can let the lovebirds know that you, too, wish them a long-lasting and happy union with a gift of Baby’s Breath flowers.  Red roses and baby’s breath bouquets are pretty popular. They combine the intense romantic symbolism of roses with the enduring charm of Baby’s Breath flowers.

Baby’s Breath Flowers Fun Facts

Baby’s Breath is a member of the carnation family (Caryophyllaceae). The botanical name of Baby’s Breathgypsophila, comes from the Greek roots gypsos, which means “gypsum,” and philia, which translates to “loving.” This results from Baby’s Breath flowers love to grow in gypsum-rich (chalky) soils.

Why is it Called Baby’s Breath?

The name Baby’s Breath references the plant’s appearance. During the summer, when it blooms, tiny white flowers appear like puffs of delicate clouds, evoking the innocence and purity of a “baby’s breath.”

White baby's breath flowers in a decorative wedding vase hanging on a wall.

The Taste of Baby’s Breath Flowers

Certain types of Baby’s Breath flowers are used in ice cream, liquor, and even cheese as the plant provides a crisp texture, unique aroma, and flavor. Halva, a sweet, condensed dessert usually made with flour or sesame paste and nut butter sometimes includes Baby’s Breath flowers as an ingredient.

What Does Baby’s Breath Flowers Smell Like?

Don’t let the name mislead you. Baby’s Breath doesn’t smell like a “baby’s breath.” Many have described the scent of Baby’s Breath flowers as quite unpleasant – rancid or similar to saliva.

Baby's breath flowers wrapped in brown paper sitting on a picnic table at the beach.

A.K.A Soapwort

Baby’s Breath is sometimes referred to as soapwort, which is probably no coincidence, as it has qualities that lend themselves well to being included in soaps and shampoos.

Does Baby’s Breath Attract Bees?

Baby’s Breath flowers attract both bees and butterflies.

How Many Species of Baby’s Breath Flowers Are There?

There are over 150 species of Baby’s Breath flowers in the gypsophila genus.

White baby's breath flowers in a glass jar near a chalkboard menu and clear plastic cups.

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White jasmine flowers in sunlight.

Jasmine: The Moonlight on the Grove

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The Harbinger of Spring: Lilac Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Lilac Flower Meaning and Symbolism

During the Easter season, as the landscape transforms into the blossoming bounty that is the spring, curious magic takes hold — the lilac flower heads into the peak of its bloom. We are so fortunate that these paschal flowers bloom so early — earlier than many — as their tantalizing scent romances us and lulls us into the ascent of spring into summertime.

Lilac Flowers is a Harbinger of Spring

Because of lilac’s early bloom, lilacs have come to be known as one of the harbingers of the spring and a symbol of the rebirth, renewal, and new beginnings that accompany this season.

The Scent of Lilac Puts Love on the Mind

However, these blooms only last for a short time — just three weeks — a fleeting enchantment. But as they bloom and we are made to be intoxicated by their mystifying scent, a spell takes hold that puts love on the mind.

Pink and purple lilac flowers in a basket under bright sunlight.

Lilac Flowers Inspire Summer Lovin’

Hence lilac has always had a close kinship with love and romance, but more the “summer love” type of romance — the kind that warms the fires at the beginning of the summer season but cools as the autumn comes. Just like its short-lived floral blooms, the types of relationships that lilac symbolizes and even celebrates are the ones that burn brightly for a short while.

The Lesson of Lilac: Love and Let Go

Lilac seems to grant permission to enjoy the casual, flirty summer romance that may bloom and wilt quickly. The key is to enjoy it while it lasts — become enraptured in all of love’s rapturous energy — and be ready to let it go without mournful attachment.

Lilac Flowers Symbolize Change

As the lilac flower blooms and paints the horizon with bright and lively purple pops, they also signal that change is coming. Nature will soon transition into the summer season, as bouquets of color burst forth from flowering trees that will eventually bear fruit.

Embrace A Change of Pace

It’s time to perhaps engage in personal changes as well. Seeing lilacs might inspire you to do a little spring cleaning or shed some of that winter weight in anticipation of the summer.

A close-up view of white lilac flowers.

Lilac Represents Confidence

Where the lilac flower blooms, it blooms confidently and boldly, unafraid to provide such a stark contrast to the surrounding landscape with its eye-popping color. It’s no wonder that lilac shares an association with confidence and self-assurance.

The Perfect Graduation Gift

As lilac flowers bloom just in time for graduation season, it’s not uncommon to give a bouquet of lilacs to a graduate to instill fortitude and conviction. 

Close-up of pastel purple lilac flowers.

The Meaning of Lilac Flower’s Colors

The different colors of lilac flowers symbolize different sentiments.

White Lilac Meaning

Not surprisingly, white lilac evokes purity and innocence.

Blue Lilac Meaning

Blue lilac pops with such an evocative yet soothing hue that it fosters joy and peace.

Violet Lilac Meaning

The electric, bluish-purple glow of violet lilac stimulates the mystical and numinous aspects of the mind, body, and spirit. Magenta lilac rouses love and passion,

Purple Lilac Flower Meaning

Lilac, in its original, bright purple form, reminds us of first love.

A tan and yellow vase full of white, purple, and magenta lilac flowers.

Lilac Mythology: The Story of Syrinx and Pan

Syrinx (also known as Syringa) was a beautiful, chaste naiad who served the goddess Artemis dutifully and faithfully. Her mesmerizing beauty caught the attention of none other than Pan, god of the forest. He could not help but give in to his amorous proclivities, deciding to pursue the river nymph aggressively.

Syrinx Transforms into a Lilac Bush

Syrinx was frightened by the forest god’s advance and turned into a lilac bush to preserve and protect herself from Pan. This proved to be ample camouflage from Pan, who could not find Syrinx after her transformation. He did, however, notice the lilac bush with its hollow branches.

Lilac Becomes the First Pan Pipe

Thus the god decided to amuse himself by cutting off branches of the lilac bush and fashioning it into what became the first pan pipe — called a syrinx. This name coincides with lilac’s scientific name, syringa vulgaris

A wooden crate filled with white and purple lilac blooms, with a blue curtain in the background.

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A lilac tree with deep, purple blooms covered in dew and sitting in a darkened garden.

Lilac: The Paschal Bloom

The first sight of lilac flowers blooming in the spring can be startling. After leaving the leaden haze of winter, with the cold and crisp still on the mind and in the bones, the idea that Spring has arrived and the world will blossom soon can feel like giving in to a dangerous hope. But then, there it is — a burst of bright, purple color on the horizon that is …

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