The Breath of the Feminine: Pink Baby’s Breath Flower Meaning

Pink Baby’s Breath Flower magic resides in its graceful feminine energy and its ability to empower the nurturing side of our soul. The flower’s presence is almost heavenly – a brilliant, bright pink hue that startles the vision and excites the spirit.

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The Meaning of Baby’s Breath Flowers • The Breath of Innocence

Baby’s breath’s magic lies in its ability to make a soft statement and is a testament to quiet power. — Baby’s Breath Magical Properties and Uses

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The Spring’s Trumpet: Daffodil Magical Properties and Uses — Magical Herbs

The blooming of daffodils are intimately connected to many spring festivals throughout the world – including Ostara. — Daffodil Magical Properties and Uses

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A Time to Purify: Herbs for Imbolc — Wheel of the Year

Imbolc is a time of purification and clearing away all that doesn’t serve you in preparation for the bounty of future harvests. — Herbs for Imbolc

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